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Parenting and Spanking


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2018-04-09 11:23:29

Hi Rick

I hope you do not mind me opening a new thread on your poll. I do not want to lose touch with when JB deletes his polls. I will reply to your recent post(s) very soon on this site rathen on the things you have done with you brother/p other boys sites


Posted by R.J. on 2018-04-11 11:30:24

Dennis...will enjoy hearing from you.


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2018-04-13 14:37:12

Hi Mister Rick

You may need the whole of your retirement to read this!¬

It is hard to imagine school without computers. Some students are allowed to do all the work on a tablet and can scarcely write their name with a pen. Do you remember pages smudged with ink? I think what you do in school these days is rather different because in a modern society you do not need to know facts because they're all out there on the internet. What you need to know is how to access that information and how to use it. Most of the boys I know have a computer of some kind at home, even in the room. Maybe that is a statement about the kind of neighborhood we live in, but I think most students need computer access to complete their studies. Usually schools and public libraries have computers you can use. Josh and I have our own laptops. If we had to share there would be compettion at homework time.

I do not think my dad or school ever punished me unfairly or too harshly they had the judgement to know what was appropriate punishment for me yes of course I got away with stuff that is something any boy can admit to even me even Josh I got away with things far more often and I was caught and punished dad did not always paddle us but he knew it was a tried and tested way to get through to kids who would not listen. Kids like us.

There are times when both Josh and I have felt that a spanking felt more like dad was taking off a layer from our hides. Sometimes it felt like he was wearing out our bottoms. But the pain reminded you that you still had a bottom. When you check in the mirror you see it is red but you know you will get through it and be ok.

I stripped off all my clothes and looked at myself in a full length mirror. At 16, I like what I see because I know I look good, and that makes me feel good too. No gray hairs yet of course, but I agree gray hair is better than no hair. We have never wondered whether we gave dad those gray hairs. Having us probably has something to do with it. We are not angels and it must be tough bringing up kids.

I have always hankered for adventure. We do not have much in the way of family vacations although we do get away when we can. I would love to go to Europe but I know there are many wonders too see right here in the USA, right here in New York. My day for traveling may come some day. You know Mr. Rick, I can be good. If I was allowed to stay at Josie's house I would be on best behavior. But it did not take my dad long to say NO for me at 16 to stay at Josie's. What does he or they think is going to happen? No sense to tempt me!! Maybe so, but Josie and I know where we stand on that.

Of course I know why grandpa gave me the condom. He probably guessed it was something my parents would not do, and remembering his feelings at 16 wanted me to have that 'insurance' available if needed. Thoughtful guy but it made me think too. Think about Josie and the future. Our future.

I guess you deserved that whipping you got Mr. Rick. Even today I think I would get something similar. I cannot get away with unacceptable behavior just because I am 16. Yes, parents have all the experience to give you good advice and the best know when to admonish and when to praise, when to punish and when to reward, and what level of discipline they need to impose, and how to deliver age appropriate corrections.

I was always seen as a good boy and for the most part I suppose I was. That is certainly how my parents raised me to be and the reputation I have good boy but like other boys also a naughty risk takers when I thought I could get away with something. It was fun being naughty. It was fun taking risks. And the bigger the risk the more exciting it is. I was no different from my best friends. I knew their behavior, they knew mine and we both knew the consequences that would follow if caught. Maybe classmates labeled me a 'good boy' until I started doing stuff that got me punished. You do not have to go to the hall or school office to be paddled. Your mom or dad can take care of that at home. Mine did and it seems to be the best way.

I do not know what made me think I could get away is cutting school. By the mid-morning break I was being interviewed by the Principal. It was then that he told me he ought to paddle me. I did not think he was allowed to but I was still scared he would paddle tan the seat of my jeans as I knew I deserved. I think I was fortunate that my school had outlawed the paddle, although I probably would have behaved better if it had not. Do you really think it would have done me a world of good to get my seat paddled at school? I can take it pants down at home, so I am sure I could survive a paddling on my jeans at school. No big deal. I agree the hardest part would have been walking back into the classroom with Marcus, or worse Josie, sitting in class knowing my bottom just got paddle spanked. I was 13 when the Dean said he wished he could paddle me.

Mr. Rick I have heard you say before, that you never knew a boy growing up so angelic that he did not need and would probably benefit from an occasional spanking. I never thought of this before but I guess that includes me Josh and our friends! You were spanked as a kid and you think we would learn better or quicker or behave better if we had it too? Things to go through, but one day what we learn as boys will mark us as men. For you. For me. For ALL of us.

