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Judicial Corporal Punishment

How It Should Be Done

Posted by ZB137538 on 2018-02-15 21:17:26

JCP should be on the bare buttocks (or bare feet for foot whipping). It should be semi-public, not out in the open but inside a specially designed room for JCP where the victim and other people of either gender who wanted to watch the punishment should be able to so that the humiliation is maximised. Preferably the implement should be a thick strap, cane, or whip, to inflict as much pain as possible.

And of course all strokes should by law have to be administered with maximum force, no exceptions. Those who've committed medium to serious offences should be subject to many sessions of JCP. They should be whipped until their butt is so bruised and bloody that they cannot continue safely, and then once their butt heals they have to go through that same experience all over again and continue repeating the same cycle. That would provide an extremely strong deterrent to anyone even thinking about violating the law.

Posted by Lea16 on 2018-02-23 11:43:07

It sounds hard but fair. It should be done without mercy.

Posted by ZB137538 on 2018-02-28 03:50:55

I think it should also be filmed and a free copy of the whipping given to the victim so they can feel better knowing that whoever victimised them ended up screaming and crying like a baby. Meanwhile, it could also be streamed on public channels that you would have to pay for to have access to with all the revenue being used as restitution for crime victims.

What do you think of this idea, Lea16?

Posted by Lea16 on 2018-02-28 09:42:46

I think this is an excellent idea to reimburse crime victims. The convicted criminal has to be fully naked for the whipping and everyone who pays is allowed to watch it. I would fully support such a law. Fully knowing that it can be applied to me too. When I harm somebody, committ a crime, it would be only just and fair when I get whipped naked for everyone to see.


Posted by ZB137538 on 2018-02-28 23:34:01

What implement do you think should be used? I think it should be one that causes the most pain for the least damage to the buttocks, such as a lexan paddle or a rubber strap, so that there would be less need for healing time for their butts. The amount of whippings they'd get throughout their prison term would be maximised.