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How it was for boys punished by men before 1990

Pre-1990 School Paddling

Posted by R.J. on 2017-04-03 17:03:06

Most school districts now have prohibited the paddle as a discipline option, but in the 60-70s era growing up, boys primarily, some girls maybe, knew there was a paddle option at school if you misbehaved.

Not only did parents consent, verbally or written, that the paddle could be used if necessary, but most dads promised another lickin' when you got home if they found out you earned a paddling at school.


Posted by RH on 2017-07-11 11:40:22

Yes Rick, and at some schools the consent was implied or taken as understood without parents even being told it was an option. Schools like mine!


Posted by R.J. on 2017-07-15 16:06:57

Hi RH,

I agree that early on even at my school district the consent was implied and in those early primary/elementary grades the teacher simply hand spanked or used the ruler across your bottom. I think it was around Secondary/Middle School (7th) that a consent form got sent home at the beginning of the school year. I know my parents signed & I got a refresher reminder what I'd face once home if I got the paddle.

Did your school then use a paddle?

I never imagined, though spanking was common method in most homes & schools, I would be the boy who got paddled at school. I was overall well behaved. It however caught up with me in 8th & earned me 5 swats. My dad kept his promise too!!


Posted by RH on 2017-07-17 09:45:01

hey Rick

I do not know what my parents would have said if they had been asked for their consent. If it was a school policy I am sure they would have agreed. Their attitude was what happened at school stayed at school and if I chose to misbehave I would have to face the music there. No running home hoping for sympathy from mom. I knew it' would be better for me to keep quite back home.

School never used a paddle, at least not on me. I got whipped with a big boy rattan cane. Mom and dad never found out.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-07-22 17:50:00

If it were school policy, your parents were obviously aware and approved of that policy if they enrolled you in the school. When the handbook went home at the beginning of the school year with the tear-out page for signature to consent or withhold consent for CP, I never doubted my parents would consent. It became apparent that many of the parents had consented because I knew many classmates, including good friends, who got their rear-ends paddled. I suspect many of us back then would've appreciated what happened at school to remain at school. It was never a comfortable event to take home a discipline notice for signature. We knew there was little chance for any sympathy or excuses.

I suspect the rattan cane could give a good whipping, maybe more impressive and with more prolonged discomfort on a boy's butt, than our school paddle. Call it a big boy cane, but there was nothing less than a big boy paddle once we were in Middle School or High School as boys age 12-18 and in snug trousers/jeans when in that bent over position with nothing but thin briefs or boxer shorts underneath. What the principal delivered with the paddle adequately tanned your backside and gave you plenty to think about until you got home and dad finished the task.