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Castration of sex offneders


Posted by maryjoe on 2004-06-17 18:28:40

I am a male in my twenties who was castrated by my choice. I have always tried to live as a girl and then a women, but always had these weird thoughts and always awoke with errections. I had no more desire to have sex with my lovely wife but I still love her. I do not want to become a women, but i want to continue to look and become more woman like one, so today i take suppliments and womens hormones to complet the process. Since the castration. I no longer have really any sex drive not even want to as a women. with out my testicales my scotum and $%!@ seems to have shrunk way down in size and I have to adjust it when i sit do to pee, because I no longer can do it standing up. Since my castration I have developed many more feminate caracteristics very quickly with the female hormones and my wife and I live as 2 women, no longer companions and now that we live in a new city we just pass ourselves as 2 sisters who live and share housing with 2 seperate bedrooms. She works in a law office and i tend bar at a club. In the long run we still care for each other but we are each on our own. Because of my feelings we both decided I should go along with the castration, but she says I should just continue on and have the sex chage surgery, I on the other hand have no desire to and am happy with the way i am now.

========== In Reply To ========== All men in prison should be chemically castrated. All sex offenders should be surgically castrated. All men who have fathered two children should be castrated

Posted by jennaxx on 2006-02-23 08:44:36

Since I am married to a man who has fathered two children, I certainly am happy that you don't make the laws!!! Actual castration should be limited to anyone who has raped (with DNA evidence) a child (birth to 14) or someone who has raped after knowing his HIV positive status. Castration is a punishment, not a form of birth control. I voluntarily had a tubal performed after my last son so we won't have any accidental pregnacies and so we could adopt later. Men don't like wearing condoms, do you honestly think that they'd let you cut their testicles out?