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Parenting and Spanking

New York Boy

Posted by Boy from New York on 2018-06-01 16:20:57

Hey Mr. Rick

I hope you saw the message I recently sent to you on another site.

A man has dreams of walking with giants to carve his niche in the edifice of time is a lyric from Mary Poppins. And I suppose everybody wants to leave his mark and know his life made a difference that he is leaving the world a better place than he found it, a better place for his kids and grandkids. That is a challenge for every generation. I am sure that there will be plenty for Ollie and me and all the others to deal with that. I only hope I will be big enough, man enough and mature enough to tackle that task. As a Boy Scout I promised to do my best. If I can do that then maybe the next generation will do it even better!

We left school early so we could protest about guns. Every week this is another massacre and we think we are entitled to feel safe at school. Fundamentally I think if there were fewer guns there would be less gun crime although I do take the point that if there were fewer guns it might only be the bad guys who had them. However I cannot see did anyone's constitutional rights are compromised by requiring guns to be registered, if kept at home to be in a locked gun cabinet/safe, for ammunition to be more strictly controlled and more rigorous checks or just who is buying guns. I cannot understand why the president repealed a law that limited the ability of the mentally ill to buy firearms. I think perhaps we need to look again at the Second Amendment, and remember why it was included in a bill of rights. Circumstances change and constitutions do need to evolve. Gun ownership maybe ok but why is it that anyone has or needs access to high power military grade firearms. You can get a damn good rifle for hunting without purchasing a Kalashnikov! The students at my school feel quite strongly about this and as next term I will be on the student council it is something I have to take strongly.

My air rifle/ pellet gun is not a toy. Dad taught me to use it safely respect it and look after it. Even then I was not allowed to use it unsupervised until this year. I got a little bit more than a reprimand for taking out to show to a friend. Dad skinned my hide and Ollie's when he caught us shooting at empty drinks cans on the wall in our backyard. We had not asked for permission because we knew what the answer would be and we thought we had the afternoon to ourselves. Isn't there something about the best laid plans of mice and men? I did not do that again.

You are sure I was and likely still am a good boy? I do not think so Mr. Rick. I do have a good boy reputation, I do not know why, and compared to some of the kids in our neighborhood maybe I am well behaved. I do not get punished much, just about the right amount. But if you knew half the stuff I have not been punished for... perhaps compared to the boys you have spent your career working with perhaps I am a goody goody boy, but I do not think my dad would tell you that nor would my teachers. They say I am too high spirited, too frisky and need to settle down. They call it growing up taking responsibility and showing some maturity. I call it learning to control my mouth, not having quite so many good ideas and learning you do not have to be naughty to be cool.

As friends we do not go looking for trouble. When 3 or 4 of us get together it seems to have a way of finding us. If one guy doesn't have some crazy idea you can be sure one of the others will. We love taking risks. It makes any activity more exciting. And the more risky it is the more exciting it is. It is amazing how often we escape being caught. But there is always a price to pay when we are. With friends like yours like mine who needs siblings to get into trouble with?

As recently as last term I was called out in class told to stand and was reprimanded in front of everyone. At least that was extent of my punishment that time. When I was told to remain after class was dismissed it was less embarrassing but it earned me a demerit.

If i had been in school back in your days, I am sure I would have had to face a paddling from a teacher or principal. I imagine it would be with a similar reaction to when my dad or Ollie's dad spanked/paddled me. Except a dad will likely have my pants and maybe my shorts hovering around my knees or dropped to the floor.

I think mom and dad were disappointed to find I had that stuff. I was not brought up that way and they felt they had failed somewhere. Not like me. not the good boy everyone thought I was. Of course it hurt them. I could see it in their eyes. Maybe it hurt dad to whip my hide but he did not hold back. He wanted to make sure I would not want to do it again. It was for my benefit not his. Awesome Dad.

