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How to wear flipflops to school?

How To React

Posted by R.J. on 2017-03-29 18:15:47

Hi Durmi,

Sounds great & that you now have it under control and resolved.

Going barefooted was always a treat when I was young...part of the summer/warm weather routine. Old jeans became cut-off shorts. If where I was wasn't too public, I peeled off my t-shirt and went bare above the waist as well as my feet. If it was just hanging with guy friends, we'd even try 'commando' under the cut-offs or if at a pool or remote water-hole where no girls were present or adults around, we shed the cut-offs too and went skinny dippin to cool off from summer sun.

I think at 20 flip-flops or bare feet would just be natural. Even as an older adult, I still enjoy the liberated foot feeling.


Posted by Durmi on 2017-03-29 19:49:38

Hi RJ,

Not under control yet, but I've inherited some good properties from my Mum, including that what I want to do, then I'm gonna do that soon.

To mention something: since last week, I see more and more people (1 or 2 per day) just walking around flipflops in campus or in city, so it's increasing. I didn't even think that this forum, and seeing those flipflopped feet could fire me up so much. Yeah, I'm in fire. Just one month (in May), and time to start the "free-roaming", flipflopping, or how could I say...

Anyway - when nobody see me, I go barefoot too :) I like to show off my feet -> then I can feel I'm free, I'm alive, I'm strong and brave and sexy and not afraid of others