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Boys dress up


Posted by Hrnyguy on 2003-06-24 19:20:29

Why have so many guys tried on all that women's clothing? I think that is just plain weird.

Posted by wishbone815 on 2005-11-29 22:21:57

y r u on this poll if u havent?

and it is normal. i am not a cross dresser but one day i wanted to try it.

Posted by cindyxdresser on 2006-06-27 16:53:06

it feels so wonderful to be dressed up in a skirt and heels.I am dressed up fem right now,bra,panties,makeup and all

Posted by girls clothing are fun to put on on 2007-11-28 02:46:23

bc it is so f u c k i n g fun i wear my sister's stuff all the time i jack off in her swimsuit tell i blow i also like to go to a frinds house and wear his sister's stuff her underwear r jest the right size for me to wear

Posted by Mitt on 2007-11-30 15:20:48

Some boys really do prefer girls clothing. One day my son was out of briefs so I gave him one of his sister's panties to wear. The next day his briefs were out of the laundry but he insisted that he wanted panties from now on. I bought him a six pack of pink silk panties. He wears them every day. He also started wearing a padded bra. Now after school he and his sister go around the house in panties and bra. They are very cute. Today I am going to paint his toe nails. I think this is better than being a ruffian. He is 15 already. Any ideas on how I can make him more feminine?