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Parenting and Spanking

Jamie: NY Boy

Posted by Boy from New York on 2019-08-09 21:01:10

Hi Rick

I am somewhat embarrassed that it is over 5 weeks since I wrote to you. The whole of July just sped by. In some States it is almost time to start back at school. School is a long way from my thoughts though now I reflect on what happened last year and what will happen when we return. Of course by then I will be a Senior with the added responsibilities that that brings. I am encouraged that you can see the way I have changed and matured in the time we have been talking together. I think now I am starting a new chapter in my life where these changes will move even faster. At 17 there is so much to do so much to learn and so little time to do it. I hope my youth energy and maturity will see me through, Oh, and of course that delicious girlfriend will do her part too. I think I could be seriously derailed without her.

I sometimes think that the single most important thing I learnt at school last year was to be a little bit more demanding of myself, and never to be satisfied with anything less than my best. Dad thinks that is a good attitude to take forward. School stretches us but I know that beyond school I will have to stretch myself. That is when the maturity will need to show through. Through university and beyond.

On the first day of the summer vacation 10 weeks off seems like eternity. Of course the first day of vacation was also the first day of my summer job. I am back at the burger shack where I worked last summer but I have moved on from clearing tables to serving at counter. Money is not great but it is still money. The beach is just outside and it is sometimes hard to believe how little some of the girls are wearing! Krazy Ollie has crazy ideas, sometimes a little bit wild butt mostly a lot of fun. He and I are still good friends and enjoy doing things together or just being together. Kirstie is something else haha. Ollie can take me for a ride but she can take me to oblivion.. I think you need both kinds of friends to keep a balance, stay level headed and keep out of trouble. When you are 17 there is still plenty of that around. The trick is not to find it, and if you do find it walk away from it .That is what Kirstie does for me. Makes me feel more grown up. And heck Rick I am getting there,

I had plenty of shorts down spankings and trips to the naughty chair or up to my room but it was never that many and I think the time for that kind of correction is now over. I hope the young adult I now am would not behave in a why that earned me those. You know I have always respected my dad even when I disagreed with him. I learned to respect other people too not just parents. Growing up I was normally and naturally mischievous and sometimes quite naughty. If caught there was always a price to pay. Anything from a session on the naughty chair to a shorts down spanking if it was serious. We were not and are not paddled at school but that does not we were not, are not are not punished in other ways that prove just as efficient with us. I do not think any of us guys would have benefited or behaved differently if we had been school paddled, I agree discipline should begin at and be dealt with at home. I was very lucky to be able to attend a private school and Mom and dad made many sacrifices to allow me to attend, to pay the fees. If I was not going to make the best use of the resources and take advantage of the opportunities they could send me to another school. But in the state where we live they have not been allowed to paddle kids in public or private schools since before I was born

I have more than a shred of self-respect and I cannot see myself wanting to descend into a quagmire of half empty coke cans and used pizza boxes. Yes, home chores but I guess there will be even more chores to do, even if I live in a dorm. I know it will be up to me to keep myself clean and healthy and that will require a lot of self-discipline. There is no one there to tell me to wash behind my ears or to clean my teeth or to vacuum my room. And no one there to whip my butt if I do not. It is some way off yet, I hope get a roommate who thinks the same way I do. A junior? Or someone I can learn alongside as we pick up things together?

I think it will be quite an adventure living from home with other people my own age. But I know it will be hard work to. So many things to find out about. I have got a year at home and at school to learn how to cope on my own when the only one to discipline me will be me.

I read your message about dealing with being nude in a college room, when one of you or both of you are naked and I feel a lot more confident. You are right. It is no different from me and Ollie seeing each other and even now I do not have a problem with that. We do not set it out that way but if it happens it happens. And even before I started High School showers after games sport or PE were mandatory so seeing other boys naked should be no big deal. I am sure this will be no different. Dad says I will need to work out a code with my roommate for the times I am in there and do not want to be disturbed. But he says I will probably not be allowed to take a girl up to my room anyway. It probably depends on the dorm,

I can remember Mom pulling down my shorts and putting the hairbrush across my bottom but she was far more likely to just tell Dad if I needed that kind of punishment. She was under no more illusion than I was as to what would happen if she did so I suppose she approved. But in a way it was easier for me to take paddle or belt from Dad than from her especially once I go to be a teenager.

The lucky guys are the ones who drop into a career they are good at and enjoy doing. It is funny the way people often end up doing something far different from their childhood dreams. I have two classmates who both tell me they will be the first Jewish president of the USA. I wonder what I will end up doing. I may be a very different person by the time I graduate university. If I do. In some places a degree hooks you into a career path, or if you want to follow a particularly career you need the right degree. But here a degree opens all kinds of doors to you. Our bank manager studied metallurgy! I would love to take the family car out and show off to my friends at 100 miles an hour. But I will not do that. Not now. Probably not ever. I would rather get to my destination than end up in hospital or in court. I do like driving. I do like it when I am able to give girls a lift. They seem to go for boys who have wheels! But I also like to be safe. Maybe once I get more experience...

