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Parenting and Spanking

New York Boy

Posted by R.J. on 2018-11-13 19:49:25

You are correct Jamie that technology is wonderful when it works. Have had trouble several days with this site to accept a reply message. I guess for you & your generation all the technology is natural; my generation was the pencil, pen & eraser. We thought the electric typewriter was new technology. We used paper for our school assignments and communication. This is wonderful though.

I can make no excuse for my mouth & behavior at 16. You being 16, maybe can understand. It happens with even good boys & their attitude. Totally out of character for me to F-bomb my dad. Challenged him even more when I saw him carry in the paddle to my room. Can't say it was my worst, but dad gave my bare hide a damn good whipping with his belt that I deserved. There are alternatives to spanking a kid, but dad did what I now know I would've done as a dad with arrogant son.

I laid bare butt face down on my bed often after a spanking but this that was my only rollover face down butt tanning bare. In a way similar to when I was young and dad laid me flat across his lap, pulled my underwear down and smacked bare bottom. It was humbling to be 16 & earn a whipping that seemed like a kid spanking.

Would you & Ollie had preferred it private in a bedroom when told to drop jeans & shorts & get it or no big difference in living room over arm of couch or other more public place? Were you ever spanked on underpants/bare in a public bathroom or a public setting or get it that way in front of someone other than Ollie?

Mom never spanked me, but the naughty chair & corner was used & if I really had disobeyed or disrespected her & dad was told, he warmed up my young bottom that evening. So I never knew if mom would be good as a spanker, just like you & Ollie never found out what a school paddling would be like.

The open relationship & communication was wonderful in our home. Always respected my parents and taught well in so many ways and not out of fear of punishment. If I got it from my dad it was because I pushed the line & earned it. He never punished in fit of anger. Always confined smacks to my bottom & never across my face as I saw a few friends get it and once over never thrown up again & felt forgiven. To answer your question, yes, I still think every natural boy is naughty enough at times to need his bottom spanked. You & Ollie can think about it & tell me if you think either of your dads whupped a butt & you hadn't maybe earned it. From what you have said in your messages, you don't sound like 16 y/o boys who were physically or emotionally harmed because a dad took down your shorts and tanned your hide. Far from his role as disciplinarian, my dad was a best friend & model for me to follow both growing up & as a young adult until he died when I was 27. We had great times together as 2 guys & as a family & yet dad maintained his dad-status even in relaxed moments.

Enjoy that driving & just be careful and stay smart and don't hurt yourself or others with any carelessness. A car isn't a toy. I think I could've said too it was like my 'limo' to have that independence to drive places myself. I think I understand fully how you likely felt picking up Kirstie as the driver. You're a young man now Jamie & not a kid. Keep that perspective in mind at all times. As a boy gets older, consequences for a foolish moment can result in worse things than those memories of a dad & your butt.

Enjoy always hearing from you.


Posted by Boy from New York on 2019-01-19 19:02:04

Hello Mr. Rick, sir

It is such a long time since we have posted. You might have wondered where I was or if I was ever going to write again. But here I am again. It is not that easy to get rid of me. All over the time running up to Christmas and even till now things have been hectic and even finding 5 minutes has been a struggle. But now I think I have most of the day to myself again, but it does mean I have time to do my own thing rather than the usual do this Jamie do that Jamie or the more ominous JAMES MCCALLISTER!!

This time I cannot blame my tardiness on the failure of technology. As a boy I learnt never to try the same excuse twice. You might be lucky the first time but I think my dad new every trick in the book. You know he had been here and done that. Even when he could see through my implausible excuses I think he sometimes let me get away with things. It is a great dad who knows when to be er, er flexible and when to put his foot down, when to admonish with words and when you need to be punished. A wise Dad knows the difference.

Is hard to imagine a time when you had to rely on a pen pencil and eraser for everything. These days most of our teachers expect assignments to be processed and many require them to be submitted electronically. That does not mean they are not discussed in class. It just makes things easier for teachers. But technology is always moving on and what seems cutting-edge today will probably seem old fashioned by the time I have children of my own and they will wonder how we managed without, without... Who knows what will happen end where we will be. Even today everything has a remote control or can be controlled by Alexa. That is the latest arrival in our house. Technology? Yes yes yes.

