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Are these clothes acceptable for school?

Had Dress Code...Not Uniform

Posted by R.J. on 2018-01-30 16:36:56

Elementary through high school, we had a dress code but no school uniform. It was reasonable and I think most parents monitored what we were wearing before we left for school in the morning. School wasn't code rigid but occasionally a student was ask to change or not wear again something or parents called to bring an appropriate change to school.

Most guys wore jeans. Younger boys often wore t-shirts; older boys a casual knit or button front shirt. No dress shirt or tie required. We wore leather schools except for pe class which was taken in grades 7-12 & sneakers worn then. Socks required.

Posted by Durmi on 2018-01-30 17:11:17

As you can see, I am the university student (21 years old), quite a teenager boy :D

Of course, it's not so usual to wear flipflops to school, but I've seen some older boys (actually university students are adults!) to wear flipflops in university. They are locals (from the city) or dormitory students. I'm not local, I need to ride the bus every day, I live 35 km away from school.

I saw these "boys" at the campus last summer, then got a bit jealous (and childish :D), and found out, that I need to dress similarly, to feel free in hot weather. In addition, I saw some 12-year old boys on Google Street View - flip flops are everywhere, why just I can"t weart hem?

So, to make it clean, I'm childish, and I know it, and I will tell my Mom. In addition, I think, the combination of the "Basebabb cap + sleeveless T over normal T + camo shorts + flipflops" are very gangsta :D clothesm just ideal to express myself :D

Posted by hadomountain on 2018-01-31 23:42:56

i had a strict dress code in primary and secondary school in the UK

college (Age 16-18) i had none so you bet i wore my flip flops in summer :D

also could get away with going barefoot when it was quiet as well :3

Posted by R.J. on 2018-02-04 17:19:20

Don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to flip-flops. I wear them too around the house and if going to the pool or beach. I like short sleeve or sleeveless shirts and from my younger days to even now, have made cut-offs out of my oldest jeans and trousers. I've seen boys at school and more so at the university level dress more casual and that is OK. Is all that acceptable--that's a personal preference and what is required by the school you attend. If they find it acceptable--great!!

As I previously said, we had a code and not a uniform. If our clothing met the code, all was well. If not, we were required to change &/or face the consequences school &/or parents imposed. Boys who got parents involved, sometimes got grounded or some restriction or even a butt whacking when they got home; if school thought you violated intentionally, you might end up in after school detention or even butt paddled at school more so for deliberate intent than even violation of dress code.

Posted by hunterfry on 2018-04-06 16:13:55

My middle school's dress code is pretty chill. It pretty much just says you can't wear sunglasses or clothes with beer logos on them, and girls can't wear shirts that expose their cleavage or midriffs. In winter, I usually wear jeans and a hoodie with sneakers or moccasins and in warmer weather I wear shorts and a t-shirt with flip-flops or bare feet.