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A punishment to remember

Yours for 12 hours

Posted by KimTree on 2021-09-16 16:37:10


Posted by mandi2 on 2021-10-15 13:57:52

When i was 14,i got a punishment to remember! I got into trouble a little over a week before finially making my First Holy Communion then.I was in the class with the 7 year olds and had to wear a poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes,per the parish dress code. The morning of the ceremony,i took my bath and came into my room where my parents were waiting for me.Mom brought out 10 cloth diapers with diaper pins,a can of baby powder,and a pair of adult size plastic pants with nursery prints on them,and a white tee shirt and told me i have to wear them as my punishment for the day! I refused,and dad took off his belt and hit my bed with it and told me to comply or the next hit would be on my $%!@! I gave in,took my towel off and laid down on my bed.The diapers were folded,slid under me,the babypowder applied,then the diapers were brought up and pinned. The nursery print rubberpants were put on me next and they fit me baggy.The tee shirt was put on me then the lace socks,shoes,then my dress and veil! I felt really embarrassed! When we walked out of my room,i could hear the rubberpants crinkling as i walked! I felt weird walking down the aisle with the 7 year olds and the rubberpants crinkling under my dress! At my party that afternoon,mom told my female cousins and relatives and my friends that i had cloth diapers and nursery print rubberpants on under my dress and i had to lift up my dress and show them! I turned very red with embarrassement!After my party was over,mom took my dress,and veil off of me along with the diapers and i had to wear just the tee shirt and rubberpants up untill bedtime! That was my punishment to remember for ever!