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Parenting and Spanking

Reply To Radley

Posted by R.J. on 2019-09-18 16:40:57

Summer did seem to pass very quickly for me too. Kept busy, but still enjoying the retired life. So does it feel good to be in your senior year and realize university is but a year away? That is interesting concept to have more private study time rather than in a classroom setting. That is significantly different than I recall from my HS days. It does sound nice to have though a more secluded library space and time to explore your studies quietly. Why bored? Just don't allow it to tempt you to get into bad habits or use it to meet mates thinking it secluded and get into mischief.

From all you have said in prior messages, I sense parents have influenced you and guided you to be ready at 18 for that move out and be a responsible young man. I recall at university orientation the Dean telling us to glance at the person at your right & at your left. Said 1 in 3 who start university usually fail & drop-out, so decide for yourself if you would be that 1 in 3. Scared me straight & made me determined to study & not make university merely a "party-time" away from parental supervision. I succeed and made it...you will too if you commit yourself & not let yourself or your parents down. That said, university was a wonderful experience with new friends to make, a fine upperclassman as a dorm roommate to help me adjust to the new life & selecting classes that more interested me with good instructors.

A dad is a wonderful and awesome status. Have seen it from both sides...looking up to my dad growing up and being a dad myself, knowing I had to be the best role model I could be. You'll likely find what parents gave you and Chip growing up will all fall into place if your marry and have kids some day. I wasn't punished that much either, but when required, dad never hesitated and looking back I'm grateful for that. I can't say I would put the spanking option in the "backseat" and term it old fashion, but there are alternatives parents can use, so busting a boy's backside, maybe pants down, is only one option to reserve if required even now.

Traveling does open eyes and broaden a person's perspective. It can be a classroom education without the 4-walls. You'll have opportunities I'm sure. Be patient and you'll enjoy the experience even more & possibly do some with someone special in life. A part of traveling that makes it so great is sharing it with someone.

Any boy perceived as an angel is either a boy who sick & without energy to get into trouble or good at giving a false impression. Knew guys growing up who were more naughty than me & punished more frequently. The first time I was school paddled, no doubt it was deserved & I was guilty. In truth looking back, the principal should've told me to lower my jeans to get the paddle whipping, but that wasn't permitted & I was glad he couldn't at that moment. It was certainly different over jeans than how my dad spanked. Even though school never could use CP with you & Chip, I imagine your dad knew exactly what you & Chip needed once he got you home. He likely didn't enjoy giving the spanking or whipping to you or Chip, but you are better educated boys today on right vs wrong & prepared to take on the world as young men & it all comes down to fact a parent loves & cares enough for you to achieve that.

Good to hear from you -- RICK

Posted by radleyradley on 2020-02-03 13:27:00

Hi Mr Rick

It has been a busy few months with all the turmoil around the world. The impeachment which was bound to fail, the rattling of sabres with Russia China north Korea Iran... And the general day to day razzmatazz of TV host turned president. And here in England fiasco follows fiasco and chaos ever since the Brexit referendum in 2017. Now I am not old enough to vote but I am old enough to have an opinion. It is hard to decide whether the United Kingdom would be better in or out of the European Union experiment. However yesterday was the first day of the future out of Europe. Chip sent me a message on WhatsApp quoting from a Tale of Two Cities. The first 12 words explain the situation. It destroyed the careers on three prime ministers, divided the country, re invigorated the Nationalists . This is not the end of the story. Then there are Princes Andrew ad Harry no longer carrying out royal duties and and and… Interesting times maybe but also dangerous times. It is hard to find good news.

I am still attending School everyday day but there are seldom lessons all day and as final year students we are treated almost like adults and can come in late or leave early if we have no class. But I find it easier to hang around and study at school where there are no distractions rather than trying to write my assignments at home.

I am looking towards University and have already visited two. I am also thinking about a gap year where I will spend half the year working and half a year spending the money I have earned.. With any luck I will be able to travel, maybe to South America. That is suitably different romantic mysterious and exotic at least in my mind's eye. I do not want to do what everybody else has done or get cheated out of a genuine experience by the gap year industry.

Delectable girl and I why are still doing well after a disagreement and some awkward times. We are through those now but what I am not sure we can ever repair things completely. Do not get me wrong. Lucy is the only girl I Have Eyes For, and she is the one who fires my mojo. But somehow here is something some sparkle missing. I hope we can get it back and be the friends we once were.

She he came to church with me me. Or did ed I go to church with her? Nothing much happened, not nothing just nothing much. That good night kiss was the kind of kiss other boys can only dream of, and and both of us ate some humble pie. I am not very good at saying I am sorry even when I am but she understood that and said that it was what she had wanted to hear. Delectable girl? Too true. This boy delectable? I hope so. We have been so much to each other that I hope we have a future.

I hope you are happy in your retirement. I think it is important for for older people to keep active and embrace the things that surround them even though they changed and evolve. My grandfather acts as a guinea pig/model for university researchers who are assessing the impact of of new technologies including virtual reality and robots on older people and how they react and relate. Have you ever thought of doing anything like that?

I hope to hear from you