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Parenting and Spanking


Posted by radleyradley on 2019-04-24 16:46:25

Hi Rick

Somehow the gaps between posts seem to be getting longer. I wonder why that is.

Holding hands with delectable Lucy would give me confidence whatever I was doing. I think roller skates are easier to manage for me. I was 9 or 10 when I got my first pair. Before that I used to slide on ice or down the corridors at school on the soles of my shoes.

Every boy likes to show-off a bit with his best girl present but it is embarrassing if you fall flat on your face. Especially if you are S1 She helped me up off the ice and did a bit more than just dust off my sore knee. It might have been more comical for everyone else if I had fallen bounced on my backside but it would have been even more embarrassing for me. I wonder if Lucy would have dusted down my bottom it that had happened!

The best part of what nearly happened with Lucy is that it did not happen. We will learn from it and make sure it does not happen again. My dad knew I was talking about something that had happened to me when I said just suppose my friend... What would you tell him? Having him know makes it easier to talk to him about it. I thought he was going to have a fit but he was calm and caring, offering support and no more advise other than to be careful, and talk to your girlfriend about it. I was surprised at how easily he seemed understand where I was coming from and that he understood about boy urges and what can happen when you' are alone with the girl. I had no idea dad could help me like that. I think that Dad and delectable Lucy will lead me to a better future. With no regrets. I think my dad understands me better than I thought he ever could.

I think it is a sign of maturity learning that just because you can do something does not mean you have to do it. Yes one day I could be a dad and I would rather a son learnt the facts from me rather than the rumors in the schoolyard. I guess my dad thinks the same. Congratulations on the restraint you showed as a teenager, keeping that special gift until you were married. I wonder if I can do the same.

.I will keep my eyes open and look for opportunities to travel. I have been told that there are hidden gems in every place and in most cases whatever you expect you will find something different. Travel broadens the mind in so many ways. My Aunt made a living out of teaching Americans posted to France how to live work and behave in Europe. One day I am sure I will hitch my pack on my back and set out to explore the world. Maybe join a circus. My cousin has just spent a year in Australia and since then she has been to Singapore the Philippines Vietnam and now she is in Thailand. She has been away 16 months and will probably only come back if she runs out of money. Could I do that? Delectable Lucy and I go round the world together? Wow!

Maybe dad was a sassy mouthed kid like me but it is hard to imagine that now. I do not doubt that Grandpa caned dad because he used a cane on me once when I went too far one time when he took me and Chip camping. I was left home the next time. Some life lessons are so important a dad has to make sure you learn them. Some you will likely just pick up, some your dad will talk to you about but some you will probably have to learn on your bottom. There are not many boys who are such angels then do not sometimes get that. Or need it. I know that if I had been dad, I would have whipped Chip's butt in NY for his behavior. That is what I expected. That is what he expected. But as I said in my last message that is why my dad is Dad and I am Radley. In the end he made the right decision. I wonder if I would do the same if I had to face that decision with my own teenage son, I am not sure that is a viable option anymore for a 21st century Dad.

If you got hided you probably deserved it and knew you did. Somehow or other, sometime or other most of us probably benefited from that kind of experience through our growing up if it does not happen much any more. I might have chosen to take the wood paddle rather than serve a detention but at my school they would probably decide as if that was your choice the detention was of a batter punishment. As I am now I know the belt is the thing that hurt most, but I am not scared of it. Now I never had the belt when I was 12 but I was S**T scared of the paddle and how much it hurt. What the brush/ paddle did so effectively was spank a younger boys bottom and gave me all the pain I could take I and then some that is why I dreaded it so much

Chip is naughtier than I was but gets away with more, more last chances and more final warnings, sometimes even getting another last chance! That is what happened in New York. But of course we all messed about, played pranks and got up to mischief. We did not have much money and had to make our own entertainment. I will whip you until you cannot sit down.is a figure of speech as much as skinned alive but dad never really meant he would actually leave you or Chip bleeding on the bottom from a spanking or whipping taking off a layer of skin. Hearing those words focused our attention- it was his way of telling us we were going to get a good whipping but at the same time telling us he loved us more than anything in the world (except Mum) Words like that raise the ante raise the tension but a Dad who really skinned you alive would have a lot of explaining to do!

