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MOMS ONLY: about your boys...

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
My boys 14 anshika 1 day
$%!@ freely boys 15 Anamika Negi 6 days
hiking and pee 7 briona 1 year
New poll: More than average interested in peeing or not? 3 Sammie84 1 year
Urinal and toilet for boys / males 2 KalebTillman 1 year
poll about children allowed to pee in changing room (adult too) 2 Dariana9 1 year
Boys don't need encouragement... 4 Page36 2 years
Curiosity of the young 2 CF 9 years
One diaper, two kids 1 CF 12 years
Thanks for the opinions 6 JayTay 12 years
why 1 bud2.0 13 years
peeeeeeee 1 nickjonasrules 13 years
new poll: pee in unusual/strange places (M and F) 1 Louise P 13 years
Where can children pee other than toilet? 1 Louise P 13 years
New Poll: Boys who has helped you pee!! 1 bigwillie77 16 years
I $%!@ where I want 3 pisslad 16 years
New Poll: Mom, what did you do when babysitting boys? 1 cheekygirl 17 years
The benefits of being a boy... 3 beachmom 17 years
New poll for girls/ helping younger boys to pee 1 cheekygirl 17 years
good lord 2 beachmom 17 years