Yes when I discovered they had found my carefully hidden stash I realized I was probably in the biggest trouble I had ever been in, and it would be bad or worse. I do not like getting the belt. Who does? I am not usually scared about how hard Dad will punish me. But I was this time. Deep s**t scared! With the evidence there there was no way out, although for a few futile minutes I did try. Then I realized it was all over. I could cry or man up and grit my teeth. I did not want to cry. Not at my age. I had heard dad side of the story and there was no other side. Up in my room I knew I would have to pull down my pants and shorts and take whatever Dad thought I needed. Manning up did not help me much. I still cried and screamed. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. I was mad at myself. And I was mad at mom for finding my stash although it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I was mad at Dad too. I thought he had over punished me but he was right and I was wrong. Thinking about it afterwards I could see it was the right thing to do and the best way to punish me. So far I have been strong enough to say no. Or maybe too scared to say yes. And I do not want to break the promise I made. Dad trusts me and expects me to tell him the truth. I do not want to jeopardize that. I do not want to discuss my once only brush with marijuana or the punishment I was given any more. The subject is closed.

Even those of us who get on with our dads sometimes moan about them when talking with friends. But my friend really like my dad and cannot think how I could have any complaints. I guess he treats them like adults rather than the way he treats me. After all he is not their father. They are not his sons.

. The grass is always greener on the other side and sometimes it was easier to get on with a friend's dad probably because there is no emotional baggage no hidden messages and no reference to other things happening in my life. Even Ollie's Dad who knows everything there is about me to know is easy going, at least when I behave. Mr. Rick sir, I may not have been a goody goody boy but I did know how to behave. It is just that sometimes I am not very good at it. I like to hear my friends say how much they like my mom and my dad but it sometimes sounds as though they were talking about different people. I guess I know them and see them in a different way.

Yes Ollie and I were and are close. We were in and out of each other's houses all the time. Two boys similar in age up to the same mischief. I do not know if he asked my dad before spanking me the first time. We were in the garage and after giving Ollie a bare bottom spanking he said to me now your turn Jamie. What could I do? And it became the norm for the two of us to be spanked together. I was even spanked by Ollies Dad when Ollie was not spanked. Did not seem strange to us. Just the way it was.

If he told me to turn around and drop my pants it was as much a demand, an order as if it has come from my own dad and I knew my dad did not have a problem about the two of us being punished together even if it did mean I got bare bottom spankings away from home. And I did.

I do not know whether the paddle or belt is the only or even the best way to punish boys. I know it got through to me and do generations of others. But I think it is a case of horses for courses. I think a variety of possible punishments different ones for different boys or different crimes or different times will probably achieve the best results. Would I spank in adolescent or teenage son? I do not know. I would not be happy but nor would I want my son to be the only boy in school whose parents has not consented. So I would probably sign the form allowing my son to be paddle spanked on the seat of his pants or jeans if he did something moderate/seriously wrong at school. That said I have never been paddled at school or needed to be. I am no wilder and no naughtier than boys like you were and you were spanked. So again I do not know. Even though my generation sets the future it does not mean we have all the answers.

Dad never gave me another licking if mom had already spanked me over the kitchen table. But once or twice he did tell me it was lucky for me that mom had spanked me. Once I was punished I was punished. When I was very small mom used to take me over her knee and spank me with her hand. By the time I was big enough to go over the kitchen table she used a little paddle which she kept in a drawer for just one purpose. But most of the spankings are and were devolved to Dad. Mom thought boys needed discipline from their dad. And I think she was right about that. It is funny how much we enjoy spanking each other, play spanking of course. Whether it is brother or friend it is fun taking your clothes off in front of each other and, well you can do whatever you are comfortable with, which will probably change over time but it always ends up with messy sticky boy heaven for both of you. But it was funny spanking your best buddy and funny, when he spanked you. In any case when Ollie spanked me I was always naked. I wonder why?

I wonder if I will have to join a fraternity and go through that kind of initiation when I get to college. I do not think I would like to have to change into plain white briefs so a pledge master could spank me. I hope that is not the only option. Did you have to join a fraternity? I think it is a very American thing. When dad went to university one wing of the dorm was designated a fraternity house and even had its own separate entrance. If you decided to pledge you lived in that house. It was cheaper but they had their own rules.