If school has been allowed to paddle me I am sure they would have done so and probably more than once. My dad believes that a boy who misbehaves at school needs punishment to be reinforced at home. So it was never a picnic having to hand over a discipline note because there was always the chance that dad would make you take your trousers down before dinner. Hot diner! Ouch! If I had to face the cane at school? I do not know which I would prefer but I would hate either. Of course, if you hate it enough you do what it takes to avoid it again. I am surprised that it is still allowed in some American schools.

It was warm enough to sit in the sun on Easter Monday. Lucy wanted to sunbathe topless and I sat uncomfortably in my briefs wanting to take them off but knowing that was not the right thing to do. And this time I made the right choice. It is good to make time to party, but important to allow enough time to enjoy taking your best girl home, and to give yourself some relief some release before you try to go to sleep. I bet you did that when you were 16.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to hearing from you when you have time.

All of the best


Posted by R.J. on 2019-05-01 13:35:50

Good Morning Radley...never fret over the delay in responding. I understand what it was like at your age. School assignments, wanting time with your gf and other friends, maybe sports or after school job and if your parents are like mine were, you have some home chores too. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts when you have time.

Whether or not ice skating is your thing, what probably was important was time with Lucy and holding her hand. Might have been amusing to others and a bit embarrassing for you falling, especially if you would've hit ice on your backside, but just imagine how much you would've enjoyed Lucy making your bottom feel better.

A dad is a boy's best resource. Glad you discovered that and hope you continue to tap his wisdom, especially on those 'delicate' subjects. He was your age once & will guide you right from personal experience. Recall the humorist, Mark Twain, saying: his dad seemed ignorant when he was 14, but when he became 21, he was amazed how smart dad had become in only 7 years. Yes, I kept that 'gift' bottled up until marriage. I won't lie and say it was easy, but can tell you it was special then. You can do that too if you set your mind to it. It's natural to have those urges & your dad understands too. You and Chip were the result of an urge dad had and exercised at the right time and with right lady. You'll have that right moment too & be a great dad some day.

The time will come Rad for some wonderful adventures in travel for you. It does broaden the mind & give life experiences. I wasn't able to "hitch my pack to my back" until I was older too, so be patient.

Do you really think, if you were dad, you would've whipped Chip in that NY hotel for his behavior? Maybe you felt that way because you remembered dad taking a paddle or belt to your butt and wanted the same for Chip. Not as much an option in the 21st century for boys, but in my day, boy's got their butt tanned more often for stuff & sounds like your dad believed in it too when you & Chip deserved. Some day when you are a dad, you may face that same decision with a teenage son that dad faced in NY & if needed then, you might whip his butt because you love & care enough.

As to school paddling, it was an option at our school, but as I previously said, I only got it twice between 1st and HS years. Far less than many of my friends & classmates. It hurt enough even over jeans & I knew it was deserved. I was never afraid of my dad & home punishment because I knew he would never beat me bad, but would spank my young hide when that was needed. Appears your dad was similar. Though only twice at school, it was a learning experience for sure to know when I got home, my tender bottom from the paddle was in for another whipping from dad and it would be bare. You think a school paddling/caning would've done you some good? Chip maybe?

Be careful of that sunbathing with Lucy topless & you only in briefs. Probably a good decision to however not peel down those briefs. Weather may have been nice & warm for sunbathing, but her topless and you in briefs could've made things real HOT!! A boy of 16 doesn't need those temptations. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom once home is what many of us boys have done for generations likely and might be the best option until you are mature enough and ready to be a dad.

Great hearing from you. Take care.


Posted by radleyradley on 2019-06-07 17:49:58

Hi Mr Rick

It was never supposed to be like this, this busy. I did not realise there would be so many things I had to do and so many things I wanted to do. Everything seemed to take more time, a little more time than I had planned. School work, regular home chores, job social life and girlfriend. Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. People will appreciate you taking the extra time. Even though it is only June we are getting to that busy end of year exam season. We have something called AS levels which more or less determine which courses you will study in your final year, final year of High School, and which universities you apply to. Anyway, it is good to talk with you.

