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Parenting and Spanking

Response to Radley

Posted by R.J. on 2017-06-07 16:07:10

Yes Radley, parents do know best and when you & Chip show responsibility I'm sure they are pleased and let you both know it in some appropriate way. If either you or Chip act childish in your behavior or attitude, despite your age, it is then more likely that dad might need to tan your butts to adjust that behavior/attitude.

I'm sure you will do well on the exams if you are attentive in class, do the assigned homework and commit to the study time required to be fully prepared for the exams.

Best to put the cheating incident behind you and move on. It was a bad choice made but you appear a better boy than a cheater and I'm sure you learned a lesson that will stick with you for the future.

Sounds like Roger might not be the only frisky one if I read your meaning of you and Chip and your morning activities!! A little friskiness might be normal for all boys at your age but keep it appropriately controlled and don't put it ahead of that study time.


Posted by radleyradley on 2017-06-22 06:43:45


For the most part I agree with what you say. Our parents have expectations. Things they expect from Chip and me. As we grow those expectations change. Measuring up and taking responsibility are no more that what is expected. Our parents are pleased in us generally but more than that would be like getting a bonus for doing what you have to do anyway. And if we do not meet those expectations then we have our own expectation- expectation that we will be punished.

Dad does not think that either of us is too old to be spanked (belted) and says that if we want to prank and act like little kids we will get punished like them. That means that whether 8 or 18 dad will still tan our butts-maybe even bare if we act like littler kids and he needs to adjust that behavior or attitude. Usually he will use what he calls more age appropriate punishments that do not need to be applied to boy bottom to hurt

Anyone would do well in exams if they were attentive in class, did all the assigned homework and committed to the study required to be fully prepared for the exams. I think I have done enough but like most I know I know could have done more. Waiting outside the exam hall (gym) before an exam focuses your mind, but by then the time for last minute revision is over. I have never been one still trying to commit stuff the memory by then. I would rather have a coke or a coffee or just a glass of water

I will put the cheating incident behind me and move on a better boy and not a cheater. I made a bad choice but I hope the lesson learned will stay with me forever!

Wonder what made you think Roger might not be the only frisky one but you got the right idea about me Chip and our morning activities! Too bad I have not seen Roger like that since. There is nothing wrong with a little friskiness in boys our sort of age. It is normal and healthy. Until exams are over nothing comes before study time. So fun things need to be factored in and some maybe put on hold for a short time.

The delectable girl and I are very much still together, but I think we are both growing, changing and I do not feel the same way about her as I did a year ago. I still like her, like her a lot, but I think of her in a different better way. I get aroused so easily, and she knows what causes my shorts to tent. But because of what has changed I am not worried that my pants and underwear will be coming off for boy- girl interaction any time soon.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-06-27 17:17:35

Radley, dad and mom usually do know best what is needed and effective. As you and Chip get older, expectation obviously do rise to a higher level and likely you & Chip will excel and please yourself and your parents with your maturity and responsibility. A good parent has expectations too...primarily to love, care & raise their children to have their full potential. Sounds as if your dad is a wise man and doing a responsible job with both you young men. There are more age appropriate measures that can be utilized. I suspect most teenage boys don't want to feel the belt across their hide & likely don't want their mates at that age to know when they get butt strapped. Be 8 or 18 as you say, sometimes it comes down to dad requiring those pants down and the lesson effectively learned.

You approach your exams with a good philosophy. Do your studies all along to your best and refresh the material as exam time gets closer...then get a good night's rest and enjoy the caffeine effectiveness of coke or coffee and then take the exam. I'm sure all along you realized you were capable and cheating shouldn't be necessary but we all are human and make mistakes. I'm sure your year-end exams will go well.

Girls are just the first experience for a boy to feel his manhood. You will find as you age, there will be other girls and women too who will raise the urge and you'll find the tenting reaction in your shorts. At your age there shouldn't be much interaction as both boys and girls explore all their dating options. It sounds nice to say you have a steady and even brag a little with mates your prowess with the girls but it works best to 'play the field' as we use to say and one day that special/right girl will be there and you'll know her as the one you want the long-term commitment with.

You and Chip have a great summer break. Always look forward to a message.


Posted by radleyradley on 2017-07-13 11:03:54

Hello again Rick

Hope on hope ever

Dads usually know best what is needed and effective. Moms know everything

I hope with growing maturity Chip and I can meet those higher expectations and impress our parents. I hope they recognize that and can take pleasure in seeing us grow up and take responsibility even if that means us growing away from them. As we must.

A good parent has expectations too but what you talk about sound like parent responsibilities to me- to love, care for and raise their children to reach their full potential.

I do not know how dad knows how to bring up two boys like us. He seems to do a pretty good job and keep a happy a family. Of course we argue sometimes but dad is a wise man who does his best for us. You cannot ask a parent to do more than that.

I never liked being spanked or whipped but who does? As a little kid the main fear is the pain. As an older kid the biggest fear is the embarrassment. It is bad enough getting the belt without your mates knowing that you still get it and you imagine that they do not.

But age is not a big factor when it comes down to dad telling you to take your pants down and bend over. 8 or 18 dad can still deliver an effective lesson through your, my bottom. Bet yours would too. If he thought you needed it I do not think your age would make much difference.

