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Human Neutering

Castration or Nullification?

Posted by Kaitlyn_Maine on 2021-04-10 08:49:35

I thought I would bring my question to you all. I have loved reading this forum over the years. My beautiful daughters (13 and 11) and I have taken great pleasure in torturing my disgusting son's (almost 10) dirty junk.

I have taken the advice I have seen given here, from twisting them, to punching them, to hot wax (oh, the screams on that one), to tying them off with elastrator bands and watching them turn funny colors. Anything to cause him pain and humiliation. :)

But finally, he is getting close to that age where things are going to start...ew...happening. I will NOT be having that. So, they gotta go.

Living in Northern Maine, large animal veterinarians are not hard to find. Female veterinarians are a dime a dozen. Female veterinarians who find castration funny, especially when it comes to human males....few and far between. One willing to do a surgery on a human...impossible!....but I found one. :)

So, my question for you all is...should the girls and I have one last hurrah and pop them ourselves before we take him to the vets (sounds funny when I say it that way) or just take him and let him freak out (he's gonna freak anyway).

The other question, what should we do when we get there? She has done pen'is removals as well for animals as it is required. So, should I have my son castrated or completely nullified (pen'is, testicles, and scrotum removed, his urethra would get moved so he would have to sit to pee).

I'm also open to any other ideas. :) My son's fate is in your hands. :D

Posted by GWizard on 2021-04-11 01:08:42

Welcome to the forum Kaitlyn.

I'm glad you managed to find a veterinarian willing to castrate your son. It's a shame that we have to resort to methods like that. Castrating a boy is such a simple and effective procedure that every pediatrician in the country should offer it.

Popping his testicles might be good bonding activity for you and your daughters but I recommend against it. Damaging his balls could cause complications during the surgery. It's safest to leave the whole task to the expert.

Completely nullifying him is best. He'll look better without anything hanging there and a smooth genital area is easier to clean. You could even forego giving him underwear. I'm sure he'll feel quite humiliated by sitting down to pee. It's an important reminder that boys aren't special.

Best of luck with the surgery. Please update us when it's done!

Posted by Silsu on 2021-04-11 13:41:19

Yhea nullifying him is the best option. I suggest a long time of enslavament before the castration. You should keep your son and his balls prisoner for a while and let your dauthers have their fun with his $%!@ while it's still attached to him. And tell your son that after a period of tortures his $%!@ and balls eill be cut away. He should know his fate. Then you can keep his $%!@ and hang it to the wall as an ornament

Posted by Funmommy on 2021-04-13 17:00:09

Hi! Sounds like you three are in for some fun at your sons expense! But youll love how much better behaved hell be and how much easier the teen years are with him not going through puberty. Since hes going to lose his testicles you can have get some enjoyment out of them while he has them. Using your knee is particularly fun!! But on the big day I think it would be best to tie his scrotum off with an elastrator band and wait until they go numb. Then take him to the vet to have his boyhood cut off. Personally, I would let him keep his $%!@. Itll shrink down without his balls so hed have to sit to pee anyway, and you can delight in how it doesnt get hard anymore.

Posted by tailoress on 2021-04-17 00:03:46

I recommend nullification. Smooth looks better and there are so many advantages: It's easier to clean and his sister's panties will fit him too. And of course, you'll never worry about a messy toilet when he has no chance but to sit to pee.