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Parenting and Spanking


Posted by R.J. on 2018-11-15 19:19:14

Good parents and a good home is awesome Dennis. I was a normal boy probably just as you & Josh. No one specifically razzed me as 'good boy' and close enough friends knew I wasn't, but I think some classmates might have appreciated the fact that my 8th grade young butt finally got a school paddling. Wasn't razzed over that either & some guys wanted details from Robbie & I and left me with the impression that I was now more 'one of the guys' than before. Do you actually think if your school would've been allowed to paddle that you or Josh might've gotten your seat paddled? How old were you then, when you got that blackeye from a schoolyard fight? Were you usually a scrapper that got into frequent fights?

That has to be a special feeling to be recognized with Josie as a couple by your friends. You're 16 so that is natural and as you said you are becoming more mature and taking on more responsibility as a HS junior & student council member. Throughout life, we all carry insurance we might not need, but feel good knowing we have it. The 60-70's era was thought of as 'free love' but suspect some guys talked big about 'getting laid,' a term commonly used then, but actually weren't sexual active. I've never thought that a way a boy needed to prove his manhood.

You & Josh sound like normal brothers and engaging in brother-bonding like most everyone I knew did. Without siblings myself, I bonded with some close friends. I obviously had my own room, but friends with brothers, especially near in age, shared a room. My folks permitted friends overnight stays so twin beds in my room worked well even if often only one was used. As I got older and company came, my room became a guest room and I didn't mind bunking on a couch.

At 16, maybe it is time to retire that belt that hangs on your door or suggest to dad it move to the door in Josh's room. Seeing it I suspect has memories for you of a few times dad need to take it down and 'address' your bottom with it. Have any of the friends who saw it hanging in your room, stir them to reveal a memorable belt whipping they might have gotten from their dad? Did that belt ever play a part of the strip or spanking games you & Josh engaged in or a spanking game you & an friend had or reserved solely for your dad's use?

That bond you have established with Jimmy sounds wonderful too. You might say it was just your job being on the student council but don't talk so humble of yourself. You have every reason to be proud and confident in yourself. Your school saw something in you that they respect and trusted & were confident you were the right young man to handle the task. I think Jimmy's motivation to bond closer to you is a sign too of a stable/mature young man and not just another HS peer kid. Dennis, you seem to have sound feet planted on the ground already to be a young adult.

For generations, the paddle/switch/belt or even just the open palm of a parent's hand has corrected a boy or girl's bottom when they needed discipline. What my dad did with me and apparently what your dad has done with you & Josh is what we could call good parenting. They wanted us on the 'straight' path and sometimes nothing short of taking action straight to a bare bottom would achieve that. I bet there were times too, long before a belt was required, that mom or dad took you or Josh as a kid, simply over their lap/knee & smacked a bare bottom. When older that might have seemed tame compared to the belt, but I remember, maybe you too, being 5-8 and feeling undershorts pulled down for as few as 3-5 smacks on a bare bottom hurting & crying. The stunt with Josh & his friend over vodka remind me of my cousin, Gene & I, getting into dad's vodka at 15. Had we been caught, we would've gotten belt stripes on our butts for sure. Did dad just deal with Josh or whip both of them? I hope you or Josh some day won't need to face doing it as a dad, having been a dad myself I tell you it isn't pleasant, pulling down your son's underpants to spank or whip his butt, but as a dad you'll love enough to do it because he needs it.

Great hearing from you too.


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2019-01-25 14:34:08

Brothers ROCK! It is awesome having a brother, even one like Josh. We squabble, fight, wind each other up and try to get each other spanked but that does not mean we are not best friends. We do things with other friends, but we also do things together that you could only do with a brother. We have the same experiences, the same parents and we have the same issues so we can help each other out a lot. And we do. I think any brother would do that.

I thought I was too old for birthday spanking. But it was Julian's birthday yesterday. We ceremoniously pulled his pants down and then three of us gave him four licks each but I gave him 5 because he needed one to grow on. Tomorrow Jason is 17 and my own 17th is not that far away.

Now Mr. Rick do not think I am not proud of the way I was able to help young Jimmy. As a member of the student council it is my job to support other students. But this was something more than that. And the school counsellor asked ME to deal with it rather than anybody else and I think I made a pretty darn good job. He sees me as a big friend, almost an adult than as another high School peer. I like him a lot. I do not feel much like an adult right now but I think I am ready to be one. Maybe my feet are planted on the ground but my ambitions are hitched to the stars. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was this term when I had to talk to boys not much younger than me about inappropriate behavior with each other and towards girls. I knew my student council status would not cut much ice and I had no idea what I was going to say, or what they would say. But afterwards the Dean said I had done a good job and he was proud of me. Proud of ME? Imagine how that made me feel!

