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Human Neutering

Castration or Nullification?

Posted by tailoress on 2021-05-22 23:32:39

What I would like to know: how does he feel about having to pee sitting down now? :) Do you make fun of it? Do you mock him for it?

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-05-23 07:11:12

@Tailoress: He hates it. He either cries or looks distraught when he has to go. We definitely make fun of him. We pick on him telling him "remember when you could do that standing up?" or "remember when you had a $%!@ to pee out of?" or "why are you sitting to pee? That's right, we cut your $%!@ off!" We come up with something. Then we laugh. My daughters are, of course, more creative than I am. :)

Posted by tailoress on 2021-05-24 08:38:31

@Kaitlyn_Maine: That sounds really fun. :) Did he get used to having to pee sitting down? Or did he sometimes not remember and tried to do it standing up but then made a huge mess? And if so, what was your reaction?

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-05-24 15:04:09

@tailoress: At first, he had the catheter in, but once that came out, he seemed to remember, but then he forgot one morning when he was in a rush and $%!@ed his pants. LOL! Oh, we made fun of him BIG time then and made him clean it up....with his tongue! He only did it once.

We told him, if he did it again, we were chopping something else off. He doesn't know there isn't anything else to chop off....but we aren't telling him that. :D He has been taking extra care to not get a drop on the floor. :)

Posted by danni156 on 2021-05-29 05:26:58

My 2 little brothers have both been castrated and there $%!@es removed nearly 3 years ago now. But me and mum decided to keep there genitals frozen down in the bottom of the chest freezer. We live on farm so not much chance of anyone finding them. But we take them out to tease then from time to time and they think they can still be re attached haha.

They are both being raised as girls though and not allowed any boy clothing at all.

Have you thought of maybe raising your boy as a girl? Let his hair grow long and without the male hormones he won't grow up manly...he will pass as a girl very easily.