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Truth or Dare for me

Truth or dare

Posted by Natsu Dragneel on 2016-11-30 12:52:02

Truth: Are u gay? Truth: Do u like Pokemon? Truth: Are u telling the truth at the previous 2 truth questions? Truth: What's your favorite game? Dare: I dare u to strip to the waist(if u are a boy) and walk barefoot out of your house to the nearest shopping center and buy an ice cream or Pokemon stuff.

Posted by Natsu Dragneel on 2016-11-30 12:55:03

Pls: I'm gay and left handed.

Posted by FredGold on 2016-12-02 20:24:45

I am gay. I do not like Pokemon. I did tell the truth for those questions. My favorite game is truth or dare. I did your dare. It was super cold and uncomfortable, but it wasn't too humiliating. It was fun. Thanks!!

Posted by Natsu Dragneel on 2016-12-03 07:27:38

No problem. Want to play another round of truth or dare? If yes, here's a few more. Truth: where do u live? I live in Singapore by the way Truth: how old are u? Truth: have u went into a store selling snacks shirtless and barefoot? Course I have done that before. Truth: Do u have a boyfriend before? If yes, how did u get a boyfriend? (I'm finding a boyfriend currently) Dare: I dare u to walk shirtless and barefoot to the department store or a busy place from your house and say that u lost your shirt and u want to buy a shirt and shoes. Now, u can also truth or dare me and I'll tell what happened right here.

Posted by FredGold on 2016-12-06 21:14:37

I'm happy to play more truth or dare! Thanks for giving me some questions and another dare. I live in the USA. I am 18 years of age. I have gone into such a store naked and barefoot. The store didn't like it much, haha. I have never had a boyfriend, I came close once. Sorry I can't tell you a successful story to help you out! I did your dare. It was very cold getting to the store, and it was really embarrassing to have everyone looking at me like that. But I bought a shirt and put it on. For you, I'd like you to go to a clothing store. Bring with you a package of underwear from the store. Try a pair on in a fitting room, with nothing underneath, and $%!@ into it. Then get dressed and just leave the underwear in the fitting room. Hope that sounds fun! Tell me how it goes. I'll also accept more from you, if you want. I look forward to your reply.