Good parenting requires good judgement. Sometimes the right words at the right time can it be the right thing to do. But sometimes correction across the bottom can be a better solution. It has been like that for generations although these days I think there is more talk and less spank. All kids need some discipline, probably some punishment, not all need the paddle. Not often. But if you are lucky as we both were your dad will do whatever it takes to guide you on that straight path even if that means whipping your bare bottom. Been there, done that and had the bruises to prove it. No half measures in our house. I hope that is now all in the past. Heck I am nearly 17.

Oh yes I can remember being a little kid being laid over a parents knee or lap and my bare bottom being spanked. . It was done with the hand but was still enough to bring us Josh and me to tears. I remember the helplessness I felt as my briefs were pulled down and being scared knowing that even 3-6 swats was going to sting, hurt and that I would soon be crying. Not something I like to remember. The worst part was that by the time you were told you were going to be spanked the time for preparation or negotiation was over. You could man up or tear up.

I told Josh he deserved what he got for taking dad's vodka and he has not done it again. In our house saying sorry means we are not going to do it again. Dad always asks sorry means, and that is the answer. And sometimes saying that is enough to keep you cool. You learn the lesson without the pain. Let me ask you Sir. Did you EVER in your growing up years not do something because you were scared of what would happen if you were caught? I do not think so. You might have been a good boy most of the time. But the rest a bit like me I would think

My dad could have whipped both of them but left it to his parents. They do not go in for whipping much but you do not need to think hard to guess what happened this time. I tried to help him but Josh was crying hard into his pillow, trying to pretend he was not crying as he rubbed his striped bottom

I can hardly imagine me as dad having to do that job, having to spank my son, having to pull down his underpants having to hit him hard enough to make it hurt, and not just you. You do it because you love him you care about him and you know he needs it. Do you always know what is right or do you sometimes have doubts? It must be hard being a dad.

It is always good to talk to you and I hope you will reply and let me know what you have been doing and what you think of what I have said.

Until next time goodbye my friend


Posted by R.J. on 2019-02-02 17:53:43

That's awesome Dennis that you have a great relationship with Josh. The way it should be between brothers. Since I had no brother growing up, I can only imagine what it would've been like. I'm sure we would wind up each other too, what guys do even with friends. Which one of you was best at getting the other into trouble/spanked?

How did Julian react to you guys lowering his pants and birthday spanking him...expect or you surprise him? Did you & friends do the same for Jason or at 17 felt him too old to be birthday spanked? Expect or want one from friends for your upcoming 17th? I sure didn't expect my college buddies to bust my rear for my 21st, but don't recall I resisted either. It was all in fun of course & they hosted a nice celebration outing for me too and at 21, our beverages were legal.

I'm sure you felt pride in helping Jimmy. Whether you were on student council or not, I think from your messages, I see a young man in you that would step up and help if you could or do something from your heart to make things better for others. It is a big vote of confidence in you that the counselor ask you to help/talk to Jimmy. I sense your feet are grounded and at 16/17 it is certainly OK to have goals/dreams that reach to the stars. I'm sure it is hard to talk to peers about their inappropriate behavior. A taste of how your dad likely feels when he has verbally reprimanded you or Josh. Some training experience for when you become a dad. Did those guys accept what you were telling them or seem to brush you off as a hassling peer? I'm sure both the Dean and your folks are proud of you.

I think all good dads would rather have the 'talk' than tan a butt. Remember all dads likely had mischief moments themselves growing up and likely got their bottoms whacked for it and maybe more frequently than your dad spanked you or Josh. You won't find it easy as a dad some day but you'll likely do it if that is what it takes to save your son from some harmful behavior or nothing less seems to work at that point to get your care/love across to him. Did you ever feel your dad was being too harsh or punishing you unfairly? Ever feel you did something & were sure you would be spanked but dad sat you down for a talk & left it at that as a warning? I imagine at near 17, it will never be required to tan your butt, but that is up to you to prove to your parents you no longer require that manner of punishment. What do you recall was likely the worse trouble you got into & knew dad was likely to whip your young $%!@ for it and he did give you a paddling/whipping you never forgot? I think my first school paddling was impressive for me...maybe cause it was a first. My last at 16 from dad was one I didn't forget, not because it was it more 'licks' or worse than others physically but I was ashamed of what I had said/done & I was 16 & still bare $%!@ getting the belt.