I do not know why or how but at a certain age we develop what our dads call attitude. As you say it happens to all of us even good boys. Your mouth and your behavior seem to be uncontrollable but you know that is no excuse for your words and actions. I do not think my dad would have done a lot different if I had done what you did. For sure my little boy bottom felt the paddle and belt plenty of times but maybe that was the best way to deal with an arrogant boy. I may be 16 and through that stage. But if I get mouthy and act like a 12-year-old I know there is plenty of leather left in that belt and I am sure that dad's tennis arm can still whop mighty hard. You learn discipline from your dad. I wonder if I would spank my son or use some more modern alternative. Spanking gets such a bad press this days and it is not always the answer. Not for every boy. Some people still think that the way to solve all problems start at the bottom, on the bottom. (swish swish swish ouch ouch yeeow!!!) Did your dad ever take that approach?

Quite often the best way to nurse a recently spanked bottom is to lie face down on your bed without bothering to pull up your pants and shorts over a throbbing bottom. At 16 it is humbling to get any kind of whipping, but being whipped like a kid just make it worse. How old were you when you learned not to cry when you were spanked? You know your dad will always do the best for you but if you talk the talk you have to walk the walk and for me that walk often up to my bedroom. Crikey, no fun being 12. Again!

Ollie and I were not given the choice of where we would prefer to be spanked. It would not make much difference to us where we were. It would depend on who else was there. I have never had a bare bottom spanking in public. I was once spanked in a mall but my pants and underwear did not come down until we got home. It was still probably the most embarrassing experience of my entire life! Some of my friends saw me spanked naked when dad called me out from the neighbors swimming pool and pulled down my trunks. Ollie and I are used to seeing each other spanked, even bare bottom, and we have played spanking games in the nude so I guess we do not care where we were when we was beat so long as the wrong people were not there. Imagine a girl seeing your rosy red bottom while you are doing corner time with your shorts down. Yes, imagining, but did anything like that ever happen to you?

A mom can spank you good but I think boys really need it from their dad especially when he gets a bit older. Yeah we had the naughty chair and the corner too, but sometimes mom got out that little sandal that she kept for just one reason, pulled me over her that and tugged down my shorts and underwear. That gave plenty of sting to a boys soft bottom. I am sure the school paddle hurt good and I would think a paddling was quite an event that engendered a lot of interest. Were you ever persuaded to pull down your shorts in the boys locker room for an inspection? The nearest we got to that is seeing a marked bottom when we showered naked after PE when a boy had been beaten at home. It is a long time since that happened. I do not think that many boys are beaten at home any mote

Open relationships and open communications make happy families. There is give-and-take but also some lines that you do not cross. In a happy family you feel secure and safe and know that by the time dad punishes you you probably deserve it several times over. Dad is going to do all he can to avoid having to spank you. Do you really think that's all boys, good boys like Ollie and me are really naughty enough at times to need our bottom spanked? Ollies dad thought we were. My Dad thought we were. We were whipped sometimes and I guess most of the time we deserved it and if we did not we put it down to experience and remembered some of the things we had not been spanked for. Those shorts down spankings we got have not damaged us emotionally or physically. Like you said your dad is your best friend, your best ally and your best role model. It is fun to do things with your dad, and sometimes dad is like a little kid. But he always maintained his dad authority and dad status` with us, a man I loved, love and respect. The man I would most like to be. My hero. I think when you get to be 16, nearly 17 you begin to see a better side of your dad, I side you never knew he had

I have been driving the car whenever I can and I think I am a much better driver already. My dad has been helping me with that by taking me in heavy traffic and on faster roads. He said you never stop learning and you need to stay smart and think about driving and keeping safe. I am not going to do anything stupid. Being able to drive at all and having some access to a car is enough to impress my friends even if they do sometimes think I am a taxi service. Golly, I was so proud and so nervous parking my limo outside Kirsty's house. Well, it is not actually a limo, and for that matter is not actually mine either but it felt like it was. I felt so grown up being able to pick Kirsty up and be the driver. Yeah, always remember I am a young man now more than a kid and that there are different expectations, different perspectives different choices and different consequences that could be much more serious than facing dad and his belt.

I love talking with you and hope to hear from you soon.

