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injections (shots) in the butt -- males only

Non-private shots

Posted by lagochapala2008 on 2005-02-07 22:59:27

I too got in trouble at the doctor's office from my dad when I refused a shot in the butt. Was about 12 or 13 & had an infection that needed an antibiotic shot. Said NO WAY when told to take it in the butt. Dad grabbed my arm, pushing me over the exam table while he then pulled down my jeans & briefs. He gave me 3 or 4 hard smacks on the bare bottom and then held me in place while the nurse shot my butt. I ended up spanked & butt shot all in the same afternoon.

Posted by Steve ST on 2005-04-29 03:43:54

showing your butt

I do not have many shots in the butt-- nor do I find them very painful-- however,I think for most guys there is a little humiliation in just having to pull your pants down and show your bare butt to a person who is fully dressed. I do not know why that shoulkd be -- I would guess its true

Posted by hello34 on 2007-09-17 01:39:04


man one time i was 11 and i was supposed to go to the doctor and i refused to go and i got a spanking before i went so i went with a red butt, it was a cheap nurse office there was no walls, there was like rows of nurse beds, some ppl were getting meds, some getting shots in the arm, some were getting shots in the butt, in public. there was this girl next to my doctors bed she was lying down, pants and panties down waiting for her shot, i looked at her and she looked at me and i blushed and she giggled. the nurse told me to pull my pants and undies down, i dropped my jeans and spiderman underwear, and my red bottom was exposed, the nurse said "someone needed persuasion to come, now didnt they? Its okay. Its not the first time I gave a shot to a spanked bottom." The girl next to me smiled, I was so embaressed. The shot really hurt and she put a spongebob band-aid on me and said to wait here for the next one. she was coming back, I refused to take it, i pulled my underwear up and ran, i didnt get very far, my mom brought me back to the bed and spanked me right there. it was like 40 swats, and my mom held me down on her lap while the nurse gave me a shot, i was sobbing horribly, my butt bled and she put a scooby-doo band-aid on my butt. The girl was giggling the whole time, i waited with my under pants down while she got my meds and i saw the girl get her shot. my mommy pulled my underpants up and carried me out like i was. when we got home she pulled my underpants down and soothed my bottom and put me in the corner for an hour, when daddy got home he heard how i acted the day and called me up to his office, my sister was in trouble that day too(failed her high school exam) so he put us both over his knee and spanked us 100 times, so that was my first shot expereince.

Posted by westy012000 on 2009-07-27 09:32:42

I was taken to the doctors by my faher one night when I was about 13. I had a bad ear ache caused by an ear infection.The doctor could not make a house call as he had a very ill baby he was attending too.I was examined and he concluded a shot of penicillin would cure the problem so told my father to put me on the couch and drop my pants and hold me still. The babies parents and older sister were in the room as they had the baby hooked up to some kind of breathing apparatus. I was held with a bare botttom while the doctor injected the penicillin. For me having a six year old girl and her parents watch me get a shot in my bare behind was embarrassing and painful.

Posted by ocboy68 on 2011-02-19 04:25:22

chris. . . i just read your story about getting a shot in your bare bottom from the handsome military man with the bubble butt. did you ever get to see this guy showering and see him nude with his round bare bottom on display? i got spanked bare bottom by a coach in school with two other guys. let me know if you want to hear about it. were the spankings from your dad always on your bare buns? brad