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MALES: Coaches -- Locker Rooms

Coaches held athletes to a higher standard

Posted by Luke12 on 2016-10-16 05:42:45

Hi R.J.!

First let me compliment you on your creative surveys of new topics.

When I was in high school, discipline was simply viewed as the prerequisite to having a championship varsity team. Coaches simply scolded, paddled, and pushed athletes hard to get them to excel at sports. They were certainly much tougher than teachers or administrators. It was simply accepted if you wanted to be good and you wanted to win.

I don't know if this kind of discipline was necessary for excellent athletic performance. But there was a certain athletic, as well as emotional maturity at stake. When I see the recent incident of Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte apologizing to his mom on national television, it reminds me of how a star athlete might have had to face disciplinary suspension for adolescent misconduct in high school. The only problem is that Lochte is 32 years-old.


Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-22 19:12:45

Hi Luke,

Thank you for the compliment.

What varsity sports did you do in High School? Achieve championship status?

I did some sports but not varsity level. My experience with school coaches was mainly as PE instructors and they also taught some classes...usually social studies & health class for males. Yes, I knew well they could scold and holler a lot. Myself and many boys were given laps to run for minor infractions during PE and in the locker room, I witnessed more than a few guys get the paddle to their butt. Knew guys that were out for sports and they talked about major chewing-outs that a coach would deliver both to individuals and whole team and when necessary for some poor sportsmanship incident, individuals found themselves 'assumed position' wearing often only their jockstrap for a paddling.

I was fortunate that my rear-end never had the wrath of coach's paddle either in the classroom setting nor PE class. I got sent to the principal twice where the seat of my Levis got busted but overheard and even saw a few guys who faced coach's paddle and they afterwards had red 'tattoo' evidence on their butt. Maybe such discipline is no longer necessary and in many school districts is actually outlawed but whether athlete or just your normal adolescent/teenage boy there came times when that chewing out was needed and growing up I never knew a boy so good or angelic that behavior didn't need a walloping on his butt on occasion.

Thanks for your response and thoughts.


Posted by Anon24 on 2016-10-22 19:52:17

Many seem to think that traditional locker rooms, coaches, high expectation and discipline were not valued by boys. This was not the case for many if not most boys, certainly the sporty ones.

Being introduced to the locker room and gang showers at puberty was challenging for some with bodies changing at different rates, and fear of spontaneous erections, but most boys quickly lost their shyness. I think it would be kinder to begin locker room use at an earlier age.

It is also very clear than many boys thrived on strict discipline with clear consequences for misbehavior. Consistency and fairness was very important.

Unfortunately, modern boys are physically, emotionally and mentally poorly equipped to cope with the locker rooms and paddles.

Posted by Luke12 on 2016-10-23 18:15:44

Hi RJ and Anon!

I was surprised that the Olympic Athletes still achieve record breaking scores without the discipline that was considered a fact when we played sports.

Regarding what Anon had said about gang showers at puberty and how "most boys quickly lost their shyness": I was on the wrestling team in high school. At the weigh-ins before a match, all wrestlers (except the heavyweight) stripped naked before getting on the scale. You didn't care about who saw you. Your only thought was that you made weight or else you would have to forfeit the match.


Now nude weigh-ins have been banned. Now they give the wrestler a couple of extra ounces for his singlet. The coach pushed us hard and we did make the district championship.


Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-26 17:14:38

Hi Anon,

I find much agreement in what you and Luke are saying. I wasn't a big-time sports athlete but knew and respected many friends who were. For me, the locker room was initially introduced in freshman high school year and required PE class. The coach had a reputation for firmness and fairness and yes, there was discipline when required, just as with many classroom teachers and the principal. It was an expected consequence and boys accepted it...even those paddle swats to the rear-end.

Initially I too was shy stripping down to change or use the open-bay shower, but that shyness was overcome quickly. I can't say I thrived on strict discipline but I got the paddle at school twice when it was deserved and dad spanked at home with his paddle and later the belt when my behavior needed it and dad was a big advocate that it be bare bottom. Consequences at school were fairly consistent & fair and my dad gave more than adequate warnings before it became necessary for us two to take the walk to my room for an attitude adjustment.