I never felt forced in religion by my parents. Parents introduced church when I was still young and it seemed like part of my life. But at 14 I started to doubt. I lost myself and asked myself if this really was the right path. It was not just faith either. I had other doubts, doubts about all kinds of things, thing is I had always believed, taken on trust. It may be a teen transition, a sign that I am growing to maturity. And having challenged everything reached a conclusion. And now I have to make a choice and pray it is the right one. At 16, I obviously see things differently from how I did when I was 6 or 10 or early teens. Different viewpoint, different perspective but perhaps if I keep an open mind God will become real to me, and call me to join his team.

A busy summer ahead although exams are more or less done. I hope to get plenty of driving practice. Every opportunity I get I put mom in the passenger seat beside me and then I drive. I am a lot better than I was, but glad we started practice on an empty lot. Maneuvering and turning is easy until you have to cope with the traffic as well. I hope to take my road test in September or October. So you had better be careful if you are driving in New York after then. Ha ha ha lol. Summer fun can mean all kinds of things, and my job on the beach is selling burgers and ice cream. Nothing glamorous. I would love to get all that attention the lifeguards get, but not sure that Kirsty would be too pleased. So maybe it is better that there is no temptation there. I do not want to lose Kirsty. I like her too much for that, and I hope that this summer we can get to know each other a lot better. She has told me she is going to give me kissing lessons which should be fun. I hope there will be lots of opportunities for practice.

I am a bit of a fan of reggae music and I just heard a really old song called under the boardwalk. Well, Mr. Rick you can probably guess what we will do when we go down to Coney Island this weekend! But you can be sure we will not do anything, anything much that we would not do if our parents were there. No fun? Are you kidding? A 16 year old boy in a 15 year old girl. What more do you want?

I am ambitious enough to want the best of everything and I know the only to do that is to be the best in everything and do my best in everything.

Have a great weekend and message me when you have the time.


Posted by R.J. on 2018-06-07 16:13:23

Hi Jamie and thanks for letting me know there is another message too. I'll get to it and respond maybe this weekend or soon.

You will make your 'mark,' I'm confident in that and your generation will certainly have enough to deal with. In some things, I think our world is crazier than when I was your age. I agree with your position on fire arms. It is an issue that needs to be addressed. I'm proud that your generation/classmates are protesting to bring attention to this very important matter. Congratulation on achieving student council position.

I admire your dad's position on that air rifle and you using it under supervision. That is responsible parenting. Was that recently that you & Ollie were caught target shooting cans and punished? Apparently if it took a skinning of two boys' rear-ends, I suspect you guys had been previously warned & needed that intense a lesson. Good that you both apparently learned from it.

I might perceive you as a good boy, just as I perceived myself when growing up & at your age. Boys by nature are into mischief and 'frisky' as you say. That doesn't make a boy a bad boy and such boys with good parental guidance grow out of that stage and become wholesome men. My dad warned me often about my mouth & behavior and I learned from it. Sometimes it took a few swats on my backside to get the message to soak in, but no boy I knew growing up, and we all had apparently good dads, went without a butt busting spanking on occasion. I too got away with more than I ever was caught at. Apparently part of boys growing up as risk takers. I've always thought it best to reprimand/punish privately...my dad's theory. Maybe you needed that call out and class reprimand...maybe you failed to heed an earlier warning? Probably in my school days, you would've gotten a detention rather than demerit & yes, if repeated stunt, a few swats on your bottom in the hall, after class or in the office.

Jamie, I admire your words on that unfortunate issue that mom found stashed & dad rightly punished. It's past and left there. You manned-up & proved you can be a trusted young man. Keep that pledge to yourself. No more discussion on it.

I remember the good feeling inside too when a friend spoke favorably about my folks or said how much they liked and comfortable being at our house. I had similar sense with the parents of my closest friends. My dad never ask other parents to correct my behavior, but rather send me home to him. He never went beyond a verbal reprimand & sending a friend home either for misdeeds. Maybe best way he thought to handle it. I do remember there was no hesitation when Junior High handbook requested a signed consent or waiver to punish & dad consented...maybe he thought too I was that extra good boy & consent would never be executed. Time proved that wrong!!

