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Weird clothing at work

it's hard to be gay

Posted by Johny Silver on 2021-03-21 22:23:22

Can you please tell me if it is difficult to be gay in this world? I have no friends who can support me and discuss any topic. Nobody perceives me as a normal person.

Posted by GeorgeStill on 2021-03-22 07:36:24

My son is gay and I take it fine. It's not his fault that he likes guys. Now he is already an adult, he had to register on a dating site, there he found his love.

Posted by AlexPosharow on 2021-03-22 08:24:03

There is no need to worry about this. It's not your fault that you are. In life, everything happens and no one has the right to judge what kind of orientation you are. Love can be different and everyone should understand this. Do not be shy and be open to everyone. I recommend the list of best gay dating apps, you will find a lot of Australian guys there who can love you. There are a lot of gays and people like you are also looking for.