Anyway, I do not think my dad would whip me but I know he has plenty of other options. It is embarrassing having to tell your friends you are grounded especially when they are relying on you. It is doubly embarrassing because they always want to know why you were grounded and it is usually for something you feel embarrassed enough about already. And if you are grounded it matters not whether you still have your car keys because all permissions are withdrawn. The only thing is that if you had to tell them you was whipped that would be even more embarrassing.

I hope you have a good weekend. Kirstie has told me to expect something special when I finish work on Saturday, I am quite excited about that. I do not know what she has got in mind but I am sure it will be even more exciting than thinking about it. She knows what I like and she knows how to get it.

Bye for now


Posted by R.J. on 2019-08-17 12:52:48

Jamie...no embarrassment required. At your age and with summer break a time to unwind and in your case prepare to begin a HS Senior year, you need that time to be with friends, engage in social activities you enjoy, learn from your summer job and be outdoors and not primarily glued to internet. Sure time fly by quick. You'll feel that even more when you reach my age. You will have added responsibilities now & in the future, but suspect you are prepared for that and will succeed with your new achieved maturity and the wholesome upbringing you've had.

Kirstie and Ollie are good for you and you are good for them I am sure...in different ways obviously...but good for each other. Ollie might seem krazy at times with wild ideas, but bet he sees the same in you. From things you've said in prior messages, you two guys have been through a lot growing up...good times and those naughty times... that all normal guys go through. Kirstie will balance you in a totally different aspect & that is natural and expected too. Just cherish it all now and for the future.

Though school has never been allowed to paddle students in your generation, you've said many times that both your dad and Ollie's dad never hesitated to smack either of your butts when that was deemed justified. Shorts down I'm sure impressed you guys as much, maybe more, than getting a few swats over our jeans/trousers for guys in my generation. Sure there are effective punishment alternatives & I'm sure parents today employ them with you & boys of your generation with the same success rate of adjusting behavior as dads in my generation achieved by tanning our hide. The concept of a naughty chair was effective with me and boys I grew up with & it was I guess employed well with you growing up. It was, along with corner time, a method my mom utilized. Believe me, my naughty chair or stand in the corner saved my boy bottom from some spankings from dad, since mom wouldn't tell him what I did. I had a few of the more serious mischiefs too growing up where the corner or time out in my room was only the preliminary step and when dad got home, I'd get my butt whupped. No doubt, your mom was capable of spanking you as a boy & you're not the only boy who knew the experience of a mom tugging down your briefs & taking a backside of a brush to your bare bottom. Bet there were days too that you hoped that paddling from mom wouldn't be reported to dad when he got home & another from him. Every guy I imagine preferred dad being the one to wallop your bare behind if it had to happen as an adolescent/teen rather than mom.

College life and living in a dorm is an adventure and should be a big part of your added maturity and level of responsibility. What a guy puts into it will achieve what he reaps from it. You'll do well I'm sure. It's probably been years since mom or dad had to give you a bath/shower and tuck you into bed. You'll keep common sense hygiene and chores and manners goings because that is how your parents raised you. I'm sure you clean up, dress nice, talk politely and other good traits if for no other reason than to impress Kirstie. You're a young man now Jamie, not some bratty snot-nose kid, and your self-determination and parental upbringing shows & will continue to grow.

Just study diligently this Senior year and you'll be well prepared to enter college. Keep that doing your best attitude at college and you'll achieve all your dreams. A degree will open many door opportunities and however your career unfolds, it should bring you pleasure & success. As one retired now, I look back on my career and see many good memories. Some day, I'm sure, you'll see the same.

It sure would be embarrassing, at 17, to tell Kirstie or Ollie or any peer that you were grounded. By 17, you should have enough self-discipline traits that dad/mom wouldn't need to think of that option. You would have to do something really dumb acting, like racing that family car at 100 mph to impress friends to provoke dad to haul down your shorts to whip your 17 y/o $%!@. You obviously won't do something like that, but if you did, I imagine you would tell dad, before he ever told you, you deserve a whipping for being that stupid at 17. Whatever Kirstie had planned for your weekend, I hope it was great. Have a good school year & stay in touch when you have time.


Posted by Boy from New York on 2019-11-07 17:01:25

Hi Mr. Rick sir

Last time we spoke I was enjoying my summer and looking towards my Senior year at school. With Halloween behind us and even a Halloween ball I am looking towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. After Christmas we start working towards those all important exams. But with so many other things I want to do things on my plate days are scarcely long enough Sometimes I am up in the early hours sliding out from under that slinky silky sheet and sitting naked on my chair in front of computer. Sitting there is quite liberating and it feels totally different from when you are doing your homework there. School has been busy and they are working us hard but everything else has been busy as well. I just knew I had to write to you to prove I had not fallen under a bus.

