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pre-teens and teens ages 12-18 what is your bedtime?

Big boy with eary bedtime and more

Posted by early_bedtimer on 2008-06-03 14:11:03

Bedtime for big boys can be earlier than 7:30 pm like you offer the option? I'm near 19 y.o. and living since two years with my aunt Helen and my two cousins Mikaël (12) and Betty (9). Younger Betty - as a girl - has her own room but myself I've to sleep in the same room and have the same bedtime as Mikaël: 6:30 PM on weeksday straight after a dinner with already our girlie nighties on, 10:30 on Friday and Saturday evening and before 4:30 on Sunday afternoon (to be well rested on Monday morning), without exception apart when we are punished. In this case auntie put us even earlier to bed, straight after school on weekdays and even all day lights off during the weekend ;-( We are also sometimes spanked bare bottomed and have corner times in the living room barefoot and with only our nighties on before bed confinement ;-(( I know that I'd be enough old for no more having such early bedtime and childish punishments. But I'm the guest of Auntie for the school and I've to respect her rules and obey her. Auntie explained me that it was any reasons that I'd a later bedtime than her son since I had to sleep in his room. Because I was older than Mikaël I was also a easiness for him who would accept easier to have to be the first in bed in the neighborhood and even earlier than his younger sister. Furthermore the privacy and the confort of my aunt would be better protected. Moreover, when she has guests, she usually put us to bed before they came, even on Friday or Saturday. I became acquainted with my girlfriend Bea when she babysitted us the first time, a Saturday afternoon that I was in bed as a punishment with Mikaël because of a fight with younger Betty. Bea is used to put me and my cousin to bed and isn't frustrated by my bedtimes and my punishments. She is commonly our babysitter and when she is babysitting us she always put us very early to bed, even earlier than Auntie would expect. Before we have to sleep so that she could watch TV or get a tan quietly in the garden, Bea read us a story at our bedside. Meanwhile she's usually barefoot and it's really an exciting thing for me seeing her naked feet and her toes from my pillow. I've to confess I've an erection every time in my sheets and under my nightie. And I stay still exciting a long time after Bea closed our shutters and curtains, gave me a long kiss, told me and my cousin nighie-nite, switched off the light and locked us in our bedroom for the rest of the day ;-)