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Parenting and Spanking


Posted by DadSpanking on 2019-03-30 13:03:54

Dear Rick, sir

I have followed your many marvelous postings for a very long time. I am wondering if you might consent to a more private conversation on the topic of discipline between father and sons. If so, I would be privileged to hear from you.


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2019-05-28 11:43:14

Hi Mr. Rick, sir

I know I am not the only one who says his brother is a pain in neck. However he is also my best friend and my best ally. Paul Duncan and most of all Marcus are friends but I can never relate to them in the way I relate to Josh. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion but most of the time we get on well. We both know we are lucky to have each other. If he does admire me at all he would be the last person to admit it even in private. But Dad did tell me that Josh thinks the world of me and that is quite a responsibility. We have always done things together including getting into mischief together and found ourselves in trouble together in our growing up years. Often? It seemed like all the time but it happened less as we grow older.

Julian might have said he was too old at 17 but he probably said the same when he was 16 and even 15. And deep down I think he would be disappointed if we had not spanked him.

We did not have to pull his pants down but if we had his shorts would probably followed. It adds to the fun if you make the boy pull down his own pants for you to spank him.

17 + 1 was a group effort. I do not think I actually delivered any swats this time but I was certainly an eager participant in the event. We only wanted to give his bottom some sting but not really hurt him.

Julian has given me a birthday spanking every year for as long as I can remember. It is not just him and nor is it just me. We are all involved and it is just something we do. A tradition.

I do not think that many dads’ keep a spanking paddle handy at home anymore. But a table tennis paddle does a good job on a boys bottom and that is what was used.

His briefs did not give his bottom much protection and after spanking him the boys pulled those down to inspect their handiwork.

Since then several of us have had our 17th birthdays and our 17th birthday spankings. Mine were not that different from last year and all as always Marcus gave me something very special. I have reminded Abe Dean and Robinson that I still know how to give a boy a warming spanking on his birthday.:-).

I have done a good job on the Student Coocil.. Only time will tell if the other students who elect the student council agree. It has been hard trying to get peers of my own age to listen when I try to redirect their behavior but over the year I think I have earned their respect. And Mr. McCann said he was proud of me and I should be too.

I am sure my experience of dealing with naughty kids at the pool when I was working as a lifeguard last summer made it a lot easier. There is no substitute for experience. I do not know whether Josh ever listens anyway. He thinks he knows everything and I am nothing special. Ok, try to look out for him but he is his own man. The hardest thing was when he was the one I had to speak to about behavior. It is the only time I have got into an argument. Usually I do not let it get that far. So I am not sure how helpful big brother experience really was

I certainly hope I am now mature enough to avoid any further corporal punishment, not to need it anymore I thought I was at 14 and 15 and found out I was not. I have had plenty of beatings to learn from and I think my brother Josh still has a few more to come. But if I think if I said what you said my dad it would not be long before my pants and shorts were down. Otherwise I do not think my dad will spank me but I know he could. As I said Dad is still the authority of figure in my life and I have to live by his rules, and accept his discipline, for both the good and the bad. Even a 17 year old can make the wrong choice

We have all done things we know we ought not to have done and even if caught not received the hiding we were expecting. Perhaps one of these skills of being a dad is knowing when his son needs a spanking and when something else will do just as well. My dad was good about giving last chances and final warnings but there were no second last chances. And some behaviors did not get you a last chance at all. Like some of the stuff I used to do. Yes, a bottom too well acquainted with the belt but maybe not as well acquainted as it should have been. But heck I have survived and I did ok. Look at the boy I was. And look at the man I am now and you will see difference. Punishments were never are never excessive, always proportionate to the crime and appropriate to age. Dad does not need to leather my bottom anymore. Groundings and other restrictions and hurt just as much because you know your friends are partying without you, and you have to call them and tell them you cannot drive the car that night. But sometimes a talk is all a teen needs I get those but Josh usually lets his mouth talk him into bigger trouble.

I think in a neighborhood you are as naughty as your friends let you be. You live in the same street go to the same school play in the same woods and have parents who were brought up together. Sooner or later whoever you are one day your dad will decide this time your hide needs to pay and send you up to your room.

I am glad you are enjoying your retirement so much and making it such a good use of the time it allows you. The American dream is that anyone can do anything if they want to. But it is not true. Everyone can do something if they want to but we do not have equal intellectual and physical skills. You need to have something there to start with to work on. You seem to have done well itn using appropriate things to do and you should be happy with the way things have turned out for you. I think you are, and I hope things turn out that well for me. There is always something new to see something using learn, and something to share and something to give away. The secret is in learning which is which.

I do not know if I should be worried or discouraged when you say there is still a goofy kid lurking inside each of us whatever our age. I have done enough goofy things to last anyone a lifetime

Someone once told me the only difference between a boy and a man is the cost of his toys. Boy, I hope there is a bit more to it than that!

There are a lot of people to thank for their part in helping me to make me the man I am today. First and foremost are my parents. But they are by no means the only ones. Throughout my life a variety of people have passed through, been there for a while changed me or helped me grow. , made a difference and then disappeared. But some of it is down to me. My ambition my motivation my desire to do well, to be best I can be and the drive to make sure that happens. I have been very lucky but you have to make the best of what you are born with. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something

I am sure Mom and Dad will retire some day and likely so will I. It is daunting to realize that's one day the big guy one with all the answers will hand the reins of power over to people like me. It will be down to us to lead the world to try to unravel puzzles that have confounded people for generations. I hope I will be man enough to fill the shoes of a man like my amazing Dad. It seems like the world is heading for Armageddon but there is a chance that this generation, generation can lead the world to a better future and less turmoil over guns racism climate change or War. That is in charge that was passed onto you. We only hold the world in trust to pass on to our children. Let us sure it is something worth passing on.

Yes I could even be that husband/dad who will set the foundation for an even better generation to follow you. I will play my part in creating the future and then when I retire I hope the people I have met will remember me as somebody who helped them made a difference and say thanks Dennis you did a good job. I can ask for no more than that.