Despite all I might have said in messages, my dad was never a brute or looking for a reason to tan my hide. It was often after many warnings that I probably pushed dad to the limits and he busted my bare butt. Those I remember and have recalled in these messages stand out most. There were obviously other punishments too. As a teen, the weekend groundings on occasion were long/rough periods. A privilege or single event I looked forward too withheld worked too. Dad telling me verbally how I had disappointed him, cut me deep. Might sound weird to you, but actually there were times I knew I deserved my $%!@ whipped & received other punishment but wished dad would've bent me across the bed or chair and had it over.

I wasn't forced to join a fraternity by parents or peers. Didn't my freshman year as I felt I needed more time to just adjust to college life and living on my own away from home & parents. At freshman orientation we were told to look right, then look left, since 1 in 3 freshmen would flunk out. For damn sure I didn't want to be that (1). I did later pledge later a service rather than social fraternity with no hazing involved. It is a teen transition matter Jamie with regards to religious faith. Just stay open minded.

Have that great summer break in whatever develops. You stay in touch too as time allows and I'll respond as I can.


Posted by Boy from New York on 2018-06-26 13:55:10

Hi Rick

A man has dreams but so do boys. You may not achieve everything but that is not a reason not to try not to aim high. I will make my mark and if I can leave the world a little better than I found it I think I would die a happy man. Die? Not of a long time yet I hope. I have barely started. Places to go, things to see, people to meet and things to do. You too. I hope your new volunteer program, is working out well for you. What are you doing?

I found two long messages from you on two threads. I am going to try and combine them into one message so it may be long. Make yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of water before you go any further.

We feel very passionately and strongly about the need for controls on firearms. I do not believe that if there were more firearms there would be less gun crime. I could go on. The Principal was not very pleased that we marched but we thought it was important.

Dad likes us to use the air rifle, but under supervision. He says if we really want to shoot we should go to a gun club. It was two summers ago that we were caught shooting at empty drinks cans. We were 14, and definitely not too old to be spanked. Dad punished both of us the same. That is responsible parenting. We had not been specially warned about we knew we were not allowed to even touch the gun

It took the skinning of two boys' rear-ends, and I guess we needed that intense kind of punishment. Apparently we learned something from it.

I am quite surprised that I was elected to the student council for next year. It is mostly seniors. I did not know that Ollie had nominated me (as a laugh) Dad and Mom were pleased. I will take the job seriously and do my best for the student body. I think this kind of responsibility will be good for me and be helpful on my college applications. I need SOMETHING good to say!

I think that underneath all that bravado I am more good than bad. Of course I am sometimes mischievous, a bit frisky perhaps, but with good parental guidance less than I used to be. Perhaps it is growing up, out of that stage.

My dad warned me about my mouth and behavior. Sometimes that was enough. Sometimes it took a few swats on my backside to get the message to soak in. But like others I always got away with far more that I was ever punished for. Funny thing I have learned and grown from things I have got away with, grown out of them without being punished, Makes you think, makes you wonder.

Mom sometimes spanked as kids but a time out in the hall or up in your bedroom was more common. Increasingly as we got older she would leave it to dad to deal with us. What 13 year old wants to have his pants and underwear down in from of his mother? The only time she saw/sees me naked is if she comes in to my room when I was/am on the computer up in my room.

I have never been put in the corner at home. Once or twice I was told to stand or kneel facing the wall. The chair is still in the hall and that did instead of a corner.

Growing up the paddle is what I remember and it continued to hurt. That was the one I recall being scared of. It hurt that much. The belt hurt more and I hate/hated getting it. But I was a little older and so did not dread it in the same way. I was never exactly afraid of it. But I am glad that is more or less behind me now.

It was not the first or only call out and class reprimand I ever had. There was always the sharp look and the quiet warning before the James McCallister. Stand up. Demerits could lead to detention or even a call home. My parents were called in when smart $%!@ Jamie lost his temper and threw a tomato across the school canteen. My I don’ know answer to the why question was not good enough. I was expecting a whipping when we got home. But times have changed Mr. Rick. I am sure you and your friends were strapped or paddled far more than us. Were you ever spanked in the hall for what you did in class? I was sent out of class. Were you worried when you found out dad had signed the school consent form? Were you sure it would never be needed on you? Not so good boy Rick!

