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Parenting and Spanking

I was hardly ever spanked

Posted by bob76 on 2018-10-24 12:51:28

Young people do have a tendency to take stupid risks and do things that they regret later. I don't think I got razzed much for the speeding tickets I got on my way to my sister's wedding, although my father might have mentioned the fact that he'd never gotten a speeding ticket.

I remember many years ago when my siblings and I were visiting our grandparents we discussed a case we'd heard about where a driver was given a ticket for driving 56 mph in a 55 zone. My brothers and I thought that was outrageous, but according to my grandfather even one mile per hour over the limit was too much and the driver who was speeding deserved to get a ticket. This was a few years before my sister's wedding and I hadn't gotten any tickets yet. Maybe I should have listened to him?

Posted by flash gordon on 2018-10-25 01:11:51


Haha man, now you sound like a guy who spent half his adult life in prison and laments that he didn't listen to the people who tried to keep him out of trouble when he was younger..:)

Your family sounds pretty strict. You must be the black sheep...:) The funny thing is, I had a somewhat similar conversation with my grandfather. I was riding in the car with him and he was driving really slowly, and I asked him why and he said that he had to follow the law. He was actually going well under the speed limit, IIRC. Mom used to scorn his driving, saying that with him driving, it was better to get out and push.

I like fast driving, and don't intend to slow down just to avoid the possibility of a ticket on occasion. You shouldn't either!

We seem to have a lot of uncanny similarities. Both the oldest of 5 kids, consisting of 4 boys and a girl as the youngest. Both habitual speeders. Both had grandfathers who had a strict interpretation of the law. Neither punished physically. And I think we're right around the same age (I'm 56). It would be cool if we were able to meet each other.

Posted by bob76 on 2018-10-26 00:47:48


I took risks, like driving without a license, but I got lucky and wasn't caught. If I went back and lived my life again, knowing what I know now, there are some things I'd do differently, like going to driving school instead of driving by myself with just a learner's permit. On the whole, though, I took fewer risks and was more law abiding than some other guys I knew, especially in college and the few years after I graduated, when I worked for the university.


Posted by flash gordon on 2018-10-26 01:08:42


The same is true of me too. I think I took fewer risks and was more law abiding than a lot of the guys my age. I think there's a spectrum and I was somewhere in the middle. I kind of enjoyed doing things I knew I shouldn't do, as long as it wasn't really bad and the risk of injury/jail etc. was low. I was not afraid of getting into minor trouble, as some people are. But I had a pretty low threshold of what I was actually willing to do, because I didn't want anybody to get hurt or to get into serious trouble.

The reality is that even "good kids" like us mess up sometimes, and even the kid who is good on the surface often has an underlying desire to be bad sometimes. It's like the line in "The Breakfast Club" when Bender (Judd Nelson) says to Claire (Molly Ringwald) - "See, it feels good to be bad." I can really relate to that line.