Goodbye for now


Posted by R.J. on 2019-01-27 18:45:08

Jamie, it has been a long time and is good hearing again from you. Wouldn't try to get rid of you. Figured time might have been hectic leading to Christmas and know some schools close the Fall semester before Christmas break & that you might be studying for final exams.

Yes, us dads have been there & done that, so are aware of many of those trick excuses. Does sound as if you have a wise and good dad & in that you are a very lucky young man. Dads sometimes do allow sons to get away with a few things. It is never a pleasure to come down hard with a lecture or punishment with your kids. One of the first times I've heard you say "when I have children of my own" and that was novel to hear you say. Bet you will be a great dad some day. You apparently have a good dad as a role model now.

Yes, likely all guys go through that 'attitude' phase & probably natural as they try to transition from boy to young man. Not a valid excuse for being mouthy & sometimes a simple 'look' or warning is sufficient...sometimes it is necessary to take correction to the son's young butt. Not pleasant for either dad or son, but might be necessary as you want that young guy you love to mature correctly. Not always the answer but probably a good option to keep on the table. Yes, having been raised by a dad who tanned your rear-end from time-to-time, you'll likely spank your kids on those few occasions too because you'll love them & care about their future as much as your dad cared about you & your brother. My dad probably spanked less than he and brothers got as boys and I figure I spanked even fewer than I got. A traditional butt busting has seldom harmed a boy & gave him something to 'feel' and think about as he tugged his shorts up over a now tender bottom.

It was a bit humbling at 16 to hike down my boxers to get my bare $%!@ whipped but in truth I had it coming. I sobbed a little into my pillow than evening even at 16, not as a result of tender bottom only, but I had hurt & let down my dad & let myself down too. When just dad & I in room, there was no embarrassment in crying. I would've bit my lip & held back crying if any buddies were present or over those teenage paddlings I got at school. Would your dad bring you to tears still as a teen when he whipped or paddled your bare butt? Maybe you & Ollie might've cried in front of each other since almost like brothers, but you or him cry in front of other peer friends?

No girls present or hanging around after either paddle spanking I got at school. I know a few were in audience at the HS scuffle that got both of us taken to VP's office & I guess word might've spread later I got my butt paddled. Had no sister at home to see or overhear dad whup my backside. Had friends who said it was embarrassing to know a sister heard them getting spanked. There were guys in class who had a gf in the class when taken to the hall for swats & that would be embarrassing too.

It wasn't uncommon among best friends to do a butt mark inspection in the boy's 'john' as well as in locker room after one of us got school paddled. We would see too some marks in pe shower that said he got butt walloped likely from his dad the evening before, but most often those dad whuppins would've disappeared by next day but didn't prevent a guy sharing with a good buddy that his dad had tanned his hide the night before & for what he got it. You & Ollie likely inspected each other after a lickin you got, but were you willing to have other guys/friends know your dad had walloped your hide & for what reason? Your rear-end ever still sporting marks the next day in pe shower from a tanning your dad gave you?

I always appreciated those open lines of communication with both of my parents. I really took it hard & missed my dad & our communication when the heart attack took him when I was just 27. I likely deserved every butt tanning I got & probably a few more that behavior was never detected. If dad ever spanked me for something I was not guilty of, just chalked it up, as you said, to one I should've gotten but didn't. My dad advocated bare for a 'real' spanking, but even a few hand smacks or paddle over briefs, might as well have been bare since they still hurt like hell. I always saw the good side of my dad, but better still as I got older, even when he chewed me out or grounded me or told me "get'em down & bend over" because I knew he cared and loved me & was punishing me for a damn good reason. Did you ever resent your dad or think he went way overboard when spanking you? Was there that 1 or 2 butt spankings you got that you judged your worse & likely never forgot?

I remember being 16 too and a new driver. It was my folk's car too since I got my own only when already in college. Does feel like a 'limo' and yes, a good feeling to pick up your date & be the driver. Bet your dad has instilled good driving skills in you. It is another reason you are a lucky guy...listen to him always. Didn't say anything in your message about how junior year is going & what being on student council has been like for you. Anything on those topics to share?

Stay in touch as your schedule permits.


Posted by Boy from New York on 2019-03-02 15:24:21

Mr Rick, sir

Still here with a message to follow

Jamie M in New York

Posted by R.J. on 2019-03-06 12:18:37

Great Jamie. Look forward to hearing from you when time permits.