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Judicial Corporal Punishment

What May Be Needed

Posted by joh57 on 2017-05-19 17:47:42

Hi Rick I've also read some news articles about parents ....I presume DADS... given the option to take care of their boys' backsides AT court...honestly can't say if that ever happened in SA...as far as I remember it was always done by a police officer....usually in a "holding cell"...at the court building....mostly in the afternoons ...after the courts had "closed down" for the day...about 15h30.....!!! Once read an article where boys were given a caning at home in Australia....ordered by the court and given by a police officer or a "court official"...can't remember the exact details now....but I thought that was quite "unusual".... not sure if the dads were given the option to cane their own boys....but in this case the police officer took care of business....but the dads were "allowed" to be present during the "procedure"..perhaps you've read this article as well....I think it was on CORPUN....but I can't find it now...!!! The last time I was "lying down" for a spanking from dad was probably at age 5-6....OTK ... after that my dad definitely preferred the bending over position....although it was not uncommon for some of my friends to receive their spankings face down on their beds....lying across a pillow or two....to elevate their cheeks...HeHe !! I had to bend over the bathtub..more like over one side of the bathtub..with my hands in the bottom of the tub....and my backside pretty much in the air....and quite impossible to tighten my butt muscles while dad applied the cane....believe me I tried many times... HeHe !!! I don't want to become too personal....but I'm just curious....did your dad have a chat about your behavior or the reason why you're going to receive a spanking IN your bedroom....and then follow up with the spanking....in my case ....my dad would chat with me in HIS bedroom....then sent me to "wait for him" in the bathroom....!!!
Enjoy your weekend....JOH !!!

Posted by Luke12 on 2017-05-21 21:34:15

Hi RJ & Joh!

Here was a case in Youngstown Ohio where a police chief used CP with juveniles as late as 2004. It was with the consent of both the teen and the parent.


Luke 12

Posted by R.J. on 2017-05-24 16:45:58

Hi JOH...I couldn't recall specific but vaguely remember what you relate. Quite frankly, I think it should be handled by the dad if there is one. Should've been handled long before the son was required to report to court for his behavior.

The only one I recall with me prone face-down on bed was the last at age 16. As a young boys, spankings were commonly received lying across dad's lap. School was always in bent over position and similar with dad once old enough to no longer fit appropriately over his lap.

There was always a chat and usually ended with me making promises to behave. The chat and promises didn't spare me from being spanked.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-05-24 16:50:36

Thanks Luke...interesting.

With consent of both the teen and parent, it should have been a good alternative to court proceedings and a juvenile record. May seem a 'gray area' to some, but the police chief may have done the boy(s) a big favor. Would be curious if any of the dads followed-up that punishment once they got the boy home.


Posted by joh57 on 2017-05-24 17:53:42

Hi Like / RJ thanks ....definitely interesting....!! Well RJ....you were wondering if dad would've taken care of things a "second time" at home...to make sure the message was understood properly.....I was wondering if the dad was given the "option" in the FIRST place to take care of business......and if he turned it down....giving permission to the police chief to take care of the spanking with the dad as the "witness"....!! I'm not so sure if the dad turned down the option if another spanking would've been the right thing in my opinion....unless he wasn't "satisfied" with the result....and thought it necessary for a "follow-up" reminder....hard to believe that would ever have been necessary in SA.....from what I'd witnessed....most if not all policemen knew exactly what they were doing....JOH