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Boys vs Girls

Whom to save?

Posted by sexpig4u on 2017-04-06 04:16:28

For question 1, whom ever is easier to save without loosing your life and all theirs.

My old boss served in ww2 and Korea, he had said that the military stressed in training at the time, if your are driving a troop transport truck with 25 soldiers in the back on a narrow mountain road and a small child appears around a bend in front of the truck, they mandate that the driver hit the child and not to swerve out of reflex and fall off the road and killing all the 25 others. This had an effect on me...but clearly, I understand why they teach this, Whether male or female? You save the one with the greatest odds of surviving.

Posted by nudedanny on 2019-01-20 06:33:00

Exactly. All human life is of equal worth. The extreme sexism of this poll is horrible. Yes, whoever's easier to save while minimizing risk on the first question. And of course, you save the greater amount of people on the other questions.

Posted by hannahtims on 2020-04-25 14:23:37

Agreed. geometry dash secrets It is indeed true that, its always the survival of the fittest for the capitalists and imperialists. But I would personally go for the child because, come' on he /she is just a child!