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Shoes off in the library

No Shoes in the library

Posted by THISISJOE on 2017-06-30 22:47:31

I like to take my shoes and socks off in the library (Usually on the computers), I was the first person to do this (but a few do now) A few boys used to take their shoes off but i was the first boy to be barefoot, a few girls go barefoot but they wernt wearing any socks originally (Now a few boys take their socks off too when sitting on computers but put them on to go to the printer or the bin) I dont i just leave them off, I often walk to the bin and throw the paper in the bin barefoot, (it only takes a few seconds to RIP UP a paper and put it in a bin)

The only time id put my shoes on is to go toilet, (OR fire alarm)

Posted by hadomountain on 2017-09-01 05:46:24

really cool, i used to do that at the library as well, one girl was barefoot and i really wanted to be as well, so i did...very relaxing, she noticed and thought it was funny

Posted by THISISJOE on 2017-09-17 21:43:32

Did she wear her shoes without socks, and Just take her shoes off, OR did she Take her Shoes and Socks off,

And what about you ,

Posted by hadomountain on 2017-10-09 18:35:28

she was wearing shoes without socks---flat type that she probably just slipped off.

i was wearing trainers and socks, took my trainers off easily enough but then i was a little shy/embarrassed about my socks, i really wanted to rake them off though and i was glad i did but it still made me kinda nervous at first