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Judicial Corporal Punishment

A Cop Whacks Butts

Posted by R.J. on 2017-12-14 17:29:30

Had a college roommate who as a young teenage experienced what the consequences were when in violation of his community's curfew. He told of being out but in the process of walking home past curfew and stopped by a patrol car. Questioned and told to get in the police car and they were taking him home. When a block from home, the police pulled into an alley instead of his street and he was told to get out. Paul was a bit relieved to walk that last block home rather than a cop deliver him to his front door to his parents. The cop reminded Paul of the curfew time and said this was a warning & then told him to lean over the hood of the patrol car and the cop used the leather wrist strap of his baton to whip Paul across the seat of his jeans. Paul said it was an unexpected surprise punishment but a better outcome than facing his dad and his dad's belt if the cop would've delivered him to the front door.