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Cornertime for girls over 18

must i (chronic thief 25f) be birched?

Posted by badcarla1 on 2009-10-07 03:56:48

Posted by badcarla1 on 2009-10-06 22:54:13 i am a 25 yo wife and daughter-in-law who got into big trouble. How must i be punished? My MIL is the family disciplinarian for all three of us DILs (SW1 below is one of them). Now my own parents are coming to witness (join in?) my punishment. They are mad at me because i got into similar trouble (shoplifting) ten years ago, got arrested, and only got sent to a workshop. They thought i should have been sent to a Very strict reform school for girls where the paddle was in daily use.

They say i am just as immature now as i was then and still doing the irresponsible, spoiled-brat kinds of things (some of them, now as then, illegal). They want my Husband and His family to give me the nearest equivalent they can to a six month sentence of superstrict discipline--something they are good at, lol

They believe the birch should never have been abolished from home, school, or courts and prisons. They do not want to wait until it is restored (lol) but want me to get the birch as well as the cane for my crimes.

MIL made me create a new poll to see if other s agree with my parents as well as on other details of my sentence.


carla penny (now renamed by MIL as badcarla, which she says is more descriptive)