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Family cfnm

Dear Abby articles

Posted by male35 on 2018-01-24 04:22:34

Here are two Dear Abby columns from 1970 and 1971 about boys being nude but not girls.Dear Abby was a american advice columnist I agree with Abby's thinking.First column DEAR ABBY:MY sister has a beach front summer place on a lake.She also has two boys, ages 8 and 10 and two girls, 9 and 1.When the weather permits she requires the boys play on the beach and in the water completely nude.However she has her girls wear swim suits.We have two children, a boy 9 and a girl 11, who would enjoy a vacation at the lake, but I don't like this nude boy bit.My husband says I am wrong.When I discussed it with my sister, she said it was good to bring up boys without secrets from their sisters, and I should do the same.I half jokingly asked her if she thought Dear Abby would agree with her and she bet you would because you had a pliant sense of fundamental realities.I agreed to write to you and show her your answer.I also agreed to concur with it.What do you say?-----DEAR MRS I'm inclined to agree with your sister and your husband.The fundamental realities are that boys and girls are very different.I concur with your sister that it is alright to have the boys nude in presence of the girls providing them an opportunity to see the secrets" boys have that girls don't,yet not having the girls follow suit, or rather lack there of.It certainly is a good way satisfy the girls' curiosity as to what boys look like while in the appropriate surroundings,but I agree with it being different for girls that they should wear swimsuits at all times when in presence of the boys.Although this may seem unfair to the boys,girls require more privacy than boys and it would be inappropriate to insist that the girls comply with the on-swimsuit rule.But it sounds like your sister's boys already understand and accept that,but given how boys usually will doff all clothes in haste and without care when at the town swimming hole, I'm guessing your son won't require too much pressure to comply with your sister's rule.----Second column DEAR ABBY:Some neighbors of ours have a swimming pool behind their house.They also have a pair of 14 year-old twin boys and two daughters,13 and 15.These neighbors require their boys to swim in the raw at the same time their daughters use the pool,but the girls wear swimsuits.That's their business,but it presents a problem to us because the twin boys have invited our son to swim in their pool.Our son says swimming in the raw doesn't bother him.girls or no girls.(Can this be?)He also says that the neighbor boys were raised to believe that it is proper for girls to see what boys look like,but it is not proper for boys to see what girls look like.How do you feel about this,ABBY? And should we let our boy swim at the neighbors?DEAR READERS:Since your son already knows what boys look,why not if it doesn't bother him?There are social reasons why it's more proper"for girls to know what boys look like than for boys to know what girls look like.And there is nothing wrong for your son being naked in the presence of these girls provided both your neighbors and their girls want him that way.So if your son can have some fun while also providing these girls an opportunity to see want yet another boy looks like,it sounds like a win-win for both the boys and the girls.

Posted by Josh9819 on 2018-01-28 07:28:56

I have a friend who was always used to swim naked in their pool together with his two sisters who wear swim suits. When I visited him in summer to join them swimming it was not mandatory to swim naked for me but I said it woukd be only fair if I swim naked too. I told them that at home I was used to be naked in front of my three sisters and mom and all their female friends. And my sisters have seen my friend nude too. So it would have been unfair if his sisters can't see me nude. His sisters and his mom were delighted that I swim nude in their pool. I also agreed to be nude all the time in their house.

Posted by male35 on 2018-01-29 08:44:12

Hi Josh9819 of cause it was only fair that you swim nude to and respect your friends mums rules.Your mum is also right that you have no reason to be modest.My sons and the other boys in our group accept it is fair for them to be nude while girls modesty is to be respected.

Posted by Josh9819 on 2018-01-30 22:55:25

You are right, male 35, It is most fair that my friends mom and his sisters can see me nude while swimming or being in their house. I think it is their right to see me naked, no reason for modesty at all for me. My mom was right to teach me that modesty is for girls alone.

Posted by male35 on 2018-02-05 09:03:32

If only boys being required to swim nude at school and public pools etc while girls wear modest one piece swimsuits was the norm how wonderful it would be for girls.Did your friends mum not speak with your mum why was she ever going to allow you to wear a swimsuit.