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Parenting and Spanking

New Poll: School Detention

Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-05 01:09:30

Your thoughts and experience with school detention


Posted by paddlebutt on 2017-01-05 19:57:41

Back when I went to school in the 50s and received a paddling in school we would spend an extra hour in school usually in the principal's waiting room, of course this meant I missed the bus and would have to start walking home, I also was given a note for my parents on why I was paddled and had to stay after school for an hour so all the way home I knew I was in for it as my parents never accepted any excuse why I got paddled. The worse part was the next day depending on how hard my father spanked me I still had to go to school so sitting on those hard wooden seats were very uncomfortable. One of the worse ones I received was in 8th grade the teacher paddled me hard and I was sent to the principals office for detention, the teacher really laid into me and my butt still hurt when I got home, of course I was sent to my room until my father came home, when he came into my room he was holding his belt in his hand sat down on my chair and called me over to him, he told me to drop my pants which I did he then grabbed me turned me over his knee but this time he said I needed to be taught a lesson with that he pulled my briefs down and spanked me very hard, that night I tried sleeping but every time I moved in bed I felt pain my butt was very sore. In the morning my mom came into my room and told me I had to go to school I told her I'm having trouble sitting and my butt has welts, she said I had to go and my father wouldn't let me stay home. In school I couldn't sit still my friend who sat behind me told me to sit still I told him I couldn't he asked me if my old man whopped me last night I said yes, at lunch we were outside and my friend called me over to him by the corner of the school building I didn't see it coming three of my friends grabbed me and pushed me on the ground away from any teacher laying on my back they were able to open my pants then rolled me over on my bellies where they then pulled my pants down, I tried to get away but they had me pretty good, one of the guys pulled my underpants down just enough to see my butt they all agreed I had some mean looking welts with that they each spanked me three times each,I started to cry even though I tried not to the then left I was able to get up and pull my pants up but upon returning to the class they were all laughing a little I looked at them and then smiled a little as we've done this to each other in the past so this was my time, the rest of the day my butt still hurt like hell

Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-08 21:04:29

Hi PB,

Your lengthy and detailed description of growing up seemed very similar to mine and many guys I knew growing up in the 60's-70's era. Were we better off as boys then, raised as we were with school & home discipline or just unfortunate?--that could be debated in our current social values that questions the use of CP!!

Mom never opposed spanking that I was aware of, but as a boy, dad handled all the spankings in our home from little guy days until my last one at 16. Mom was more likely to give corner time or sit me on a chair for awhile or as I got around 11/12, to just ground me to my room to await dad. I never thought I would be vulnerable for a school paddling but then that changed in 8th grade when I got my first school swats. There was another time in HS and any perception that wearing Levis to school would diminish any soreness on my butt was dispelled.

My dad was of the 'old school' thinking and warned me as a little guy starting school that he would spank my bottom once home if he ever heard I misbehaved or got punished at school. He proved that was no idle threat but a promise!! Dad was always fair however. He gave warnings at home and if heeded, there was then no spanking. Not heeded, my bottom paid the price!! If it got to the point a spanking was earned, then it was on my bare rear-end. There was only one time that I do recall challenging dad saying I was too old for a paddling--that was my last at 16. Dad put aside the paddle he intended to use and instead took off the belt he was wearing. Since I was already on my bed in my room, dad told me to just rollover and then lower the jeans and shorts for a whipping on my 16 y/o bare hide.

I see too many young people in my career that have ended up in trouble with the law and many I discovered were not really bad kids but kids that lacked the home guidance and discipline from parents that was needed growing up. I was a bit surprised too when I counseled some that they didn't disagree and even said they deserved and would've taken a spanking or butt whipping if that would've saved them from the consequences they now faced as teens and young adults.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.