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When is too old to still have a babysitter?

to gymnasttzoe from Wayne's mum

Posted by Waynesmumlynda on 2021-10-03 16:07:29

Hello Zoe, you don't know me but I'm waynes mum. I check what he does online to keep him safe which is how I found this thread.

I want to thank you for talking to Wayne, you obviously understand him really well and can see why he still needs a lot of rules and structure in his life. Although he's 15 in many ways he's still like a little kid, quite immature for his age. I'm happy to chat to you if you like and I can show the thread to Sarah, maybe she would like to talk too since you both babysit older boys.

PS - you can speak freely. I pasted the URL into Wayne's parental control software so if he clicks the link he will be blocked from viewing it..

Best wishes


Posted by GymnastZoe on 2021-10-03 18:54:33

Hi! Yeah thanks for saying all that! Wayne seems like a really sweet and cute boy and its ok that hes immature and childish, most 15yo boys are very immature. Waynes less immature than my bro at least! Its great that you spank him when you need to and you hire sarah to take care of him when youre not here. Almost all boys waynes age need a babysitter but some parents dont want to get one so its very good you use one even tho wayne complains. Id love to talk to sarah i think i could give her good advice and id like to hear about other boys she babysits too.

Posted by Waynesmumlynda on 2021-10-04 08:50:13

OK Zoe. Sarah is in charge on Wednesday so I'll tell her you would like to chat. She's a lovely girl and I'm sure you'll like her.

Wayne needs a babysitter partly so he follows his bedtime but also so he feels safe. I tried it without a sitter once and I came back to find him crying his eyes out because he was scared and had wet himself. Sarah makes him feel safe at night so I absolutely don't care that she is younger in age. He is so lucky to have her.

Two things Wayne doesn't know yet.....

I'm going to take him out of adult church and send him to Sunday School where he can mix with younger kids. I think that will be good for him, especially as Sarah helps with that class.

I've decided I want him in his short trousers a lot more. He has five pairs and isn't wearing them enough. So I'm going to the school on tuesday to make sure its OK in terms of uniform code. It should be as it just says trousers for boys but I want to check. Then he can wear his shorts two or three days a week to school.

I know he won't like it but I'm convinced that its good for him as it reminds him that he is still a little boy and he is under no pressure to grow up quickly. I do wonder whether it would be better for him to be in short trousers all the time.....

Anyway, people always tell him he looks lovely dressed that way.

Does that make sense?


Posted by GymnastZoe on 2021-10-04 14:38:55

Awwww wayne sounds like such an adorable little cutie! Its cute too that he didnt say about the time he cried when he was alone at night i guess hes embarassed. He shouldnt be embarassed its normal for boys his age to get scared when theyre alone at night, most of my boys get that tho they dont wanna admit it. Alot of them act all tough and say they never get scared and they can sleep alone but then at night they come to my bed and sleep with me cause its scary. The exact same thing that happened with wayne happened with one of my boys, his mom thought he could do ok without a sitter but then he got really scared at night and his mom called me and i had to go to his house and get into bed with him. Does sarah sleep with him too?

It sounds good to put him with the younger kids and i bet he looks so cute in his little shorts!

Posted by Waynesmumlynda on 2021-10-04 16:58:24

Hello Zoe Yes he was totally embarrassed and upset, not just about crying but about wetting himself because he was so frightened. I promised him I will never leave him alone at night again

Just back from school - great news - they have no problem with Wayne wearing short trousers to class! Im so happy..

I was thinking of letting him wear long trousers part of the time, but now I wonder whether it would help him if he was in his short trousers all the time. What do you think?