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Cornertime for girls over 18

Corner time

Posted by Gemma87 on 2004-09-27 11:10:04

I am 18 and still get corner time frfom my mum and dad. It is mostly for backchatting mum when she tries to tell me how to dress or behave. Mum is still very strict with me. I swore at mum last week and had my mouth washed with soap, then a bare bottom spanking with mums wooden handled hairbrush over her knee followed by an hour in the corner with my shorts and panties round my knees. I have to keep my hands on my head during the corner time and am not allowed to go to the toilet. It was really embarrasing because one of my mums friends came to the house and mum let her and she saw me and talked to mum about my bright red bottom and how girls are never too old for a spanking and corner time. My little sister and her friends cam in and saw me also and made all sorts of comments- I felt so embarrased about it all. When dad came home I had to tell him about it and he made me wash my mouth out again before sending me to bed at 7.30 without any meal. I am grounded for 2 weeks and mum says on sat and sunday I will be put in the corner again for an hour to get the message home to me about my behaviour. I think it is very unfair that at 18 I am still being treated like a 10 yr old. Gemma

Posted by Giorgio on 2009-06-18 15:05:45

Sorry, but with your behaviour you deserve a spanking a day for the whole week. Fitrst day with hairbrush and for the following days only your father's firm hand.