I have always been quite good on roller skates but ice skating is beyond me. I go because that is what Lucy wants to do and hey, who wouldn't do something if it meant spending time with your best girl and holding her hand? From what you say there would have been a bonus in falling on my backside. It would be better than awesome to have Lucy making my bottom feel better. Oooooo! . I value my dad. We do not always agree but he is still the best resource I could have. He can talk about dad things and boy things from his own experience, and because he is not embarrassed to talk about what he knows concerns me I am not too embarrassed to ask. You will not always give me the answer but he will give me enough to go on, enough to guide me in the right way. But he will be there at the end of the day if things do not work out. Dad does so much for you. But I have probably told you all that before

I am so hot on Lucy that I would gladly open up that gift bottle right now. But there are reasons not to. Most of all I think it would damage our delectable relationship which is based on many things but at this stage we're not thinking about the sex. There is much else to enjoy before taking that step. Who knows? I still keep a condom in my wallet! I wonder if it will still be there by the time I get married. I know Gabsy lost his virginity a year ago but I do not think they have done it again since. I think he is regretting it, regretting that he no longer has a first time to give. I will think about that, hard.

I guess it is perfectly natural to have those urges and there would be something wrong with boy if he did not have them. It is just something that happens. I never thought of Chip and me were each the result of a night when dad felt the urge, and mum did too. And one day, maybe, in the right place, the right time and with the right person I will have the urge to lay the foundation for another generation.

One day I will travel. New York has only made me want it even more. It is something to savour and dream about for the future. There are many wonderful things right here in the United Kingdom but I would really like to see more of the world, see how other people live and see some of the greatest wonders of the world. I am sure they are not greatest just for the hell of it. Maybe I should join a circus or travelling fair!

Some people say that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who go out and look for them and work hard to get them. The greatest inventors of the world have not sat back hoping something will happen. Sometimes it works and sometimes you lose your shirt.

You have asked me several times if I would have whipped Chip for his misbehaviour in New York. I have always thought I would, especially if I had told him I would. But I am not so sure. I do not think there are many modern parents who would consider the belt an appropriate punishment any more, even those who were raised with it themselves. I thought he would be punished and so did he but... I said this before but that is why dad is Dad and I am Radley!

So maybe not as a 21st century Dad, but my Dad is old enough to think that boys like me and Chip sometimes need or needed a good hiding on our bottoms, and he delivered.

Some day when I am a dad? Some day. I think a Dad has to make all kinds of tough decisions

Were you naturally good or was it the threat/promise of dads paddle or belt that encouraged you to behave at school or at home? When I was young the likely consequence that would follow being caught seldom crossed our minds. We did not even consider that we might be caught. We were not scared of dad but we had a lot of respect for his authority. Firm but fair. No we never had it at school but if it is true that all boys benefit from an occasional spanking then yes, it would have done me some good and surely modified my behaviour. Chip? Definitely. He gets away with everything. I think a spanking at any time would do him good.

My briefs are not that different from my swimming trunks and when she heard me approaching Lucy turned over and lay on her front. There was little more there than was in my imagination. It could have been a hot play session but that did not materialize. But yes, was more temptation there than a 16-year-old boy needs. More than a 17 year old boy too. Maybe you we were unwise to sunbathe next to naked but nothing happened so no harm done and hey, you grow and learn and once you stop growing and know everything you are an adult! We are not there yet.

My bedroom is my own place my special space. What I do there is up to me. My parents know what boys are like but I do not think they know exactly what we are up to in our rooms, but mum once caught Chip and Ross both naked in Chips bed! It is the ultimate place to work out your fantasies and satisfy your dreams. You have been a boy so you know what I am talking about. Why else does a boy go to bed naked?

That is all. Please keep in touch. All the best.


PS I have not mentioned the Trump or the political issues in Britain and Europe. It would run to libraries