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Parenting and Spanking

Teen Boys Who Are Spanked

Posted by agent 101 on 2017-02-03 20:38:48

I'm an older male from Canada who has always had an interest and curiosity about boys who are spanked. At this time when so many are trying to stop parents from spanking their kids I am curious how many boys are still being spanked by their parents as punishment. If any teen boy who reads this is spanked by their parents I wonder if you would be willing to email me at spanking_555@hotmail.com and tell me about your spankings. If you are not able to or do not feel comfortable emailing then maybe you can post on this message board about your spankings. Thanks! I am anxiously waiting to hear from you.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-02-07 17:33:56

Hi Bob & Jamie,

Bob, I had read history of CP in schools in Canada. Been told many schools in Canada relied on a strap. Sounded as if a carry-over from the tawse in schools in Scotland rather than the cane or slipper that I'm told was used in England. Most schools in US have abandoned the paddle now. It however was an option in my school days in the 60-70's era. Saw/overheard many guys take their school swats. Got my first session, 5 swats, in 8th grade. Most dads back then used a paddle or belt when an older boy needed it--as Jamie mentioned his recent 15 belt licks for earning a detention for disruptive behavior at school. Were you strapped at school/home as a growing up?

Jamie, sorry to hear of that recent belt tanning you got. Appears your school just kept you over for an hour's detention rather than simply notify parents and you serve it the next day. Were you alone the disruptive factor or you and several friends talking & being disruptive and you had the company of friends in detention too? I'm not sure what Bob's take would be on boys at 15 crying over a tanning but I shed some tears too even at my last whipping at 16--wouldn't cry in front of my friends when paddled at school as a teen but just dad & I and the tear-ducts were open--so don't let that fact bother you. I would think 15 with the belt on bare would be an impressive lesson to learn...probably delivered a better lesson even than 1 hour in detention after school. So ahead and laugh Jamie if that helps, but you are probably a good boy down deep, so easy to say 'Be good Jamie!!'


Posted by agent 101 on 2017-02-12 03:45:49

Hi Jamie!

Sorry to hear about you recent belt whipping a week or so ago. Most guys get into trouble for talking in class when they should have been listening to the teacher. Did the school call your parents, or was there a note home, how did your dad find out about your detention? I'm sure 15 hard licks with a belt is quite enough to bring anyone to tears. I see Rick(r.j.) wondered on my take on a 15 year old boy crying from a whipping. Personally, I feel that if a boy takes a licking without crying, then I would question the effectiveness of the licking. Crying tells me that the licking is getting to you enough to make you think before making the same mistake.

Sorry to hear about Robert Cavendish's parents. That must be hard on him and his aunt. I'm sure his aunt is doing the best she can to bring him up right. I guess if he is embarrassed about his punishments it would be hard to know what happens to him. How are your other friends doing? I guess not many of them have been in any trouble lately.

I like to think that you are a better behaved boy than you think your are. I say be good Jamie as an encouragement for you to do your best to behave as you should. Let's see how you can do. Let's see now how long it will be before you next licking. Do your best. And yes, I'm going to say it. Be good Jamie.



Posted by R.J. on 2017-03-04 01:23:35

Hi Jamie,

I guess growing up there was always a sense of sympathy when a friend or even just a classmate in general got sent to the hall or office and it was obvious he was about to get a paddling. There was a hushed-stillness of excitement too, listening for the usual 3 but up to 5 'pops' he got. With a school not permitted to use CP you may not fully understand that hushed excitement or maybe you can relate it to overhearing your brother or a friend getting spanked.

Were you literally taken out of class in hopes others would settle down and had to stand in the hall during class period? I would think an hour after school would be a real drag punishment, knowing friends were dismissed and likely enjoying themselves. I take from what you've said that the detention notice was no fun either facing your parents with that note. Despite being 15 and not 9/10 apparently dad's belt did an impressive to tears lesson on your teenage bottom. I only recall detention I served as a group detention where the overall class was held punished. I never had the option I heard other guys speak of where you could report after school but tell the vice principal you wanted swats rather than stay an hour. If I recall accurately, it was 3 'pops' equaled an hour of detention. I'll never know the answer for sure but suspect I would've taken 3 rather than sit an hour. Maybe that last comment you made... belt delivered a better lesson than hour after school...is a reflection that maybe school in some instances should still swat a boy's butt and get it over. If you managed 15 bare from dad with a belt, sounds as if the seat of your trousers/jeans would've survived ok 3-5 with a paddle.

I suspect you are a good boy down deep Jamie. Being mouthy or disruptive or even prank mischief goes somewhat natural with teenage boys. Most schools now use the detention method and that hour can be effective on your teen ego confined. Did any of your friends or those other guys in class messing around too ask about how detention went or find out dad leather tanned your butt at home? Don't let being 15 and crying over a whipping bug you. Dad had me in tears with his belt at home and my last was 16.

Appreciate you sharing your thought Jamie. Hang in there.


Posted by joh57 on 2017-03-16 21:18:54

Yes I agree...especially bare butt whippings should be given by DAD.....for boys.....JOH