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Parenting and Spanking

Response to Radley

Posted by R.J. on 2018-02-02 18:21:44

Radley, I'm sure over these years that I have forgotten many things from my youth and school days. Those years, especially as a teen in HS and university, were thought to be a boy's best years in life, so I guess I recall some of those with fond memories. I have recalls triggered too by young guys such as yourself and from my young clients over those career years - I think they too have kept me 'young' in mind.

As one grows older, even as an adult, we improve in self-discipline. Reins by parents lessen but then there are reins that go into play in your own family as a husband and parent and through supervision and expectations in the career you choose. As for a spanking (or as you say: beaten), I got them, you & Chip you say got them and I think all boys from time-to-time deserved and got a few. My mom wasn't the spanker in our house, that was left to dad and mom never in my presence, objected. Dad never used a stingy brush but his big hand impressed my young boy bare bottom quite a few times up to around age 9. Dad then made a paddle out of scrap wood and be it over my briefs or bare, there was a sting & redness left on my little butt. By teen years, it was less frequently required, but dad's belt and my bare butt got acquainted when my behavior required. Mom was more into time-outs & groundings. Never was spanking or a whipping abusive and yes, I too probably tried to talk myself out of one & but dad still said 'get'em down' & I knew it was time to undo my jeans & pull them and my shorts down, bend over and take what I had coming on my butt.

As to school discipline, it didn't seem abusive either. We got across the seat of our jeans or trousers in a bent over position. Your rear pockets likely emptied & maybe a shirttail untucked so the paddle could smack your bottom more directly. Boys rubbed the area but crying would've been embarrassing. We knew once home and parents found out, we'd get it again and for most, home would be bare. Would you have had parental permission, if school still had authority to cane or strap your bottom, or think your dad would wanted to be the only one to spank you or Chip if it was needed? Do you think you could've taken it better over the school trousers with the slipper, cane or even a strap and not have it reported to parents and have dad spank you pants down?

As for game/fun spankings, we did them. I had no brother to spank in fun but close friends & I had the bets/dares/games that resulted in smacks. All in fun and yes, we too laughed over it because we knew sometimes it would be me upended & next time it would be one of their bottoms. It was even more hilarious when the challenge was pay-off with the loser stripping to his skivvies or bare to take his smacks. You, Chip & friends ever go to 'drop your pants?'

Why did you & gf even risk venturing into an area of the school that was out of bounds at that dance? Didn't you both realize if caught you would be in trouble? Did school simply warn you both or was there a school consequence?...were parents told? Other than that, I hope the school dance was a great time. Thumbs up!! to Chip on asking Jennifer out on a date. A milestone the first time for any boy. Did he tell you more as his brother than he was willing to tell mum & dad?

Retirement has been great so far. Slow in response to this message since my wife & I have been traveling. Will be doing more. Will be seeking out some volunteer type work likely too, since retirement is healthy just sitting idle. Do stay in touch but homework must always be the priority. Avoid those demerits since that doesn't sound good to get one. What are the end results of demerits if you get too many?

Take care & best wishes too.


Posted by radleyradley on 2018-02-11 20:43:24

Hello Rick

I think this may be a little bit like saying you have seen more action than I have had hot dinners, and you have forgotten more than I have ever known. Of course you have forgotten some things, some other things maybe a little bit hazy. But I know you have good memories and good experiences to share. If talking to me or your younger clients triggers your memory and keeps you young in mind then maybe you can relive the good times you had growing up.

I understand what your and as you grow older the reins are looser but stronger. It is important for your family your wife and kids yo recognize the what binds you is stronger than any rules or regulations. As a kid you take discipline from your parents and hopefully learn from it and develop self-discipline. Without it you can end up in a lot of trouble as an adult. As a kid I thought I was an expert at talking my way out of trouble but there were still plenty of times I had to take my jeans and underwear down and take what I knew was coming on my young boy bare bottom. That was not the only punishment but it is the one you remember most. The one I remember most. To lie or not to lie was a dilemma because you never knew how much they really knew. If challenged it was best to fess up. If they were fishing you could leave out difficult details. Sometimes you had to make something up that sounded plausible. Somehow the truth or something close to it always came out in the end and I was punished appropriately.

As regards getting the cane or strap at school I think my parents would do whatever other parents did and give consent. Dad would want to know that I had been in trouble at school but he would also expect them to punish us. What happened at home would depend on what we said when he interviewed us. Chip and I have both had after school spankings as a follow up so what happened at school that day. It might not hurt as much taking a beating from the principal at school. But I think that kind of punishment is much more meaningful if it part of that personal relationship between a boy and a dad who probably loves him more than he loves himself. Even if it does mean you have to have it with your trousers and pants down.

Growing up spanking games were always fun. Very often they developed out of a strip game. We took the view that a boy taking a spanking did not need any clothes and so made him take it naked. We thought it was a bit wimpish to spank a boy all the seat of his underwear. Sometimes he was a victim and sometimes you cannot. Things even themselves out.

I do not know what we thought was happen as we wandered into a quiet part of the school. Perhaps something we would not want to do in the glare all of the lights or where teachers could see. In the end we did little more than talk although it was a little awkward trying to explain that when it we were caught. That was not part of our plan. It never occurred to us that we might get caught and what consequences there might be. Our parents were called to come and collect us end we were both banned from the next school dance. I was fully expecting dad to beat me as well but after hearing what I had to say he grounded me which in the circumstances hurt a lot more. So that was a bit of a downer. I think Chip enjoyed is first date with Jennifer. A big milestone for him but he was a bit coy when telling Mum and Dad about it. He did not need to tell me he had a great time. That flushed look on his face said it all and he blushed when I asked him if he had kissed her.

I hope you are enjoying the early days of your retirement. I would think you have plenty of plans of things you want to do, places you want to go. Do you have any ideas of what kind of voluntary work you want to do? Something related to your career? Or in your community? Or your church? Or something completely different?

Homework is done and dusted. We have to submit it electronically and they are quite strict about work being in on time. Sometimes you can bluff it but even if they mark work you hand in late you will be given a fail grade. If you get too many demerits you get punished. Thtree will get you an interview with the deputy principal who puts you on report. Four gets you 45 minute after school detention and a note to your parents.

Best wishes