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Parenting and Spanking

Dad tanned my hide

Posted by R.J. on 2017-11-09 01:20:08

Jamie, it is nice to hear from you and to know you maintain that positive outlook and tell me things are going well for you. There are troubles always in the world but that is part of life. I see the frustrations and maybe some fears on a daily basis with my clients, especially the younger ones. Try to guide them in the present for a better future & giving encouragement seems to help the most to put past, as best possible, behind them.

Parenting is a challenge Jamie. Parents are fallible human beings too and don't always say or come up with best results. Guess it's natural for kids, especially in the teenage years, to find struggles with their parents...advice, rules, discipline, etc., but know that most parents really try to give their best to their children and hope some things do sink in. Some day you will likely make a good dad--stay positive in that thought too.

The older one gets, you obviously try to keep those naughty or faulty incidents more private. Not sure how you may have found it, but it was tough when I got one of those weekend groundings as a teen & had to tell face-to-face or call a friend to tell them I couldn't go or do what we had planned that weekend. They obviously wanted to know why & if it was a best friend, they seemed to have empathy and understand because they had been there too a few times. Really good friends, as you have described yourself & Ollie, can often share their secrets and difficult times & support one another. Of course a dad is a boy's best resource. Dads usually shoot straight with truth & advise off their own good & sometimes not good remembered experiences. Best buddies can brag about girls & put up the macho image or want everyone to think they 'scored' when they couldn't in truth even get to 'first base' with a girl. Many dads today may not want to give their teenage son a 'green light' but care enough to tell the son to put a foil pouch in their billfold for 'insurance' if nature tempts...better than becoming a HS-age dad or a trip to the clinic for a couple penicillin injections in your boyhood butt. What you learn well now from dad will serve you well as a husband or dad likely some day.

I'm sure your dad will prefer to keep that belt looped around his waist as much as you want him to keep it there too. Dad isn't perfect & he knows that and knows you can mess up too but at your age Jamie, you should be that wiser young man to no longer push the behavior that far over the line that dad needs to tan your hide.

Thanks for sharing some thoughts...hang in there.