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does anyone else still have to wear short trousers?

you in short trousers

Posted by laura_jeanne on 2021-09-28 22:39:07

Wayne, sweetie, I think you need to learn to accept your Mummy's rules. IIf you're going out with her to some special event or family visit then of course she wants to to look your best. m absolutely certain that you do look smart in short trousers if you have to dress up , and i'm sure plenty of people have told you so. Isnt that so?

Posted by wayneyy on 2021-09-29 12:53:13

You don't understand!

When I say I have to wear short trousers I don't mean football shorts, I mean the horrible grey short trousers I wore to school when I was like 9 or 10. With the rest, grey socks, white shirt, royal blue jumper, I look totally stupid and I'm so embarrassed.

What's wrong with me wearing my long school trousers for special occasions??? That would be fine.

Its true that people lile Mums friendd always say I look lovely and smart dressed up but that's embarrassing too. I think Mum asked them to say things like that. Girls from school say I look cute but they're teasing me aren't they and I go bright red

Mum bought me five pairs of these short trousers and I'm terrified she might make me wear them more often

Posted by just_carolyn on 2021-10-01 19:52:26

im certain you don't look stupid Wayne - why do you think you do?

The problem with wearing long trousers for special occasions is that your Mum thinks you look smarter in short trousers. Simple as that

If people say you look lovely and smart, then why don't you believe them? Why would they lie to you?

I think your Mum wants you to wear short trousers to help you to not grow up too soon. If she bought you five pairs than I agree its pretty certain you will be wearing them more often. Has she said anything to you?

Posted by BrightBrian_ on 2021-10-05 18:40:41

Yeah, I get it. Cute clothes can be embarrassing. Why can't people understand that? I don't mind wearing things like that, but I can see where others would.

Posted by just_carolyn on 2021-10-06 06:48:28

Yes Brian, cute clothes can sometimes be embarrassing. When I lived with my parents I always had to wear skirts and dresses. I was never allowed jeans and that was a bit embarrassing when I was with friends etc.

But you have to trust your parents to know what's best for you....

Do you still wear short trousers too?