Those little boy spankings over dad's lap seemed tame looking back when I was in my teens and getting the paddle/belt. As you said, 3-6 with a hand however on a small bare bottom sure hurt then too. With dad, those were him pulling down my little britches & briefs. It wasn't until I was like 9/10 that dad would tell me to undo and lower my pants. You & Josh will never know what it was like to get a few swats at school & then need to wait until you got home suspecting you'd get more from dad. Was there any school misbehavior that, if school had been permitted to paddle you, you probably would've gotten the seat of your trousers busted at school?

In my mind, I knew pretty well what a consequence would be if caught, but I can't say I ever thought it out enough to stop me from acting. Had my buddy & I thought it out before we skipped school & forged notes & thought we'd be caught we wouldn't likely have done it. We were foolish 13 y/o's then. I was a scared adolescent when I saw the paddle & knew once Rob got his 5, the vice principal was going to paddle tan my jeans next, but inside I knew it was deserved. I sure never skipped or forged a note again. It sound like Josh got his butt whipped sufficiently then over the vodka incident to learn not to pull that stunt again. Think maybe it was the worse butt whipping he ever got?

Not doing much different the past month or two. Had a good holiday season. Still enjoy retired time that permits me to volunteer in projects I find interesting & feel I can contribute something toward others or community...like you with Jimmy. My wife & I have a cruise vacation coming up this month. Haven't cruised in 20+ years but now have time & think it will be fun. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts. You might not feel like an adult, but I sense you are well down that road to be one. When one has reached my age, it is fantastic to hear what the younger generation think and are doing. Your message is better than any medicine to revitalize a brain and knock-out any old 'cobwebs' of old thinking. I can only hope my words ring some positive tones for you, as I hoped they use to do when I counseled my young clients. Got any big Valentine plans? How is junior year progressing for you? Take care...later.


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2019-03-16 17:56:45

Hi Rick

I can only repeat what I have said before. Josh is the biggest pain in the neck. But he is my brother, my best ally and my best friend. That is lucky because we live in the same house and there are many things we are expected to share. I look out for him and so far as he can he looks out for me. Brotherly love as it should be. We are both good at getting the other brother into trouble but we are even better at getting ourselves into trouble. Josh is naughtier than I am but I got punished more than he is at his age. But he is sneaky than I am and does what he can to get me spanked. I do not need to do anything to get him spankws. He does enough of that for himself.

At first Julian said he was too old for birthday spanking, but we soon put him right on that. But once he realized the game was up he did not struggle as we pulled his pants down. We left him in his briefs, knowing from our own experience that they could not offer much protection for what we had lined up for him. Were you ever spanked with a table tennis paddle? Now we did not do anything we have not done before, so I do not think Julian was that surprised, and certainly not as surprised as he made out.

Jason knew he would be next. Maybe we are getting too old for that kind of thing but is something we have always done, a tradition that has helped us bond together. I wished I had agreed when they said 17 is too old. It might have saved me. One day I will be 21 and likely a college student too. I wonder what will happen then!

What I like best of all is being trusted, and having an adult accept that I could probably do a better job in this instance than he could. Imagine how that made me feel. But there are other things that are entrusted to us as members of the student council. Maybe these are things I would want to do anyway because of the kind of person I am but being a member of the student council gives me a reason to do it rather than just being a busy body. It was hard persuading boys not that much younger than me to modify their behavior. I think what I learnt as a lifeguard at the swimming pool last summer probably helped me. Proud? I know I have done a good job. The elections for next year's student council will tell me whether others agree. . I think my days of being paddled as punishment are over. Maybe it is because I am older. Maybe I do not do the kind of things that a boy needs to be paddled for any more. But if it came down to the wire my dad is still my dad and my dad and my mom are the authority figures in my life. They will decide if and how I am punished and if it came to that I would have no defense and no ground to stand on. I am hoping not to hear again the fateful Dennis, up to your room!

Although I was mischievous and prank/ stunt prone I was not that naughty and I never did anything seriously wrong. And what I did do I got appropriate punishment for. Of course I was sometimes paddled or whipped with a belt, but no more than anyone else. Among so many it would be difficult to pin down one and say that was naughtier than others and there were other factors that came into it. What I can say is that I was much naughtier with my friends than on my own but then that is true of all of us. There was a bit of bravado in a bit of egging each other on and going one step further. One step too far.

Dad punished when he thought I needed it. If he thought a talk would do just as well as a licking that is what he would do. But nothing stands out as being particularly naughty, naughtier than my friends were. But I do remember occasions when... How to describe this? Doing something that on another day would have got me whipped, no question, and probably knowing I probably deserved it. Listening to the lecture, or not listening but having to wait while is given, and waiting to be sent up to my room and then finding I was not sent. I felt miserable inside. I had done wrong and there was no way of assuaging my quilt. Did that ever happened to you? The lessons I learned stand out more than the whippings themselves. Maybe the worst licking is always the last one.

