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Human Neutering

Castration or Nullification?

Posted by NulloLuke on 2021-11-08 06:05:06

Luke Moats. Age 17. California, Pennsylvania. Google it.

I have two Sigs handguns and a Winchester 30.06 registered in my name. When not on school grounds, I carry (the Sig sits in my truck). I'm also a nullo by choice.

So, go ahead, keep up with the threats. Come to Pennsylvania, you'll find a LOT of people who would be VERY happy to make your acquaintance. But since that was posted on the 29th and it's the 8th and I'm still standin'.....I think you are all talk.

Don't threaten me again.

Posted by NulloLuke on 2021-11-08 06:16:12

@Danni156: Sadly, Danni, some people don't want kids or parents to have rights. Testicles and a $%!@ is not a "human right", it's just worthless flesh. If parents or kids want to remove those worthless pieces of flesh, that's their choice.

Why JAJBJ, a lesbian (something I have no issue with), has an a problem with boys having their "junk" removed and wants to resort to violence, that's beyond me.

I, personally, don't like violence. But when you live in the armpit of Washington County, Pennsylvania, you learn to shoot and hunt at a young age. I will defend myself, my family, and my friends (all of which also carry).

Posted by Aspen46 on 2021-11-22 17:18:15

Hey @Danni156, it sounds like youve had a lot of experience with this. As a parent of a boy Id love to get your thoughts on punishment techniques that worked for your brothers. My email is aspen46 at tutanota dot com.

Posted by Jack Swan on 2022-05-01 03:30:29

If you are going to remove his balls and are considering his $%!@, here’s my 2 cents . Make sure he gets the full experience of CBT first. If you haven’t already tried - any of the following with full restraint and a gag: scrotum saline inflation, $%!@ and balls vacuum pumping, elastrator play for say a half hour for starters, needle torture starting with acupuncture needles and work up in size with empathize on the $%!@ head sack and yes the balls (it heals fast enough), move up to finishing nails thru the $%!@ head and a fully spread sack (feeling sadistic - balls too), measure his urethral opening and give him a Prince Albert of the same size without numbing first. Use proper sterilization (lots of soap and water followed by a good alcohol wipe down - to include your own hands and anything penetrating the skin) a little time to heal, and he will beg for Castration maybe even Nulification. Enjoy Jack Swan.