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Human Neutering

Castration or Nullification?

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-04-23 06:12:08

The girls and I decided to elastrate his balls, beat them one final time, and pop them. Oh, those delicious screams.

The slush that came out when he was castrated was beautiful. My daughters did an amazing job popping his balls.

Our vet friend nullified him as well, with the help of an epidural, so he was wide awake but tied down. His wide-eyed look as his peni's was severed from his body was amazing. She went deep and took the root as well, so he will never get any pleasure (which is fine by me).

He didn't even bother to scream. I think he resigned himself to the fact that his balls were destoryed, this was happening. He spent last weekend (this happened last Friday) with a catheter, but it's out now. He is sitting to pee and the girls are still constantly making fun of him for being an "it" now. :)

@tailoress I would never allow him to wear their panties. Those are far too expensive. He will wear nothing (underwear that is) and like it. I won't spend money on anything to make him comfortable. He gets second-hand clothes from a thrift store, while my daughters get name brand clothes from wherever they choose.

Posted by tailoress on 2021-05-01 09:09:15


that's right, I didn't think of that. Congrats, you did the right decision with the nullification. :) I don't understand why people often go only for the balls and leave the $%!@. I think it's very important to remove the $%!@, because then there is a constant reminder every time he has to sit down to pee.

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-05-10 05:16:46

@Tailoress Indeed. My daughters, especially my eldest, is currently on a Victoria's Secret kick. God forbid, she finds out about Calvins. But, if they want it, they get it. I can afford it. My youngest daughter just "likes the neat colors". :)

My son doesn't get anything (underwear) because I don't care. He gets second hand pants from a thrift store and shirts from a thift store. It covers him and that's good enough.

Yeah, I never understood why Moms on here would leave the $%!@. That nasty thing can still "happy" even without their balls. Eww! Better to take it all.

Posted by danni156 on 2021-05-16 02:52:45

How is your boy going? And can I ask what happened to his $%!@ when it got removed?

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-05-21 03:40:05

@Danni: Mopin' about. Knowing he is even less than my daughters and I now than he was before. We were going to feed it to our pigs, but that would have made them sick.

Our vet friend had a better idea. She wheeled him outside after he was bandaged up. Since it was an oxygen environment, we couldn't do this indoors. She took his $%!@, what was left of his balls, his scrotum, placed it in a bucket. Took some gasoline, poured it on top, and lit it up! He screamed the most delicious scream! But he couldn't do anything, he was still under the epidural. He was going nowhere.

My daughters, myself, and our vet friend couldn't help but laugh. :) We let him scream, we are in the middle of nowhere Maine, no one around for miles.

What was left, just ash. She put it in a jar as a reminder of what he had, what we had taken. She is deliciously evil. :)