Kirstie's Halloween costume was a black and orange witches hat long orange hair long black gown and warts and spiders on her hands and arm. She was scary. (Always is) She wanted to cover me in green slime but I got out of that. It was funny walking to the school all dressed up in fancy dress.

I know Kirsty is good for me in many ways and at many levels. Even my mom and dad think that. They say she makes me behave better and act more like my age. Whatever that means. I think I am good for her too. I know I try to be, to be the very best for her I can be. That matters, and it is not just about what goes on inside my shorts. She keeps me sane, and is the antidote to my best friend Krazy Ollie. He is a dynamite friend but does have some crazy ideas. I like him a lot but it is a different kind of friendship from the way I feel about Kirstie. Ollie and I used to share a little bit of intimate sex play but I think lots of guys do growing up and I think it prepares you better for what happens later. Embarrassing to talk about but no regrets. Ollie is the kind of friend everybody wants. He is good for me, keeps me running and I guess I do the same for him. Good for each other I suppose. Two very good very different friends.

Although school has never been allowed to paddle students in my generation in yours is served a purpose. Our Dads, Ollies and mine know that even today a paddle at home on a boys briefs clad bottom achieves the same purpose. I can remember Ollies Dad telling us to take our shorts off. (you too Jamie) I bet that never happened when you were at school!. Home punishments grow up with us, and Moms spanked us some when we were little. By the time we were 12 or 13 we preferred to have our skivvies down in front of Dad even though he would probably spank us harder. I do not want you to think that the paddle was used that often. By the time we started high school the belt was the hazard to be aware of. A time out on the naughty chair was the usual way of de-escalating a situation but Mom and Dad seem to have appropriate punishments for every situation. No, you do not need to whip a boys bottom to achieve satisfactory results, a change in in attitude, a change in behavior. But like you I can remember those timeouts in my bedroom with my stomach churning waiting for Dad to get home sure of what my fate would be. And sometimes it was and sometimes it was something different. And I will tell you, Mr. Rick. Mom never had to polish the naughty chair. My bottom gave it all the polishing it needed!!

I am both looking forward to and quite scared about going to college next fall. I think what I have been learning at home about looking after myself and what I have learnt at work about taking responsibility for myself will help me a lot. I know that even in a dorm there will be household chores that somebody has to do and that somebody is me. I have been learning to keep my room tidy and operate the laundry. I already know how to shower and wash my hair. I do that at least once a day .and so I will carry on doing that. I do not think I could live on pizza and Coke so I guess there will be some dishes to wash but I have been doing that for years. Keep clean good personal hygiene and teeth brushed. Clean shirt and shorts each day as now and even if I wear distressed jeans I will show more respect than that to my professors, and dress up smart and sharp on my dates. I think know why these principles come naturally to me. Something to do with the way I was raised and partly to impress I suppose it is mainly to impress Kirstie and show I am young man with values and standards and worth her taking the time over. I hope principles and manners will stay with me as I grow and mature. That is what Kirstie expects from me and so what I hope for myself. I hope those lessons and traits my parents have spent years trying to teach me will be enough to see me through. I am not that bratty snot nosed kid any more and I hope my increasing maturity will begin to show that.

Many high achievers believe that anyone can do anything they want to if they work diligently. Unfortunately that is not the case. However hard you work if you do not have the ability you not realize your dreams. I know that a lot more goes into a college application than just your academic record and charitable or volunteer work go down well as dors taking on responsibility as I do on the school council and having had a job earning proper wages also helps. I am not telling you where I am applying but somewhere that is not too near home nor too far. I do not want to go more than 250 miles or less but that still gives me plenty of choices.

You know me. I work hard and if I hitch my dreams to the stars who knows how far I can go? I hope that by the time I am your age I will have memories like yours to look back on. I guess it is up to me to grab opportunities that come my way as iI grow older. I think growing older will open more doors and give me a chance to find something I really want to do which will make a difference. Perhaps I should be President!

I hope I have enough common Sense and self-discipline not to do things that get me into trouble, get me punished but I am still 17. It would be embarrassing to have to tell Kirstie or Ollie or anyone that I was grounded or worse still spanked. But if I pressed all the right buttons I guess it could happen. No no I am not going to do anything stupid with the car. Having it on occasions is a treat that I do not want to lose. Mom and Dad accept that I am a licensed driver but that does not them from saying I am a menace on the road. I guess they are just worried for me.. So keep my nose clean, keep out of trouble and things will stay good.

I hope it never happens again but I remember how much that leather belt hurt my bottom so I am not anxious to provoke Dad a stage where he thinks the right solution is have my shorts down for a bare bottom whipping. I will do what it takes to avoid that. Even be good!

Any time with Kirsty is good time. Things happen that you cannot imagine both inside and out and she makes me feel, feel different, special and I know I am. Add she is too. In those special times we do not need to do anything or say anything. Just being there is enough. Perhaps that is the time when we are closest. Forget about the physical. For us this where it is really happens

Thank you for your good wishes i hope things are going well for you

That is all for now and in any case I need to get ready for school..

All the best