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Is wife's semi-nudity inappropriate.

Mom does it!

Posted by Leapnlori21 on 2004-03-24 22:39:26

One day my mom came home from work, it was in May but it was still real hot, she was wearing a woman's business outfit,well when she came in the door, she looked like she was uncomfortable. She complained that the air was not yet working at her work and that wearing the jacket, skirt, pantyhose and all made her uncomfortable and hot. My mom said by afternoon all I could think about was getting home and taking off all my clothes, to cool down, and gave a laugh.

My dad got up and said, go ahead! He went over to her and helped her out of her jacket. My mom said, she really couldn't run around naked. My dad asked why not? My mom said well the kids. My dad knelt down and removed her shoes. He said the kids arent babies, they don't care. My brother and I both nodded no, and both of us said, go ahead, it's okay.

My dad stood up and removed the scarf she had around her collar and then started to unbutton her blouse. What if the neighbors should see me. Who cares, my dad said and removed her blouse. Now my brother and I were starting to giggle, because though my mom was questioning whether she should or not, my dad was taking off her clothes and she wasn't stopping him.

My dad unhooked her bra from behind and my mom let out a sigh. Ohhh, that thing was bothering me the most. She has large breast and often complained about her bra being tight. She lifted her arms up so the bra could be lifted straight off her shoulders, she then put her arms on her head and from behind my father lightly squeezex and rubbed her breasts. My mom moaned.

My dad then unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped the zipper, he knelt down pulling the skirt down to the floor and my mother stepped out of it. He then reached his fingers into the waistline of the pantyhose and peeled them down, her panties came off with the pantyhose and when he got to her feet he lifted each foot and pealed off the hose. She was completely naked.

My mom asked what if any relatives stop by. My dad who got up and was standing behind her, put his arm around her waist and said, then they drop by, as he kissed her neck. My mom said, No I mean shouldn't I have a shirt or something nearby, she then turned and kissed my dad. He said, you don't want a shirt and kissed her. She then asked a towel? She then kissed him as he put his hands on her butt and started to squeeze her buns.

You really want a towel or just stay naked my dad asked as he held her and looked into her eyes. She said, I really want to stay naked. Even if the neighbors look in, my dad asked? Who cares, she said. And the kids, my dad inquired? There not babies any more, they don't seem to mind. What if relatives drop by, asked my dad? Then they drop by she said.

My dad said, why don't I get you a nice glassof wine and you can relax in the living room, I'll take your things upstairs and start dinner. That's sounds wonderful and they walked into the living room and my dad directed her to the couch she sat down and my dad lifted her right leg up and onto the couch bent at the knee, causing her to move sideways, he then guided her back onto some throw pillows, her other leg hung off the couch and onto the floor. This caused her to be fully exposed.

We followed my dad into the kitchen where he opened a bottle of wine and poured it into a glass, when we went back into the living room we saw our mom rubbing her breasts with one hand and had the other rubbing her crotch. My dad raised his finger to his mouth indicating for us to be quiet. He tip toed in and put the glass quietly on the coffee table and left, my mom never seeing him because her eyes were closed and she did not hear him because she was moaning loudly.

All the things she worried about happened anyway, the drapes were opened and it turns out most of our neighbors saw her as they walked by, and believe it or not both sets of my grandparents came by as did my uncle and aunt on my dad side and my aunt and uncle on my mom's side.

Posted by lllll on 2005-02-17 03:19:02

I love this story! Has anyone else's mom done before?

Posted by quickdry on 2008-02-06 15:48:46

This is such a cool story?

How old are you and your brother. Where do you live? Did it happen more than once? Dennis

Posted by Ania beautiful flower on 2008-07-30 15:00:04

Beautiful story. And it is real. I had similliar one. My dad stripper my mom, but then he gave her a very short tight shirt above her belly. From that time I saw my mom almost everyday in such dress. I love that style of dressing now. I am 17 years old girl. You can see me in such a bottomless dress (shirt above belly, and nothing else) very often. I think, woma is able, and allowed to take off the cloth, which she wants, anywhen, and anywhere. And this is only her good will.

Greetings. Anka.

Posted by FlagpoleSitta on 2010-06-02 06:35:29

I understand if she wants to come home, get naked, relax, and $%!@e, but it shouldn't be that open.