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clothing when growing up (boy)

Clothing Requirement

Posted by JONGEN on 2020-09-02 03:08:54

out side in the back yard when warm weather no clothes . in cold weather i can wear clothes

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-02 17:58:07

jongen, is she giving you shoes or any footwear for back yard or do you have to be barefoot?

Posted by JONGEN on 2020-09-02 22:06:06

hi no im not allowed to wear shoes in warm weather even out side i am bare foot when i am naked

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-03 04:35:18

Its good that naked means really naked for you and you won't get any footwear. Are you fine with being barefoot outside too? Do you have to clean when getting back inside etc?

Posted by JONGEN on 2020-09-03 21:12:57

hi . i am care full about not stepping on rocks and things like that . the lawn is pretty good i can run on it it feels good . i dont walk on the drive way when the sun makes it to hot . mom will put a wet towel in front of the door on the mat if i stayed out long enuff to get my feet dirty