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Athlete Catfights

Kim Zmeskal's legs

Posted by buster on 2002-11-14 00:10:37

Of all the girls listed in this poll the strongest and most powerful is certainly Kim Zmeskal. Her legs are simply enormous. I don't think there's ever been a gymnast with legs as big and strong as Kim's. Even years ago her thighs and calves looked strong enough to crush a man to death. In any kind of fight I'm afraid she would simply destroy her "competition" (in this poll a very outclassed Mary Lou Retton). Only a very large male bodybuilder could put up a fight against a girl as strong as Kim and I think he would end up badly beaten at the end. I hate to think what her legs could do to a person in a scissor hold. I don't think any other gymnast even comes close to her power (although Dominique Moceanu certainly has legs that could really hurt someone). In any case, it is not possible for Kim to lose any kind of fight or competition to an over-the-hill Mary Lou. Kim would destroy her with ease, toying with her until she decided to knock her out with a headscissor. Heck, I feel sorry for poor May Lou just thinking about it.

Posted by Robert green on 2015-06-23 15:40:28

Mel.c would beat all the ladies here