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Celebrity Spanking Poll

Britney needs the birch

Posted by jules1916 on 2004-12-25 16:41:52

I think Britney deserves to be birched 36 strokes accross her bare backside should do it !

Posted by stovjei on 2008-08-07 22:41:27

Would you take the same if you were her. She should get beat with the strap, for the kind of mother she is. I mean 100 smacks that cause welts, and blood.

Posted by The Orc on 2008-08-12 09:59:21

Right ON, Stovjei! It's about time someone REALLY went to town on Britney's @ss! I agree that she she needs the most severe punishment that one can imagine - and in public too! Though personally I would not use the strap, but an old-fashioned razor-strop. I would tie her naked and barefoot over a whipping-block and thrash her in front of a cheering audience. Britney would recieve 100 full-bodied strokes that would make her squeal and kick her heels in a most attractive way. She would be weeping and begging for mercy LONG before I'd finished. By the time Britney was released and allowed to rise her buttocks would be a mass of bloody welts. Her face would be a mask of anguish and she would be sobbing pitiously. A long-overdue punishment for a very naughty girl!

Posted by LuluLala on 2012-05-02 20:09:10

Uhh....yah I agree with you....but no welt or blood. Especially blood. I just hate seeing it, and can't imagine anyone deserving THAT much of a punishment!

Posted by Remy Cherry on 2020-08-12 21:59:11

I'm so sorry for Britney Spears...The media devote the lion's share of their resources to the stars. To create fame for one person or another, producers and businessmen from show business spend hundreds of millions of dollars. But there are many cases when celebrities suffer from their popularity; sometimes, they want to live a normal life and be anonymous in the crowd. But undoubtedly, the attention of the public is important to celebrities, and they can be eccentric. And I have a question - who do I look like quiz?