My end of year exams went well, better than I expected. I guess my approach to exams helps me. I do not let exams stress me. I know I can pass them and that if I do my best I will pass them. There is no point to stay up all night trying to remember the things you should have learned and turning up tired and confused , It is more important to get a good night sleep and then take the exam as you are .

Yeah well that cheating is kind of embarrassing. I had not done my homework and I did not want an F grade I knew I should not have cheated and I was well aware of the likely consequences if caught. Cheating is not necessary now and it was not necessary then and is never necessary. I knew that all along, but made a bad choice. I wish saying we all are human and make mistakes could make everything all right.

Girls are the first experience for a boy to feel his manhood. Collette makes me feel mine but I would be lying if I said there were no other girls who raise the urge raise my willie and raise the tent in my shorts. You never know what girls are talking about when they huddle but you know they saw your boyhood bulge and know exactly what it is. Is that embarrassing!

I do not know what you mean when you say they should not be much interaction as both boys and girls explore all their dating options. You might mean there should not be much connection commitment or engagement. You might even meet action. But interaction, getting to know each other better and having a good time with your friends even if you are not seriously interested in any one girl has got to be good.

It is not that it sounds nice to say I have a steady and brag a little with mates but that I like having a steady. Any boy would like a steady like delectable Lucy. My dad thinks like you do that it works best to play the field and one day that special/right girl will be there. I might not spend the rest of my life with Lucy but right now she presses all the right buttons and turns me on and Jesus, I am getting hard just thinking about her.

Chip is in more trouble but I think that is due to his age. I think this summer his bottom must be getting used to the feel of leather. It is hard for me to hear Chip scream without feeling pain myself. I do not think it is anything more than an older brother looking out for a younger one, but I am still glad that it is him getting it and not me. I will try to keep that belt far away from me all summer.

On Sunday Chip and I spent the whole afternoon with nothing on. Our parents were out and once Chip had his hands inside my briefs and had undone my pants there was only ever going to be one outcome. Nothing wrong with brothers playing like that. You did not have a brother of course but I do not think it is unusual for brothers to mess about learn explore and experiment together.

Frisky Roger came over after dinner yesterday and in the end stayed the night. He slept in my room But not until we had all had some frisky fun dressed and undressed on the bed and in the bed. I bet you played like that with some of your friends. Most boys like to see their friends with nothing on and trade letting their friends see them with nothing on. You are just checking that your friend is normal and has the right bits in the right places and showing him that you do to. Good way for good friends to bond. Nothing more.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-07-21 17:58:06

Radley...what a delightful opening assessment of dads and moms. My dad was always there for me growing up and still dad but also my most trusted friend into adulthood. I guess most boys have a special attachment to their mom & yes, she knows everything.

Your parents will see the maturity & responsibility growing in you & Chip and when the time is ready, they'll let you both go, knowing they did their best to lay that mature foundation in you guys. All part of the unconditional love. Dad knows how to raise you likely, because he recalls how he was raised. Avoid the things he found that didn't work well with him. Practice what grandparents did for him to make him the man, husband, & dad he sees as positive in his life today. Improvise his own ideas as he sees what you guys need and talents/potentials you show.

I'm sure you are right...no one enjoys those youthful spankings. If we are true with ourselves, we do however often recognize they were deserved. My dad was good about keeping the sessions private in my room with just him. Friends didn't know or need to know unless I admitted to a close friend that I had gotten my butt tanned. Only my two school paddlings were witnessed by a peer/friend.

I like your philosophy on exam taking. Don't stress...study consistently...ask for help if you don't understand something...get the needed rest. Glad your exams and the school year ended well for you. Hope the same was true for Chip. You apparently learned a valuable lesson from the cheating incident and it won't happen again.

The boy/girl relationship is important at your age. Having a steady is not always the best route since there are many options you should explore to find a person you really enjoy being around. All guys get the natural bulge around girls or even when thinking about girls. Best however to control that urge and not act on it premature. I have clients who are in the situation now because they couldn't control their urge & impulse to unzip their pants trying to prove their manhood. That I guess is what I was staying regarding action/interaction.

Chip needs to learn and had the opportunity I'm fairly sure to have learned a few 'do's' and 'don't' from you as the older sibling and the consequences that follow. If he didn't then maybe a bit of leather tanning his hide now & then is best & what he might need. Again, dad knows best. I'm sure you learned plenty when the leather belt connected across your butt...like recently, don't cheat. Sure it must impress to hear him scream & older brothers do feel for and want to protect younger bros. I can guess you did a few screams too at his age getting the belt. I don't think I was screaming but there were tears even the last time at 16 that dad tanned me.

What guys tend to do among themselves has been, I guess, a tradition over the generations. Explore...talk girls...skinny dip...go commando under jeans/shorts. I recall games & bets we did back then where loser paid-off taking swats. There was always a paddle hanging somewhere in all our houses or a belt around our waist or in a closet close by. Challenges to see who could endure most...tan the seat of what we were wearing like at school; tan our skivvies or bare butt as our dads did...all in youthful fun. Friends often expected the birthday ritual spanking & when it was your 'big day' you well knew what to expect. Just part of growing up in a way.

Have a great summer Radley. Work with Chip & let him know how you feel when he gets punished and maybe he'll listen to you as the big bro and save his little hide some misery.