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Males being totally naked for physicals.

Physical Exam With Dad

Posted by man_in_boxers56 on 2003-03-04 02:32:07

When I was a kid my dad always came into the exam room with me and sat through the entire thing. Pretty embarrassing at first but with time I got used to it.

Anyone else's dad ever sit through their physicals?


Posted by FKM on 2005-08-01 01:37:53

Yes, mine did as well.

Posted by jacobtench on 2008-06-16 22:07:08

My father always sat with me. Sometimes he and my football coach does now. Im 15. The last time we went to a physical,my dad and my coach came, it was a few weeks ago. And my coach and dad were getting their physicals done too, so we were all in the same room, naked and we had to sit next to eachother completely naked until the doctor came in, and when he opened the door, there were people walking by and they saw us all naked. My coach is 23, my dad is 42 and they both have 6 packs and are strong and and so the doctor made us pee in seperate cups in the room, and so i got a huge hard on and my coach looked over and lauphed and whacked my penus while i was peeing into the cup and it went all over my stoamach and my dad was just lauphing. Also, i saw my dad and coach get a rectal exam and my coach cummed onto the table while it was happeneing to him and so my dad asked why i didnt have to get a rectal exam and so 5 minutes later the doctor told me to get up on the table thing with my legs spread apart and on my knees and so my peanus was throbbing up and down while they were pushing th thing in my butt and i cummed all over the table seat and the doctor just said it was fine. When we got home our coach came too and he was staying over because he was getting his house redone and so we let him sleep in my room on the pullout sofa, and i guess he sleeps naked and he didnt tell me, and i did too so my dad wakes up and put on his robe and came into my room to wake me up, and so he woke me up but i didnt wake up so he pulled the covers off exposing my peanus and my dad didnt know i slept naked and so hes like whatever and so he left me naked on my bed and he told me to wake up the coach so the only thing i had to cover myself was a football so i walked to the coach with a football infront of my penus and the coach wouldnt wake up so i pulled the covers off of him, and he had his legs spread apart with his huge penus showing and so he woke up and he said sorry and i didnt really care and our dad called us down to breakfast after our cook made breakfast and i walked down with the football infront of my peanus and he walked down naked and so i sat down and threw the football inthe other room. and my coach pulled off my dads robe thinking he had boxers or something on underneith and the robe ripped off and my dad was also completly naked and so we were just standing in the kitchen naked. So we just walked around naked the whole day wrestling, playing football, swimming, and watching tv. In the middle of the night, i went downstairs and my coach was jacking off and he had a bigger peanus than i saw when he was just erect and right when i was about to walk in he blew a load and it looked like a waterfall to me. I went upstairs and i was $%!@ing witha pillow and the coach walks in and just smiled and walked out.

Posted by malukyky on 2009-04-29 03:46:51

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Posted by grababig1 on 2010-07-13 15:50:13

My mom took me to the pediatrician but she passed away when I was ten. When I turned eleven, I went to to a doc who specialized in preteen and teens. This time, as an introduction to this new routine my dad took me, especially since mom died. He came with me. It was like an intro to turning to manhood. We went to lunch first and much was made of ithe new dotor exam without being too embarrassing. Dad took the opportunity at lunch to prep me. He reminded me how no big deal was made of nudity at home - it was so. After mom died, it was just dad and me, so I saw dad lots of times naked and it was ok. Dad talked to me about stuff we had gone over before but I knew it was the more important talk. We got to the doctor's office and I was itroduced to Dr. Sean ( his first name), a young very hunky muscular doctor maybe 28 or so, wearing scrubs. There was a casual informality that relaxed me and I afelt more like one of the guys. My dad had met with Dr. Sean before this appointment. Dr. Sean asked dad if lunch went well. Code for did he prep me well. Dr. Sean escorted us both to the examination room. Dad, then patted my back and said that this was a father/son exam experience. Oh! Then that was kinda pushed aside and Dr. Sean simply instructed us to both undress for the exam. He left the room. Seeing no gown or cover, we both shucked our clothes, and the doc returned. This time he had changed from the scrubs to what looked like work out clothes, revealing much muscle! While i had been naked with dad, not in this kinda odd situation. Dad and I were naked and the doc looked up and down at our bodies standing together. He explained that this was an important visit; that he felt that comfort with one's body and ones self is vital; that there needs to be no shame as he often finds with youngsters today. He described that sons will pyhsically become a likeness of their dad, so why not familiarize both father and son. He added that there is nothing embarrassing or wrong with the body; that and he used the word boners are not onlyok they are a mark of manhood to be proud of not ashamed of. Seeing my semi - he touched it and encouraged the "boner" with assurances that this is a fine $%!@, not unlike your daad - see. He instructed that we touch and even compare. It was easy for me to explain to the doctor, with my dad there, that I was teased sometimes having $%!@ larger thatn the guys. Both Sean and dad exclaimed how lucky I was and that this was a very food thing. My semi really protruded maybe curved over my balls about 6 or 7 inches and quite thick with a bolbous head. There was some precum but I didn't really know about that. She doc pointed it out, touching the fluid so more came. I hadn't had a real $%!@ but had precum at that age. The doc took a specimen lid and coaxed the fluid. I had focused on the doc and my own issues with this exam. I then glanced at dad who by now had a boner like I hadn't seen before. I guess previously i just saw his semi in th emorning. Dov noticed ;my stare and smiled saying that You are growing to be like dad, very special. Doc took that opportunity to do a digital exam on dad. Dad bent over with no hesitation and while doc's fingers were up his $%!@, dad said, uh oh. Doc said all body fluids are fine and special. Go for it was what doc thensaid, knoing dad had to have release. All this was new to me!! But very important in terms of afther and son and myattitudes. Dad shot onthe exam floor with sounds of relief. My semi turned rock hard b y now and I was dripping but not $%!@. For assurance, the doc said, you guys ok, you are terrific. Clearly, a barrier, if ever there was one, was no longer an issue for me or dad. Doc SEan told us that the most important part of th eexam was a success and that the usual routine physical parts will wait until the next visit in two weeks. That was the basic and how attirudes can and need to be changed.