I cannot help thinking that if my school had been allowed to paddle students some of my antics and behavior would probably be enough. But at my school we are expected to behave and so for the most part we do

Like you, I knew pretty well what the consequence would be if caught, but that was never enough to stop me from acting. Yes, Josh learned several important lessons that day. And if he remembers them he will not do the same again. I do not know if that was the worst butt whipping he ever got but I do know it messed up his bottom good,

I was pleased to hear you are finding things to keep you happy and fulfilled. I have heard that retirement can be a lonely time so it is good that you have the time and the health to enjoy it. Where did you cruise, and did you enjoy it?

Sometimes I am treated like that' fine young man I strive to be. Sometimes I almost feel like I am grown up. But there is always that something that tells me I need something more than years. I think is the way you act, the things you do the things you say and even the things you think that mark you out,. Yes Mr. Rick, sir I will get there and thank you for your encouragement because quite often I feel like that goofy kid I once was.

I am thrilled that you like to read my messages and that in some small way they help you maintain a youthful perspective to place alongside your life experiences. And I do appreciate your comments which offer some guidelines to working through those growing up years. My dad may be my best resource but it is really helpful to sometimes look from things from more than one direction.

All the best


Posted by R.J. on 2019-03-22 16:50:41

Dennis, I suspect you are not alone is saying a younger brother can be a real pain in the neck. Not having a brother, I wouldn't know for sure. Great however that you do support one another and likely he looks up & admires you even if not said. Did you & Josh often find yourselves in trouble & punished together growing up?

Julian might have just said he was too old but since you say he didn't resist, maybe he expected/wanted you & buddies to birthday spank his butt. Did you guys really pull his pants down or he realize that was what was expected & took down himself? Was it a group effort to do age+1 or each give a full age+1 birthday spanking? Had Julian given you or the other guys birthday spankings previously? A table tennis paddle was used sometimes in our friends' fun spanking sessions, but most of us had dads who had a spanking paddle so one of those seemed often available to use. Was a table tennis paddle then used with Julian? A pair of briefs would provide no pad protection. So you got your 17th birthday butt recently spanked? Sounds like Jason expects next.

I'm sure you have done a good job on the student council and hope others let you know they support you too. Would be hard to get peers not that much younger or even your own age to listen and have you re-direct their behavior activities. A good sign that they do respect you when that happens and you can feel proud. Your experience as summer lifeguard might've been beneficial. Maybe big brother experience advising Josh played a part too. I would think at 17, you are mature enough to no longer need corporal punishment option. I though I was at 16, but my mouth & attitude got me my last one & on a bare butt that deserved one. Your words of recognition that mom/dad are still the authority, tell me however if dad would direct you to your room for a private talk or even say "drop'em Dennis and bend over," you would man-up and do it.

What boy was not guilty of things done & not caught or even if caught got a second chance warning rather than the grounding or hiding he expected was coming. My dad never abused me nor was excessive. I got 'talks' and as a teen, a few of those weekend groundings because dad knew the weekend was my active social life & that got a message across. I wasn't naughtier than my friends, maybe even less so. My dad tolerated many things with mere warnings, but if he felt my hide needed to pay the price, my bare butt got it. Dad didn't fault or criticize the school vice principal either time he paddled my butt. That was just how boys were raised/disciplined back then.

Retirement has proven a good time with worthwhile volunteer activities. I planned it to be just that and anyone is capable of doing the same if they set their mind to it & motivate themselves. We all have hobbies or experiences that can still be put to good use toward others or community. Good health is important factor too. We simply cruised the Mexican Riviera ports & enjoyed what we saw. I'm not a big fan of tourist resorts & the big-$ bucks but was new territory to discover and we never get too old to discover & learn something new.

Even at my age Dennis, I guess there is a "goofy kid" still hiding inside. Someone once told me the only difference between a boy and a man is the cost of his toys. At 17, you are a young man, likely a fine young man. You owe a lot to your parents for that life achievement. They are your first teachers. You owe some to the other teachers too & a good education opportunity. You owe a great deal to yourself & your motivation to strive & make someone & something of yourself. I'm retired now. Your mom/dad will likely retire too some day. We count on you & your generation to lead our world to peace & better times still. Don't let us down...don't let yourself down. Be the best man in all you set out to do...maybe even that husband/dad that will set the foundation for an even better generation to follow you. You got the spunk/responsibility--do it!!