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What Makes a Slut - Girls opinion


Posted by BLACK CHICK on 2003-02-02 19:04:27

please help me understand why is it that when a girl has lots of guys either looking at her or having sex with her she is considered a $%!@, bitch, trick, and a hoe but if a man does it oh he's a playa he dat $%!@ or he's off that hook a thangz like dat! u knoe? i am tired of that! and when ever girls have fun they say we selling our body and we are menises to society! well wut about the pimps? they go around slappin, beatin, perhaps killing the girls or in their terms hoez! i agree with yall 100% but the only thing i think makes a $%!@ a $%!@ is one whom allows a male or others call her that.

Posted by Deamond on 2006-09-29 07:16:07

Partly it's religion. Partly it's WOMEN THEMSELVES who enforce this idea.

I've observed that some women ACTUALLY HATE eachother just because the other girl looks better. Mostly, it's not us calling women $%!@s, it's other women. hell, I'd be allot happier if more women were ... uh... Free? Yeah, that'll do. I'd be allot happier if more women were "Free".

Partly I blame feminists. I'm all for equality and I like women but feminists stand for both equality and repression, which are contradictions. The feminists say women shouldn't be sexual and they try to ban porn, yet they also claim to be about freedom.

As the Marque De Sade once said; "My way of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you supose I care?"