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Parenting and Spanking

Response to Dennis

Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2020-02-02 12:06:03

Hello Mr Rick, sir

To everything turn, turn, turn There is a season turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose Under heaven

And so the seasons pass and time slips away. What seemed like the blink of an eye suddenly turned into four months. Fall winter and now even spring. Not much changes even in the personnel does. Kids still earn pocket money clearing snow, but it is not us anymore.

Everything I have done so far seems to have been preparing me for this moment in time. for today and for tomorrow. I think what I have learnt most this year is about taking responsibility mostly for myself but also for others. Being on the school council has taught me a lot, things that I could never pick up in a classroom.

However, I do find the restrictions of school rules somehow hems in me in and I long to break free. I am at last facing up realisation but I really will be moving away from home and going to university and what a big change it is going to be to me to all of us. I have been quite apprehensive about this for a long time but now I am looking forward to it, to the challenges and adventures it will bring to meeting new guys with new ideas and finding my own way. I know it will be hard but it is something everybody has to do. Anything new is scary but facing up that fear and overcoming it is the mark of a man.

I know my parents and even the VP are proud of me because they keep telling me they are. I try to give them things to be proud about. Being re-elected to the school council it is a great honour and a great responsibility especially when taking my turn as chairman. Now that the race towards final exams the final run in begins everything else has to take second place to school work. But I have always worked hard at high school. It was early days at Middle School that I found out what happened to boys who misbehave and do not apply themselves at school. My dad made sure that was a lesson I would not forget. I have matured since then and now it is a matter of pride for me, me being proud of myself for myself rather than anyone else been proud of me. I will try to always remember I am only who I am and not use the trust status and authority that seniority brings in an irresponsible way. Can I do anything more? Or anything less?

My brother Josh is my brother and always will be. Nothing can change that. We have grown up together and have given to each other and taken from each other. That happens in happy families. Of course, we have done stuff together, stuff that we now look back on and think golly that was exciting knowing we no longer wish to do the same. I still get a bit of a rush from spanking him on occasion but I think he enjoys it nearly as much as I do. Nearly. But as in all spanking games you have to face to the reality that sometimes you will lose. Even now at 17. Grandfather believes boys need to be beaten more- we have both felt his belt- and even though it will not happen dad thinks a spanking would would do Josh and me a world of good. As I said it will not happen. At least I hope not. In our community spanking is yesterdays news and it simply is not something people still think about or worry about.

You were at college likely 40 or 50 years ago. When I get there I will find out just how much has changed, and how much the other guys experience is different from mine. A group of guys from different parts of the country with different backgrounds cultures and upbringing but I am sure there are things that will draw us together, and things we all share

It is very important to have friends you can rely on, people like Marcus but a boy's best resource is always his dad. At 27 you probably still felt you had a lot to learn and suddenly the big guy was not there to help you. It makes you think, I know no my dad still has much to teach me. Despite what I sometimes say to him I do listen to him I do respect him and I do love him although I sometimes DO exactly the opposite. I should add that a boys second best resource is his mom. That is why a boy has two parents!

I hope you are still able to keep active in your community and enjoy those times when you can do what YOU want.

I hope you will be able to have time to reply in less than the 4 months it has taken me.

Best wishes. I am off to the gym now for the first time since Christmas