I remember friends saying and still saying how much they like my parents and how comfortable they felt being at our house. (You have such a cool mom Jamie. Your Dad is really interesting and easy to talk to. You are so lucky. I wish mine were- ) But it could work the other way. Obviously with Ollie, but sometimes with the parents of other close friends.

My dad did not believe t was his job to punish my friends beyond Ollie. Anyone else would get a verbal reprimand and if it was more than that they would be sent home.

One day I may be asked or invited to join a fraternity. I understand that at some universities they are very important. But I do not think they are as important as they used be. PhilSoc which is what my Dad joined was not a fraternity just a group of like-minded friends (mostly philosophy students) who organized a well-attended and inexpensive bread and cheese lunch once week. It was a sort of service for fellow students. He says they probably still do. What EXACTLY does it mean to pledge, and does being a member of a fraternity place certain obligations or restrictions on that you can or cannot do? Someone told me there were Greek houses and I was not sure what he meant. And has being a member of a fraternity ever affected any part of your post university life? Yes, although university seems to be the and of life as I know it, I know some people have life AFTER Uni.

School is done, at least for now. The place I work gets pretty busy, and for some lunchtime seems to last all day. It is hot work in the kitchen but it is work earns money AND status.

I met a really I met a really nice girl in the coffee shop/ ice cream parlor last week. She is mixed race and called Juliette did she has widest smile I have ever seen and she makes me laugh. Her dark eyes are pretty amazing too. And she is fun to talk to. I have seen her several times since she asked what time my breaks are. She is not anywhere close to Kirsty who I like on many different levels but it is fun to have a neat to eat lunch with sit with on a bench overlooking the sea. That is all we do, or we want to do. Not want to get into trouble.

I think the church blessing of mothers day flowers is a nice tradition. As we came back from the front of the church we all gave the flowers to our moms. It gives her bragging rights at home about us. Kevin and Jamie got these for me etc., and that is good for us too. Kevin and his ex gf are no longer sharing a place together. But Amanda Cadbury is er er, well she is the biggest fish in our pond and right now Kevin is stuck on her. Or is it other way round? I know Kevin buys rubbers so there must be some action when they are home alone. Her place I think because he is hardly ever here.

You do not need to talk to me about the stupidity of messing with marijuana. I thought I could help Ollie out. But Olie is his own man and I cannot control what he does. I think they all shared one reefer but that is all it takes. So far as I know he has only done it once and I think he is smart enough not to do it again, remembering from my experience. I do not want to talk about that again. As far as I am concerned that topic is closed.

I would not think that many boys get to be 13 without being overdue for a spanking. Some get it and some do not. I am sure a boy like you had done enough to have been due a paddling before then. And at school. From what you say it sounds like it was just what you needed. It is funny how often even today some things are only finally settled with the paddle or belt. Maybe our grandparents knew a thing or two about discipline. Did your sons need follow up discipline at home? Like father, like son?

I think it shows what a caring loving man who father was. You always hope that your dad will always do what he thinks is needed and best for you. And yours and mine clearly did However much it hurt them. And what sort of things do you give them? I promise to be good which you both know you will not keep? An assurance that you have had enough and have learnt your lesson when you both know you have not? Too many tears for a boy your age to cry? Or a mouthful of unforgivable hateful abuse? And dad takes is all. How do you deal with that?

Number of belt licks was determined by what I had done butt my age was taken into account. Dad made sure I knew why I was being licked by asking me to tell him why. And before he started he told me exactly how many strokes I was going to get. And I have had more than 10 licks. Maybe I was naughtier than you.

We have smart clothes for school and going out, appropriate workwear and play clothes. After I cut off the legs of my jeans grandma always ran a thread around the legs to stop them from running and shredding. No one knew if I was wearing anything underneath or not. My friends assumed I was not because we never did in summer. It was airy and comfortable. And? We were boys. What can you say? If we did not think we would be seen it was sometimes fun to take off our clothes and run around the woods naked. In cowboys and Indians the Indian's always went naked. Did you play games like that when you were 9 or 11?

I will continue to talk with you here I hope, rather than on the other thread.