I was not looking forward to it, not exactly, but yes I would have been disappointed if my friends had forgotten to celebrate my birthday. And not given me the traditional birthday spanking. With my birthday over I have a year of spanking my friends on their birthdays to look forward to. Marcus was not there when Paul and three friends stripped me to my skivvies. I was naked when Marcus spanked me but only because I wanted to be. It was Josh's idea that I should be spanked at Paul's house. But that did not stop him from adding a brotherly version at home. The boys spanked me with hands, but Marcus thought it would be more memorable if he initiated my bottom with a paddle so he did. Josh's birthday gift was just as memorable but not on my bottom! Ha ha ha. Some things never change!

It will be some years before I go to university. I wonder what I will discover. Maybe some boys will still be wanting a frat paddle initiation. At least on their birthdays.

Half boy, half man. This young adult knows he needs to keep young but keep his troublesome boyhood aspects inside. They will always be there.

I have got detention to sit through after school tomorrow. I think Friday is the worst day to have detention. And dad will make a choice between grounding me for the weekend which would hurt or taking action on my bottom which will also hurt .I wish school punishment could stay there. I will not forget my homework again. I left it behind on purpose because I had not done it.

Until later


PS I wrote all that yesterday. When dad questioned me about my detention I wanted so much to lie and save my hide, but I forced myself to man up and tell the truth. And that saved my hide. I was grounded instead which is no better and in some ways worse.

Posted by R.J. on 2018-04-17 18:31:41

Hi Dennis,

It has been obvious to me for a long time that things in society are changing from the way they were when I was your age. In ways, things are better but even better options can be abused. Be thankful that your parents can provide you & Josh with the laptops and they encourage your academic success. Some boys I knew in my career didn't have that good fortune in their homes.

Boys do figure out ways to get away with & not caught. I too admit to that at your age. I didn't like the punishment when caught but most times, whether grounded or tanned, I was likely guilty. Dad was never excessive or unfair. My bottom was always red for a few hours afterwards & home spankings were in my room so it was OK to just go face down on the bed still bare butt to recover before pulling up my skivvies. You guys will find out probably some day how tough it really is being dad & raising sons. They give you many proud moments but moments of frustration too along with gray hairs.

Best friends are your best friends because those are the ones you share your deepest thoughts/feelings with most often. Best friends go through good times as well as the moments of consequences together and that is part of life. It tugged my heart & gut a few times when a best friend pushed too far & got caught/punished at either school or their house. A friend's dad didn't have to bust my butt, he just simply sent me home to face my dad & once I was on the way, he dealt with his boy. Later we shared and compared details. I believe when my dad signed the CP consent through my jr high & HS years, he didn't believe it would ever be necessary for school to punish. When I brought home that discipline note in 8th, my folks had already been called, I was fairly sure dad would wallop me, but hoped as any 13 y/o would that he would think the school paddling sufficient & maybe give warning & second chance. The incident at 16, I realized darn quick was a foolish action & when dad tossed aside the paddle & started to unbuckle his belt, I knew I deserved to man-up and do as he said to rollover on the bed & strip bare a$$ for that belt whipping.

Dennis, what I meant in saying it would do you a world of good had you been school paddled, was it worked well for me & other guys at school. No delay to await your punishment to getting home. I too felt over my jeans would be no big deal since dad tanned bare, but the principal was experienced I guess with boys in jeans, & maybe as a dad himself, & with pockets empty & seat snug, he just aimed the paddle 2-3 times to that lower tender sit-spot where you didn't even have the patch pocket & maybe no briefs covering under the denim & you felt that paddling all day sitting. You would've survived Dennis & all your buddies would've learned a little too, along with you, not to cut school. I suspect you would've welcomed a few swats over your jeans rather than getting it from dad with the belt/paddle on thin undershorts or bare.

The birthday ritual has a long history. At 16 it would've seemed a little wimpish had they just bent you over and hand smacked the seat of jeans or whatever trousers you were wearing. By 16, you guys had seen each other in skivvies, jock or buff, so why not drop your britches & let the birthday ritual prevail. You'll do the same, as you said, on their forthcoming birthdays. Can understand the bare & paddle with Marcus. You two have a long-standing close relationship from what you've said. As to that recent Friday detention, intentionally 'forgetting' the homework had to be a wake-up call way to start your weekend. Dad grounding you further all weekend gave you plenty of time to think about your behavior. That probably worked out well. Maybe truthfulness saved your hide, but if your thoughts were anyway close to how guys I grew up with as teens thought back then, maybe better to take a few swats on the rear & get it over. Last weekend give you any such thoughts??

Well Dennis, I'll wrap it up here. Thanks for your message. Hang in there & stay in touch...final exams & summer break looms on the horizon.


Posted by Pineapple Rag on 2018-05-06 14:58:39

Hi Rick

There have been changes taking place all over since time began. Some of those changes have been good and some less good. People say changes happen faster now than ever before. 5 years or 10 years from now you may find there are so many changes even in the corrections system that you might find yourself lost. But society changes too in attitudes and thinking. It is not just social media although I think that has a large part to play in the promotion of fake news, news based on misunderstandings or misinterpretations. I do not mean made up news that the President claims is used to undermine him or his authority, just news that although factually wrong becomes accepted truth through the internet.

