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if you want to act like a baby i will treat you like a baby

I'm going to dress you up like a baby...

Posted by jamie james on 2017-12-13 03:28:18

when I was a very young boy around 5 or 6 my mom would diaper punish me. she first diaper me then she would stand me up and put me in one my sisters diaper dresses, the kind that was so short that it would not even hide my diaper. but the dresses I would have to wear were so pretty and frilly. she would most time make me put on some white tights and mary jane shoes and most of the time a pretty little ribbon in my hair. then I was dresses and treated as little baby girl for the day. sadly I grew out of the baby girl dresses. but the diaper punishment continued till I was about 12. I always enjoyed diaper punishment and really enjoyed being a baby girl. it was nice to have lay on bed while my mom was diapering me.

Posted by swingsbests on 2021-09-16 07:09:39

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