You too have a great summer. Best times.


Posted by R.J. on 2018-07-03 17:23:28

Jamie, continue to have those dreams...aim high...hope each of them come true and I trust you will leave many marks toward a better world. I do a variety of volunteer work at our community center. Some friends have commented that I'm the center's WalMart Greeter. There is also opportunities to help out at our church.

I feel very strongly too regarding fire arms and a need for better control & registration by owners. I can understand your principal's position, but think it good when our young people take a stand on their beliefs. You & your peers are our future. It is good to hear you say your dad does responsible parenting. At 14, you & Ollie knew better I'm sure & realized you earned that punishment. Saying dad skinned both your hides sounds like dad used a belt and had you both bare.

Congrats again on the Student Council election. I'm sure you'll contribute and do well. Was Ollie surprised the joke actually got you elected? Maybe a bit of mischief & frisky nature, but I can tell from your messages that you're a good guy and there are many things I'm sure that cause your parents to be proud.

Probably being told to sit on the chair works as well with a kid as corner time. I had a few time-outs on a chair but some corner time too. Guess standing/kneeling facing a wall would be like corner time. Was there ever corner time used at school? I think the paddle & belt can both be scary growing up. Age is a factor probably as to how much a boy might dread. Between 9-12 the paddle did its job well but dad probably figured as a teen, a leather belt was even more effective...looking back he was right. The paddle over jeans at school hurt less but still damn effective trying to sit after but thankfully the principal & policy didn't say jeans down to skivvies or bare behind. Both times at school it was in the office, not hall. The signed consent form didn't really scare me, but that first time in 8th when paddled, there was a moment flashback to that signed form & more so to dad's promise to give another at home if I got one at school.

A frat house was just that, a house owned by the fraternity where frat brothers could live & party. Often near campus but still off campus and more independent than dorm living. I lived in a dorm & that worked OK for me. My sophomore year pledging was a service fraternity rather than social & we did great service projects. I'm still a life member but never fell back on frat days for my career advancements.

I hope you are right regarding Ollie & only one mj experience. You can't rule his life as you said but as a best friend, you must give it your best shot. If you see or hear he's at it with friends, go talk again to him, as best friend. You would hate it, if someone gave him a laced joint that did organ damage or killed him. Not sure of NY law as to age breakpoint for juvenile vs adult felony, but you wouldn't want him busted. I know the 'snitch code' but if you know/suspect & Ollie wouldn't listen to you, go talk with your parents or his parents to get intervention to help him...not easy to swallow that option & "rat" him out, but adults & real men sometimes have to make tough decisions. You're that pre-adult young man now & not too young to realize tough choices you might need to make in life...if you don't believe that, ask your dad if he has made some tough/unpleasant decisions. I'm not dishing BS Jamie...if you think so, throw my words in the trash & I'll "bottle-up" but I've seen too many young lives ruined & would hate not at least trying to give advice.

Obviously by 13, I was no stranger to being spanked/paddled, but those were by dad & at home. I was likely overdue for a butt busting at school & that stunt of skipping and forging deserved to get the seat of my jeans tanned. Dad giving a follow-up on the bare hide at home was justified too. There was no longer paddling at school, so as a dad I never gave a follow-up at home, but yes, I was a dad who spanked and I'm sure I heard you say that both your dad & Ollie's dad didn't hesitate to wallop both your bottoms, when you guys got home if they found out you misbehaved in school. Hell yes, we played 'frisky' games at age 9-11. Some boy things never change. Did some games too into HS years that got guys stripped down & I never had the courage, but had friends who streaked in the buff on a dare.

Have a great summer & stay in touch.


Posted by Boy from New York on 2018-07-13 11:57:02

Hi Mr Rick

I will continue to dream because our dreams are the best hope for the future. But I will also aim high because dreams on their own are not enough. It takes wisdom courage and hard work as well.

I am glad that you have been able to settle into some voluntary work that satisfies you and helps others. It sounds as though you are going to see how you can help the ministers or the ministry of your church. I would think of someone with your experiences could be very valuable to them

I am still very concerned about the level of gun crime. Whatever the Principal says I think we were right. If I feel strongly enough about anything and there is no other way to make people listen I would march again. As Americans we have the right free speech and we are allowed to protest if nothing else works. And this is that important.

