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Parenting and Spanking

New York Boy

Posted by Boy from New York on 2019-03-10 14:26:15

Hi Mr. Rick, sir,

Yes it has been a long time. I am glad you still want to talk with me. Things have been busy but not that busy. I sent a long message to JBs discussion forum and much of it is to you as much as to him and I will not repeat it here.

I am making good progress at school but they are making us work really hard. Now I do not mind hard work and I take pride in doing my best and being the best. That is what motivates me, at least one of the things that motivate me. I am thinking about University and wondering which ones to apply to.

It comes as quite a shock to find out that your dad knows everything. Maybe not everything but everything you are likely to do or say or try. Probably because he did exactly the same. And somehow he knows which things can be dealt with by talking, which things need a look or stern words and which ones you need punishment for. And whatever you say, whoever you are if you are going to be a parent sometimes you're going to have to punish your kids.

I have said it many times how lucky I am to have a dad as wise and caring as mine. Even when he punishes me it is only because he cares. It does not always feel like that when he is laying leather on my bottom but I know there is lots of love there and that he did not enjoy it any more than I do. Lucky to have that kind of role model to guide me through my growing years and teach me how to be that man I want to be, and that husband and dad I hope I will one day be. I could not have a better teacher.

My parents know that I am going through a transition stage, with all kinds of changes in me and around me. I do not know what attitude is but dad says I have it and I have been upstairs more than once to be punished for it. Being a teenager does not give you an excuse to get mouthy- quite the reverse. By then you should have learned to control that mouth. And being a teenager does not mean manners are no longer important. Structures and routines may seem restrictive but they do provide stability and safety. It is funny how your attitude changes as you go through teen years. I know I am the same person I was when I was 10 but I sure have some different outlooks and perspectives and I think teenage attitude is now part of my past.

There are times a boy deserves a speaking which he may or may not get. Sometimes he needs that spanking. It needs to happen. Most boys benefit from the occasional spanking and from knowing that another one is waiting them if they transgress it again. We did not feel that there was anything unfair or unreasonable in spanking and I cannot think of an occasion when it was anything other than just what we deserved. We know naughty boys get punished but it was so much fun being naughty that that did not deter us. Later we wised up and found we could have more fun being good. That was something we were very pleased to find out about. All boys find it out sooner or later. It is a part of growing up. I think we all know that experience of gingerly tugging our shorts up over a freshly spanked and tender bottom.

Sometimes you cry because your bottom is hurting, you cry because you are feeling sorry for yourself. Sometimes you cry because that you are sorry in yourself- sorry for what you have done and sorry for those you have hurt. (Dad) There is nothing wrong with crying and it may even help wash away some of your guilt feelings (if you have any) and release the pressure you feel inside. You sort of know it is ok if it is just you and Dad. That did not stop me from struggling not to cry. With Ollie it was different because he knew everything about me. But I would never cry if there were other guys there. It is just something you do not do.

Although tears were not a necessary part of the punishment dad, Ollies dad and mine could and did sometimes bring us to tears especially when we were younger boys. Ollie and I had cried in front of each other since we were small. And because of the way things were between us we were not ashamed to cry in front of each other even when we were younger teenagers. But as I said we would never cry in front of our other friends. Even if you cried at home you were not going to admit it to anyone at school. Now THAT would be humiliating. . Somehow we are always curious to see the spank marks on the bottom of a classmate. There is not much he could do about it. Even if he is not pantsed we will see him in the locker room and showers. Ollie and I always check each other out if either one of us or both of us are spanked. We are not shy with each other even when naked. With other guys we might keep quiet but they usually find out if you have been whipped and for why. I think more boys are spanked or whipped than own up to it. Of course now we are that bit older whipping is something we do not have to worry about but they said if my dad told me to drop my pants and bend over I do not think I would have a lot of choice even at my age. I had my share of turning up at school with marks on my bottom and having to live down the jeers of my classmates when they saw them.

Sometimes I was spanked with my pants and shorts hovering around my ankles. But even on those occasions I was allowed to keep my briefs I might just as well have been naked because they offer little solace. I sometimes resented my dad spanking me as he was doing it but when I stopped to think about it I knew he always had what you would you call a damn good reason for doing so. I have had plenty of spanking to choose from but I am sure the worse with the time dad beat the hell out of me for smoking marijuana. I was scared he was going to wear me out and he made sure I would never go that way again. I have talked about that with you about that before. I do not like to talk about it anymore, so please do not press me on that one. But I know what is the one I will never forget.

I am still enjoying driving and with every journey my confidence and my driving skills improve. I glowed with pride the first time I picked up Kirstie but I am not sure that it was a very comfortable ride. Dad is teaching me some road skills that you do not find out about when you are learning to drive, and also some workshop skills so I can help to maintain the car, carry out the checks and make sure it is in safe working order.

You can find out more about my life as a junior and on the school council in my post to JB. But it is now time to get ready for church. I have to pick up Kirstie and I have not got the car today. I was lucky dad did not take my keys off me after the lecture to end all lectures and confinement in my room. I do try to behave butt one part of me is still that mischievous boy I have always been and one part of me I suppose is still downright naughty!

A long gap since my last post and so now a long letter.

Take care and have a great week. Please post when you have the time.

All the best