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Parenting and Spanking

Which parent

Posted by radleyradley on 2017-09-05 11:57:34

Hi Madison

In our house you are only to old to be spanked when you stop doing the sorts of things you get spanked for. When you wise up to that and realize that it is down to you you get spanked less. Carry on doing the same and you will get plenty more. Dad? Mum? It does not make a lot of difference


Posted by R.J. on 2017-10-08 19:29:03

Hi Pat,

Sometimes it's hard growing up in a home where parents get divorced. Whether living with mom or with dad, it's still a single parent situation and from your words, it comes across that both of your parents have a loving care for you despite the fact that the marriage didn't last. That is very important & you are lucky.

Pat, I'm assuming you are male rather than a short version of Patricia. If male, it was a great insight for your mom to recognize that it sometimes takes a strong male figure to influence a boy's behavior and especially in those transitional years of adolescent & a teen. When anyone says 'spank me hard' it usually meant you were left with a sore bottom not comfortable to sit for awhile and not anything abusive.

I grew up in an era when spankings were more common & more socially accepted. I had some good wallopings on my backside when I deserved them & not just because mom or dad said spanking was deserved but I too knew I had crossed the line. My dad was a firm believer that a real spanking meant bare rear-end so be it with his hand as a little guy or the paddle/belt when I got older, he made it very effective & age appropriate on my butt. Was dad still called upon into your early to mid-teen years to spank you when necessary or had it stopped by then? As young guys growing up we knew time-out on the chair or in the corner or sent to our room & there were those school detentions & home-bound groundings as we got older, but taking it on rear-end was just sometimes required & many of us use to say, as we got into teen years & had more activities & more social life, it was better to take it with a belt or paddle & have it over quicker.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts & experiences.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-10-15 19:04:06

Hi Patrick,

What brought about the lateness for spankings in your life? I recall you saying in a post I read that your parents divorced & you were raised by your mom. Do you think that changed your outlook/attitude and maybe a delay in maturing?

Being around age 19, what was your take on still being spanked?

Posted by R.J. on 2017-10-28 00:47:52

Pat, I would suspect many teens, no less a guy at 19, would say that being spanked sucked. To acknowledge that you felt your parents were still doing it at 19 was in your best interest or as you said "keep me in line," is admirable. I'm sure you came through it fine as we all apparently did.

Would you use spanking as a punishment option if you had a son and would you prolong that option into teenage years too?