We knew we should not have been messing around with the air rifle and at 14 we should have known better. But we were still surprised to find my dad was going to punish us with a belt and was going to make us go bare. We knew we deserved it. He likes us to use the rifle but wanted us to remember that rules are rules. Even at 16 we have to have adult supervision.
I am quite surprised to find myself on the student Council. I would not have thought of applying because I know too much about me. That said, there is not much that Ollie does not know about me. I guess I will have to take responsibility a bit more seriously. You know I am still quite mischievous by nature and I sometimes get er, for want of a better word frisky. I will do my best and hope it is good enough. Overall Mr Rick I am a good guy and I know my parents bask in my good achievements, and often tell me how proud they are of me, even when I am not that proud of myself. And if they are not proud of me, the belt is still able to sort out difficult issues. Dad does not think I am too old to take that sort of discipline and he is not too old to apply it hard to my bare bottom. Probably Ollies too if his behaviour merited that kind of punishment.

For us the shame of being send to the hall to sit on the chair there was as bad as corner time. It was a final warning and the last chance. The next step would be a trip up to your bedroom for a pants down spanking . A few times we were made to kneel on the floor facing a wall with our hands our heads. Mom said that was the only way she could be sure we were not getting up to more mischief. I have never had corner time at school but I was sent out of class and told to report to the Dean.

Whether he uses a paddle or belt a dad wants to be sure that his son dreads a spanking and will do whatever he can to avoid getting one. Until I knew better I even tried to lie myself out of trouble. But I learnt the painful way that is was not a smart idea.

I never had to face the paddle or any other corporal punishment at school. Maybe I should have had to, and I know I would have if policy had allowed it. I was naughty enough. Did you have to be seriously naughty to earn a school paddling? I assume the reason the signed consent form did not worry you was because you did not think you would ever be paddled. It must have been an uncomfortable day at school knowing that your dad would deliver on his promise when he got home.

Thank you for explaining to me about fraternities. I wonder if I will one day join one. What do you have to pledge? Were you sworn to secrecy?

I think I am right about Ollies mj experience. He is my best friend and like me a risk taker and thrill seeker. But he is also a smart guy. I do not think he will try it again. There are too many risks and we know better ways to get high. There are always alternatives. And it you keep busy and healthy you do not need something to help you through the day. Your friends will do that for you. I told Ollie that and he says he got involved with the wrong crowd and he does not think it will happen again because he has moved on. I asked if he needed a dose of the belt to help him remember. He is too scared to report his supplier.

There cannot be many boys who make it to 13 without being paddled and that do probably deserve one by then. It is about then that you start getting too big for your britches and so your dad has you take them down and spanks you bare hide. That is what happened to me. Some people say a school spanking would have done me some good and maybe it would but I would not like the follow up at home like you had.

Ollie and I knew and experienced what our dads would do if they found out that we had misbehaved at school. They did not hesitate to wallop both our bottoms when we got home. Classroom misbehaviour was usually dealt with by your teacher. If he sent you to the Dean you knew you would have a discipline note to take home for your parents.

As a kid we played frisky games, risky games. I told you about cowboys and Indians but one or more of us usually all of us ended up naked, and that was innocent fun. When we got to be teenagers the fun was not quite so innocent, but it was still just kids messing about learning about themselves and each other, from each other. That is probably the best way.

Streaking? I once streaked right around the house in broad daylight. It was a warm day and Sphinx and I were bored. He dared me and I said I would if he did. So we took off our briefs and did it. Believe me that was exciting. I have run around Ollies house with nothing on twice but only in the dark. We did it together. I was too scared to step outside the front yard and run to the street lamp and back.

I was not expecting to feel the belt this week, but I found out that dad still has a strong right arm. I was not wearing anything under my shorts but things being the way they were I think he would had briefs down too. Yeeeoow! It had been a long time since I was whipped. Dad said he should have done it weeks ago.

I need to shower and get to work.

I am so busy it may take me some time to reply, but DO keep in touch