Yes, Josh and I are lucky that our parents could afford to give both of us laptop computers. It makes for a more harmonious home if you are not all trying to do homework at the same time on one computer. I think most boys in our community have at least one computer at home and those that do not can use computers at the library or at school. Some boys even use a tablet in class. Now that is a change. I remember being taught how important good handwriting was and as my school your assignments can be marked down for that. Luckily we can submit them electronically, so that is not an issue. I suppose that is another change, something that will take off and become the norm. Some options are better options.

Boys are naughty and need to figure out ways to not get caught and how to get away with things. Growing up you become an expert at it. Punishment is supposed to encourage you not to do the same again, although I can remember times I was punished for something I was unlikely to do again anyway, you know, because I had done it. By the time my dad was telling me to drop my pants and underwear I knew I was guilty and I was getting no more than I deserved. I hope I give my dad more proud moments then frustrating ones. Josh and I know we are loved and we love our parents. We try to do our best for them. It must be quite hard coping with two lively boys like us. Maybe that is why Dad is starting to go gray. Everyone says it is such a hard job I wonder why anyone wants to be a dad! That said chances are Josh and I will probably both be parents one day. I wonder how we would measure up in the changing times. You learn from your dad but sometimes it is what not to do rather than what to do. I wonder if that is how he learnt.

Best friends are your best friends because those are the ones you share your deepest thoughts and feelings with because you trust them and they will not judge you. They will take you as you are and help you get through tough times as well as the good times. And you will do the same for them. When you hurt they hurt and when they hurt you hurt. That is what a best friend is for.

I doubt you are the only boy who hoped against reality that he would not get licked, that his dad would not carry through what he had promised. However I would be devastated if I could not trust my dad. If he has promised me a spanking I would expect to get one, just as if he promised me an ice cream I would expect that too. Until you are up in your room undoing your pants you think there is still a chance your dad will agree that the school paddling was sufficient and maybe give you another final warning or another last chance. Did you really think your dad would do that? And in the longer term, would you have wanted him to? Punishment is no fun but I feel safe with my dad because he is consistent and fair. You made your own trouble at 16, I guess by the time your dad tossed aside the paddle and started to unbuckle his belt your fate was sealed. Your only option was to man-up, rollover on the bed, strip down and take that belt whipping. You said I am too old for the paddle. That persuaded your dad to change his mind. Everything changes, and not always for the better.

Maybe it would do me a world of good to have been school paddled. It would likely have kept me out of a lot of trouble. If it worked well with you and other guys it would probably work as well with me. But that was not something I had to face at school. A different time but I sure I would have survived it. But I sure learned that it was not a good idea to cut school. This is hard to say but you are probably right that I would have welcomed a few swats over your jeans rather than getting it from dad with the belt or paddle on my thin undershorts or even bare. I would think the problem with a school paddling was bringing the discipline note for your parents. What happens then? No change.

Even when we were 11 we thought it was wimpish to get your birthday spanking on the seat of your pants. We also thought a hand spanking was wimpish. So at 16 I knew it was going to be no picnic. So they had me take down my jeans and let the birthday ritual commence. So there was no change there except that I got 17 swats this time. Did you ever get two doses of birthday boy spanking on the same day from different people? But yes my buddies expect a special present on their birthdays. I will make sure that they get one! Some things never change. As you said the birthday spanking ritual has a long history.

I wanted Marcus to give me a birthday spanking, I wanted him to do it with the paddle and I wanted to be naked, completely naked when he gave it to me. So that is what happened. I would not have wanted any of that to have happened with my other friends but we have been such good buddies for so long it seemed right to us that Marcus should do something special for me on my birthday. And guess what happened on his birthday!

That Friday detention for intentionally ‘forgetting’ homework is not that recent anymore. It was not a good way to start my weekend. Dad grounded me all weekend which gave me plenty of time to think about my behavior which is the last thing I wanted to think about. I did not tell the truth to save my hide. I did it because I thought it was it the right thing to do. I thought about lying, I was going to make up something. But then I realized it would be better to man up. I could not think of a good excuse and I even told dad why I had forgotten my homework. He was not impressed with my explanation. But he did say he was proud of me for telling the truth. I was fully expecting to feel some swats across my bottom. It would have been over quicker but really embarrassing. Dad knew this would hurt me just as much. I wonder if I would have opted for some swats if he has given me a choice. I thought about that whiling away the hours that weekend.

School continues until well into June and before the summer break we have got final exams. Then my summer job starts as a lifeguard at the swimming pool. Josie has told me not to flirt with the girls but that can be hard if they want to flirt with you, and even though she is not like Josie I have a bit of a crush on my coworker Natalie...